[Splatoon Animation] Ticket

[Splatoon Animation] Ticket

I want that! Do you have any tickets? A ticket? Ticket! Tickets looks like this squiddo. I’m hungry.. [Rap] Let me go! I’ll make you something when we get back. We’ve been working alot today, and I’m hungr- c’mon Didn’t we talk about this earlier? Marina. Today, I’m starting a diet Can’t I start tomorrow? Tell me no. No. I’m hungry now. Squid Sisters?! Huh? Hmm? Lets take it! Wait a minute! We cant- Ow! Ticket!

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  1. 俺が店の店主だったらイカちゃんたこちゃんみんな可愛くて全部無料であげちゃう

  2. I don't know why I'm getting recommended Splatoon 2 animations, but they're kinda cool.
    What the hell is Pearl's walk all about though?

  3. I think this animation is extremely adorable and amazing nothing is cutting in like hair and looks exactly like the game good job!

  4. Oh my gosh man, these are so amazing. I love your attention to detail and expression and how smoothly everything goes. You captured Pearl's and Marina's walk so perfectly. I would pay to watch this, keep it up.

  5. 1:17 are pearl and ??? Related or they're lesbians this was a question I kept thinking about

  6. So, are the Squid Sisters like the Alpha female squids, or Police force? I know they're Agents, and could splat Pearl before she could draw her weapons, but Pearl's, "Oh splat." Reaction makes me wonder if Off the Hook could 2V2 The Squid Sisters.

  7. Lol I remember watching animations for splatoon in 2015 or whatever and now I see this and I'm like, AAAAAAAAAAIGIGTEGYEJOGUD

  8. It should've ended like this:
    Veemo (Agent 8): Gives Crusti Seann le ticket
    Shawni (Crustacean): le Veemo le ticcett be expire. sorri fam

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