Sonic the Hedgehog vs Shadow the Hedgehog Animation Part 2 – Multiverse Wars!

Sonic the Hedgehog vs Shadow the Hedgehog Animation Part 2 – Multiverse Wars!

Previously on Multiverse Wars! Huh!? Hmph. What!? Here we go! Multiverse Wars continues… Dude! What’s going on!? Round Two! Lousy Sega Mascot! You again? Don’t you have a princess to rescue or something? She can rescue herself for once. It’s 2020! How progressive of you. It only took like, forty years. At least I have a job. How’s your movie career going? Hihihi. That’s a low blow plumber! Huh!? Still too slow. Ohoho! Chaos Control! Hm!? Wahoooo! Here you go! Ya-haaaaaa! Oh yeah! Nintendo number one! Hm? Woooh? Oh! You’re doing the super shiny thing. Like in the “Ball of the Dragon.” No! This is totally different! I’m Hyper Sonic! Hmmm. It looks the same. Grrrr! I’m shinier than him! Yaaaah! Mama-mia! Yahaaaaaaha! Yahaaaaa! Raaaah! Stop being so fast hedge- Hmph. I think I liked try-hard Shadow better. Ihihi. Now! Witness the power! Of Nintendo and Sega combined! That already exists! It’s called “Mario and Sonic at the Olympics!” Time for a new franchise! “Mario and Shadow”… “Mushroom Chaos!” Graaaaaah! Why is everyone in this series trying to kill me? Huh!? Out of time!? Gaaaaaaaah! Finally! It’s Mario and Shadow time! Wahoo! The End? Stick around to find out who will appear in the next episode! Mike Bettencourt – Writer, Editor, Director and Producer. Youn – Illustrator and Animator. Nicholas Andrew Louie as Sonic. Tom Schalk as Shadow. Music by Epidemic Sound. Special thanks to the review board! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thank you for watching! If you would like to contribute with subtitles for non-English speakers that would be great. If you would like to watch more animations check here: For updates on the status of my projects, you can follow me on twitter here: I hope you enjoy!

  2. Mario: How's your Movie Career doing
    Sonic: Shut up
    What I would've said if I was Sonic: Oh you know, doing way Better than Yours

  3. I’m surprised that 1. Mario as Shadow didn’t get severely weakened from chaos blast. 2. Sonic didn’t just take the hit with the time he had left as hyper sonic since even though it would have damaged him greatly he could’ve survived (I could be wrong.) But still this is an amazing animation I must say!

  4. Shadow Possesd Mario is REALLY AWESOME because he did that GINORMOUS explosion that defeated Sonic, but I like both of them.

  5. Plus hyper sonic is like 50x stronger than shadow even if he went super shadow and remember hyper shadow is not a thing

  6. Wait a minute I remember Shadow can only use chaos control to teleport when he only got the green emerald not super from and he can't time stop with only one emerald

  7. Mario and Shadow will finally come to a end to rule the world hahahaha, Shadow possessed by Mario.

  8. Who do you like better? Sonic or Shadow Possesd Mario? Thumps up if Sonic, comment if Shadow Possesd Mario, like say facts about Shadow Possesd Mario.

  9. Mario:Ooh..You are doing the super shiny thing…Like in the ball of the dragon.
    Sonic:Urg..No.This is totally different. I'm Hyper Sonic.
    Mario show a picture of Ultra instinct Goku
    Mario:Looks the same.

  10. poor insults. WTF
    Sonic has the better cartoons, some failed and better movie
    Mario has the better games but hasnt had a cartoon in years and his movie killed the gaming movie genre

  11. Good vid but you really should cut these " silence " moment. Kinda ruins the dynamic, other than that, awsome job

  12. Hyper sonic came before ultra instinct so technically dragon ball ripped off hyper, but super still ripped off super saiyan so meh its a tie

  13. My godness! On the post credits It’s miles “tails” prower, AKA tails the fox, a genius fox, i hope he make sonic to bring them back to life and then defeat mario in the shadow’s body once and for all on the next excited episode of multiverse wars, i hope it’s going to be a happy ending that i ever seen

  14. Mario:how is your movie going.
    Mario:i hop that i heve my own movie
    Sonic:they tell me that is never going to hapend.
    Fans:yea i am whit sonic this time.

  15. 4:37–5:00
    The Flash: Better him than me.😒 Thank you 2010s.😊🙏
    Sonic: Damn VS. Debators! You've betrayed me!😡

  16. Mario: how’s your movie career going ?

    Me : it’s gone way better than your “ super Mario brothers “ live action movie that you made

  17. But honestly if you watch this video like not this exact video but the Nazo video then you would know he was scared of Sonic's hyper form

  18. sonic the hedgehog vs mario….……………………………sonic lose😡💢😩😭😡😡👿👿👿😠😠💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢

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