Splatoon Animation! (ZackScottGames Animated)

Splatoon Animation! (ZackScottGames Animated)

– I really could not ask for more. I could, I guess, but I’m not gonna. Give me more! No, I’m just kidding, okay here we go. Alright, we found a battle
in another country, I guess. (laughs) Everyone has symbols for
names except for me. What? Alright, alright, odd man
out right here, Zack Scott. Ugh, there we go, that’s
what I’m talking about. Oh, hi. Oh, uh oh. No, oh no. Oh. Oh. Whoa. Oh no. No, my gosh. Oh no. No. No. No, oh. Whoa, that was so cool,
I think we won that one. So good job, me. What? Okay, I’ll be right back. Hello, hello, what kind of
weapon are you in the market for? Well, they already have
a new thing unlocked. Sure, yeah, buy it, try
it, whatever. Equip it. Let’s go with that. Yes. No. (laughs) Here we go, equip it. Sure, just equip it right
now, there we go. Thank you. What? I know you’ll give it a good home, remember to tap Equip
on it to change weapons. Okay, give it a whirl, yes. There we go. My friend’s coming in. I didn’t even do that. How do you like that? I don’t think he did,
but I wasn’t asking him. Actually, I was asking him. How did he like this? I was asking him a very direct question, he did not even answer me. There we go, that’s
what I’m talking about. Is that what you guys are talking about? Because that’s what
I’ve been talking about all day, my friends. It was nice knowing ya. Got someone at the last minute. I’m a human Kraken again. Hey guys, thanks for
watching and subscribing. For the final Splat Fest, are you Team Callie, or Team Marie? Let me know in the comments below. (ZackScottGames Theme Song)

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  1. I literally noticed so much wrong with this animation Callie and marie are drawn completely wrong, he's using a orange gun but his hair is blue, the inklings ears are suppose to be pointy and the squids head arent drawn accurately at certain shots

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  3. You can’t splat someone in their base unless… hacker confirmed

    Great video, nonetheless!!

  4. why more he die zack: oh bo im die oooh? that enemy was idiot me: yeah yaa lets kill him enemys storyteller: when has attack boss they a enemys of good guys bad guys but the splatoon 2 from now (the end)

  5. Something people seem to forget is that Callie’s ears point more up and Marie’s are pointed down

  6. 1. Why is the ink in the weapon a different color?
    2. Why is Callie wearing green?
    3. Why is sheldon not annoying in this film?

    -A person who is smarter in splat knowladge than you

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