Sonic Confessions (by LastNameMoron) – Game Grumps Animated

Sonic Confessions (by LastNameMoron) – Game Grumps Animated

Arin: All right, we gotta fucking do this we gotta play this *goose*… I’m so not excited. Dan: Yeah. I’m excited. Dan: Look at this… [GameGrumps Intro]
Boobity Beep, Boop! [Arin laughs] Dan: Oh, how did you land safely from the plains? Arin: Cause I’m fucking Sonic the Hedgehog dude don’t @ me. Dan: This is too slow. Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD… Arin: Dude. Arin: Can’t stick around have to keep moving on, cause what lies ahead, only one way to find out! Arin [As Sonic]: Just keep on movin’ ahead, Dan: Have you played this?- Arin [As Sonic]: No time for guessing follow my pain instead! Arin [As Sonic]: You- Arin [As Sonic]: Dude, have you not realized that I’m secretly a Sonic fan this whole time? Dan: It’s okay. I’m a furry. It’s fine… *Arin As Sonic laughs* Arin [As Sonic]: Follow me, set me free! Dan: Sonic games actually do a lot for both of us… *Arin and Dan laugh* Arin [As Sonic]: WOO! (Outro) *Bu chuca ch Bu chuca ch Bu chuca ch ch ch* Dan [As Sonic]: It’s gonna take more than the fucking US Army to take me down…

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  1. while watching this over a notification for "Shadow and Shadow.exe play would you rather" came up and i was like


  2. So we're not gonna mention the fact Arin was standing on the couch the entire time even when he morphed into sonic. Isn't the purpose of a couch to sit and relax.

  3. The Sonic 3 Playthrough and the Entirety of Dans Precense on Game grumps has tought me this naturally

  4. Me: singing many sonic music themes

    My guy friends: oh I didn’t know you knew those songs

    Me: slowly snaps my head and thinks of the Many times I’ve let my Sonic fangirl out and always try to input Sonic in any convo I’ve had yeah I do.

  5. This animated video inspired a cellular bio project for me. I didn't do thatcwell, but that's beside the point.

  6. 0:10 this clip shows that the two guys that you see on the couch in this animated are not the grumps. Dan's thumb (if that is his real name) should be bulbous and the real Arin can't physically turn into sonic the hedgehog ya dopes.

  7. Learning that Arin was really secretly a Sonic fan this whole time will be the most enragingly wholesome thing to come out of Game Grumps

  8. If you don’t just transform into a sonic character while singing escape from the city you just aren’t a true sonic fan, it’s a fact

  9. All the comments here talking about how Arin slowly transforms into sonic and all I can think about is Arin tearing up as he sings at 0:29

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