Sony Vegas Tutorials – Creating simple animation text

Sony Vegas Tutorials – Creating simple animation text

Hi! At numerous requests I publish this tutorial Create new project Drag “Default Text” to Timeline We inscribe the text necessary
to you Further click Effects and press
“Drop Shadow” We leave in this layer one last
letter Copy Create new layers equal to
quantity of letters in your text Press “Generated Media” Press “Placement” and having
allocated a letter, can move her
by means of the cursor And so with other letters 🙂 Now animate our text Move each layer to 5 frames Press “Make Compositing Child” for each layer Press “Parent Motion” Now you can place your text anywhere Thanks for watching!

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  1. So this is only way to do it? U need to add 10 text to make a slide effect with every text?
    A (at 10)
    B (at 12)
    C (at 14)


  2. as i'm watching this, a whiny little kid is crying for his mom beside me, and it's extremely annoying. nice video. 🙂
    FFUUUUUUU— that kid.

  3. i have sony vegas 11
    and on the media Generator where it stays
    i only have Edit but missing Placement/Properties/Effects
    can someone please help me.

  4. Exactly, if that guy does not know how to make tutorials then this is the best way for him to learn it!…nice said man…:)

  5. You didn't have to do all that crap JUST to do the simplest thing.
    There are way more easier ways of doing this and you have done the idiot move and gone and done the hardest way possible.

  6. You have no right to tell anyone what they should or should not do. I have found over the years the ones that try to force other to stop just do not have the guts to actually do anything themselves

  7. 2 things. First of all, you are FUCKING blind. I can easily read it in 1080p fullscreen. Second of all, why do you just dish out on this video? This guys helps a lot of people and you just come here talking shit. Go to your channel and stay there

  8. What are you doing at 4:53 to create that tag/key frame on the timeline?
    I wish you would have made this into a tutorial or at least indicated when you did a key combination to execute a command…

  9. You don't even have any videos yourself. Try making one that is better than this. Send me a pm if you are doing this. It's a year since you posted the comment, but you are still just critical.

  10. My text media generated box is no where to be found when i try and edit text in generated media.. how can this be fixed??

  11. The point of the video is to teach somebody that already know basics to Sony Vegas, and if you are not blind, you can find those things your self.

  12. i can read the interface and i followed the video 100% and boom i made it . the tutorial is excellent . so shh

  13. Very helpful, thank you for sharing this. Check my channel, I made an intro using the text animation that is taught here. 🙂

  14. What is the font that is used to write 'How to create simple animation text' at 00:14 ? I love it and can't find it :'(

  15. Cinema 4D 😉 Really good program but not easy to operate, you need to get the hang of it and then do your 3d shizz…

  16. Thank you so much! But yeah, at the beginning for the "Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial" text, what program did you use to create that?

  17. Hello! Would love to know how you added the effects to the bar after the initial text effect. Would also like how you added effects to your name at the bottom as well as the "by" sign. Hope to hear from you or anyone who can help soon.

  18. Are you fucking kidding me?! Almost 6 minutes of work for ONE SECOND of "animated" text?

    Fuck this shit i'm out~

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