Special Agent OSO For Sleepy Eyes Only Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Kyle Riley

Awesome solo CeCe You need to hang this platform on track number six and then walk it into the rocketship sure thing Bufo Mom, I’m so excited for my birthday party. I don’t think I can sleep Try to relax sweetie you need to sleep so you won’t be tired at your party I bet I can get the fuel onto the rocket ship faster if I run Or maybe Bufo setting off fireworks for me because I got here so fast To bed Nadia’s birthday party is tomorrow, but she’s so excited She’s having trouble falling asleep. Your special assignment helped Nadia go to sleep. I’m on my way What’s the code name for this special assignment for sleepy eyes only accepted No Now to get to Nadia’s room Pilot what’s our first step step 1. Oh But for now, I’ll just pretend to close my eyes that way I can still see you and I’ll really close my eyes So I’m really going to sleep Go slowly right go slowly Hey, I should go slowly when I’m loading fuel onto the rocket in my training exercise. Let’s try that a couple more times Then you’re ready for step three relax your whole body Okay, Nadia now your legs are getting sleepy My legs are getting sleepy. Your tummy is getting sleepy Now your face is getting sleepy my face is getting sleepy Oh, so Light Nadia sweet dreams now if you’ll excuse me. I have a rocket ship that needs fuel Michie metal look, mr. Dos gave us another day g-man After that special assignment user now You have to get the computer chip that’s on top of it it’s a tall order So you’ll have to step up to get the job done If you help me I can do it Toby and we’re raking the backyard your mom and I are gonna do the Front’s you want to help us make the front yard I wanna make all by myself Well, okay I’ll show them that I can make believe but I don’t even know where to start To reach the computer chip I can only use what I find in this room Whoa, I wish I knew what that meant Special Agent Oso, mr. Dose here Dawson has taken on a big job raking the leaves in his side yard furiosa The leaves must be raped before the recycling truck gets to Dawson’s house He fell first before you go Dawson’s yard Likes the codename for today’s special assignment pop pilot Oh So are you here to help me rake leaves? I sure AM Dawson. Is this a rake? It has a long handle but no skinny fingers. What is it a Broom. Thanks. Is this a rake and do these look like long skinny fingers? Yep. It’s a rake and Here’s another one Look at me. I’m a leader My knees are all entitled ourselves. Good job Dawson so are mine Once I rake these leaves into smaller piles, we’ll be ready for step three Okay, what’s the picture on this one a Can and a bottom, so this is for recycling cans and bottles Leaves this is where the leaves go. Oh It’s too tall, what do we do great Oh Mary Dawson the recycling trucks almost here That table still too tall to reach what was it daddy and Dawson told me to do Another training award Mr. Tose That’s not all. Oh so you also completed your special time for that. You’ve earned the special assignment digi Medal I never would have completed my assignment if it weren’t for your hard work. You deserve a digi metal door I wouldn’t want to leave you out You’ll need to take your grappling hook then apart and put it back together I can do that Excellent, because today you’ll need to do it blindfolded The booth with the star on. Thanks Hiding go seek David, it’s almost time to go. I Don’t know how to play hide and go seek Putting your tools together Hmm well this feels like my pen top But he doesn’t know how your special assignment teach David how to play hide-and-go-seek Sounds like a plan. Will you help me with this special sign what special steps do I need for this scenario? So David has to leave very soon Special assignment accepted That’s why I’m here David, what’s the first special step pop pilot stop one for sure And how are we supposed to play a game with our eyes closed? I hope step two is something I can do without seeing step two to 20 This is to give you other kids time to hide. I love carrot cake. Hey, me too You can count along with us too, but you don’t have to close your eyes unless you want to What’s step three pilot Sure are a lot of them let’s start by looking behind that bush Just a little huh, I didn’t think he’d find me okay two down one to go hmm For sure, he’d be hiding behind the tree David it’s almost time to go David time to go Now I just need the pen top Hmm. I can’t find it on the table, but thanks to David. I know to try under the table Thanks Wolfie. Now. You can remove your blindfold now also Mister dose, that’s not all you did today also tell em Paul Riley covered until You’ve earned your special assignment digi belly. You deserve a digi medal for all your hard work – No hiding how happy I am about completing this assignment Now pay attention also to pick up the statue you must remember to close the claw like this Ah there it is Thanks Now we’re ready for some heavy lift Let’s Special Agent Oso, mr. Dose here A carousel ride is at risk Cassie has dropped her carousel ticket under the pier and she can’t ride pilot What special steps will I need very special agent? Oh, so if you don’t find the ticket soon Cassie will miss the last ride of the day Thanks pop pilot special assignment accepted I’m on a special assignment Cassie to help you find your ticket and ride the carousel Pau pilot I have to figure out how to get Cassie’s ticket out of there before the water washes it away Hmm my grappling hook pin didn’t pick up the ticket Come on we have a horse to ride No, she’s not Sorry, maybe next year. Here’s a camp. Oh, so because he stands up straight and tall She might reach the red line. Good point pilot Do you see another purple horse that Cassie can ride you found it You’re welcome Cassie Cassie told me to close the claw on my grappling hook to grab the ticket and pick it up So I don’t need to close the claw on the crane around the statue so I can grab it Ow Standing work. Oh so digital I never would have completed my special assignment if it weren’t for your hard work You deserve a special assignment daisy metal suit To complete this assignment

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