Songs of War: Episode 7 (Minecraft Animation Series)

Songs of War: Episode 7 (Minecraft Animation Series)

Time to put an end to this nuisance. Burn it. Oh… would you look at that. My flint and steel appears to be broken. Here, take mine. What’s the matter rookie?! Or should I say… traitor! I knew it! I knew there was something wrong about you the moment I found you. I should have let the undead kill you right then! But… perhaps this death will be more ceremonious. You will watch helplessly as everything you fought for is destroyed and burned. And after we’re finished, we will find the Felina… and we will kill her. Perhaps we’ll feed her to the spiders. They have quite the appetite. Wait Niika it’s me! Lucan?! All of my information is up there! There’s no time, we have to get across the river! Hey! Lucan wait, I can’t- You’re not afraid of heights but you’re scared of jumping in the water?! I can’t swim! Felinas hate water, Lucan, we hate- Ow, watch the claws! Don’t you ever throw me in the water again! Yeah, yeah. Sorry about your tree fort. I’m not worried about the tree fort. We lost all that information though. All my records, my maps, my notes… everything I’ve learned about the Necromancers. We didn’t lose all of it. That information is still with you… and with me. I found the Necrobase, Niika. You were there? Where is it? Directly under Mt. Tempus. Of course! No miner would ever go near there because of all the lava! It’s the perfect place for a hiding spot. I need to report this to Felden. I guess this is um… where we part ways… I… I should accompany you to Felora. They might want some of my information as well. Not to mention you might need my help again. We have to keep going- we need to get help. Slow down you moron! Help! Somebody- My village was attacked. It’s not far, we need to look for survivors! Yeah we don’t sell that here. You can buy a drink or get out. Anyone…? Please… Watch where yer’ goin’! They’re all gone… We’re not going back to Sendaria… there’s nothing left for us. Thalleous spoke of Ataraxia… our mission now is to find the place and figure out why he wanted us to go there. What’s going on? One of them Magnorites is on the edge of our town. Been stirrin’ up trouble with the local folk. Absolute menace I tell you, the lot of ‘em. Well, have you tried asking it to leave? Like anyone’s dumb enough to go near that thing! I don’t think you belong here either, eh? Why don’t you get that Magnorite to leave with you? Fine. I will. Oh hello there! I hope you don’t mind if I read here. It’s a nice bit of shade. Not that I need any shade or anything, you know. Uh… well I don’t mind… but I think the people here want you to leave. Ah… pity. It’s difficult to find a place to catch up on my reading. Been forced to travel my whole life. Hang on… would you, by chance, know where Ataraxia is? Never heard of it. But it appears you need a map! But you’ll never find one here… this town is too small and rather lacking in the educational department if I might add. Did you- isn’t that bothering you? Oh no- I’m used to it. Hey, you know what, why don’t we travel to Biggerton? It’s just up the road. Surely they have a map available for purchase, right? Yeah, getting out of here sounds like a good idea. I’ll grab my horse. Oh you have a horse! I can’t ride horses because… I’m too heavy. But wait! We haven’t been introduced. My name’s Igneous… and you? Senn. It’ll be great to have some company on the road, Senn! You see, I’ve been alone for a while and have had no one to talk to so I mostly just read books or descant with animals but that’s rarely an enjoyable experience because the animals don’t actually talk back so the conversation is often very one-sided… Get down! An enderman. Don’t look at it, Grim. Come on! Grim! This job has already become far more trouble than it was worth. Let’s hurry and get out of here. Oh come on Grim, put your back into it! Sorry mate, but I can’t be slowed down any more.

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  2. 10:02
    So this hurts him

    But this doesn’t? 9:25

    I also hate this guy’s character ark, it was very clear that him and Grim where supposed to be friends, but he’s a little harsh.
    This whole thing of him just being rude feels lazy and rushed


  4. I hate the to be continued sign. Just when it's get interesting i have to wait for the next episode. The animation is impressive BTW. I really like it

  5. It was a lot of fun to translate this episode into Polish. I am glad that you guys created this series with such a brilliant story and effects! From the beginning of Minecraft, I believed that someday something so wonderful would come into being!

  6. Have grim join the girl and Sam cuz they would be a great team I see that could happen. I think alot of others do to🙂

  7. I wonder is Grim gonna join Abigail or stay neutral… I mean, he has a debt to pay off, but judging by his character, he would never betray someone who spared his life.

  8. Some one plz tell me how grim lost to a girl with a stone sword and a wooden bow and he had an enchanted scythe and as we have seen way more skilled

  9. I love this channel and the fact that this channel always helps to make my day up. Anyway, if there is still a new part every seventh day, that is, March 14,21,28, if I counted the tenth part March 28th comes out on my birthday and I will consider it the best gift of anything, it will be.

  10. No one DIED?! WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING?! Great video though.

    Next episode: Every character that’s irrelevant dies

  11. I want these villagers to pay for being such jerks to the Magnarite but I want Jalkar dead for leaving Grim :/

  12. if you don't think Lucan and Meeka are a fantastic team, you're wrong.
    also, Igneous is adorable and he's never going to shut up but i can't bring myself to care~

  13. I Found the Derp! He's standing with the group of people when Senn and Ingenuous look back at them after they throw a glass at them.

  14. i think this is my favorite episode so far. we're beyond the safe zone now and the more unexperienced characters begin to grow and develop without the guidance of any elders, which i think makes it quite interesting. very good timing as well, until now, i was hooked on wanting to know what's going on and the last episode explained a lot, so that interest was fulfilled and the dots introduced before were mostly connected. (why the dragon egg was stolen, that the bad guys have in fact returned and you sent one into heaven and one into hell (the latter, being lukin, quite literally), which reminds me of lord of the rings' breaking of the fellowship with boromir dying and frodo and sam setting off on their own. in this case, the one going off alone would be senn. just saying in case that wasn't obvious for someone…) now the endermen joined the game and senn has to take full control of his life himself, which brings two elements to the table that got me hooked again. also, grim's fate is an interesting touch and i smell an alliance between him and the girl to hunt down the … dude with the egg, honestly i can't remember everyone's names, even though they're really not so hard to remember… anyway. longer comment, but i think this episode deserved it.
    thank you guys for sharing this amazing work basically for free and thanks to the patrons for making it possible for the guys behind the scenes, to make this series happen! much love and keep up the great work!

  15. Who will win:
    The literal Grim Reaper (His name is Grim, and last episode they called him "The Reaper) who can defeat an entire ambush of other people who want him dead
    some girl with a bow and a dog

  16. I really wanna see another mention to herobrine in some point, the animations is awesome, better than some animes around there

  17. that episode felt like 2 minutes so when it finished i was actually confused

    also another episode next week yes please good sir

  18. 2:53
    Well then, thats another similarity felinas have with actual cats, which they probably used to help with climbing. Do felinas have fangs too? Because I know cats do, and it helps with warding off predators. Jeez I’m overthinking this.

  19. YEEEEEEEEES EP 7 AND MY LIL GRIM❤️💕♥️😍💀🥰🐺😖 I ship Nica x Lucan it's so obvious. Poor Sen I'm crying aaawwww he has a new friend! GRIM Kill dat Enderman. He didn't deserve your strength anyway Grim!!!!♥️💕❤️😍💀🥰😖🐺😋 DONT YOU DARE HURT MY GRIM!!!!🐺💀

  20. You know i wonder how all this is gonna work, the characters i mean 1 chasing the egg, 2 are mercenaries trying to sell the egg, 2 are now looking for a village/kingdom/something, 2 are fighting Necromancers. My question is how are they all gonna come together if the Nether, Necromancer, and the VoltTarusu clan come together

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