Something About Star Fox 64 ANIMATED (Flashing Lights & Loud Sound Warning) 🦊🐦🐸🐰

Something About Star Fox 64 ANIMATED (Flashing Lights & Loud Sound Warning) 🦊🐦🐸🐰

Please don’t reupload my full videos. We need your help Star Fox! Andross has declared war! HI YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Rob: Stay hydrated! Thank you Star Fox! YES YES! Ahh, so THIS is Star Fox! Something’s up ahead! I’M AN ALLIGATOR. Impressive Star Fox, now watch out for It’s quiet.. TOO quiet.. Yeah. It’s cause we’re in space Einstein. What do you think you’re doing Fox?? (Fox screams) Fox you made it! Bill! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!>:( Fox that’s one of ours! Hey we can’t go this way the map says Sector X is next! I’M MAKING MAC N CHEESE AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!!! Star Fox, I want you to take out the enemy Bio Weapon! Star Fox, I want you to take out the enemy Bio Weapon!
Falco: What are you doing???? O K A Y (Pollutes) That areas an oven! Don’t go burning that Arwing! Be reasonable Fox! O K A Y ! Where is the Creator? Psalm 115:3 The. View. Is. Clear. I. Must. Be. Complete. The. View. Is. Clear. I. Must. Be. Complete.
Falco: YEAH! It’s working! What are you doing?? It’s too dangerous there! OH. So you’re going to attack the enemy base? Gosh darn it Fox that is a great idea where do you come up with these genius plans?? YEAH!!!!!! Deploy the Land Master! Jazz is like, Jello Pudding. The kids, they listen to the rap music. Which gives them the brain damage. Come on!! Personally, I prefer the AIR! With their hippin and their hoppin and the bippin and the boppin Slippy’s dead. NICE! UWAAA?? (The screams of a million tortured souls) WHAT IS THIS?! Don’t get TOO cocky Star Fox! Lets see how you handle our new ships. ..You’re good. But I’m BETTAH! What the?? HIYAAAAAA!!! MISSION COMPRETE! COME ON FOX!! Andross: I’ve been waiting for you Star Fox.. Hoiya! Andross: You know that I control the galaxy. HAH! Andross: It’s foolish to come against me. Now you will feel TRUE PAIN!!!! Don’t ever give up my son. Hello pa pa! Shoot! Fox might not make it.. And with one wrong turn Fox never made it out alive.. With his dying breath Andross was able to take our hero beyond this mortal coil. Pee Pee Doo Doo Ka Ka. The galaxy was saved, but at what cost? oh jk MISSION COM- P̷̡͔͈̣̦̄̏͛͛̓̒̈́̍L̴̳̝͈̞̝̮̞̃̓͝͝E̴̝̰̺̩̭͖̤͓̐E̵͕̳͍̤̤̺̰̍͆̈́̄͒̿̅̈́̋̓̄́͂͝E̷͔̾̎̀͆̄͝Ë̵̹̩̝̳̲̩̫̲̙̪́͊͌͜͝Ĕ̴̫̲̈́͂͐͊̒̑͋̚E̸͚͍̘̅E̷̢͕̬͕͙͈͚̼̹͕̙̅̔̄̈́͊̈̕̕͝͝͠͠͠T̵̛̰͇̟͉̜̙̟̗͈͋̋̾͆́̊̍͌͝E̵̲̭̿̊̀̃̑̏͛̀̈̌͆̆̑ Thank you so much for the support guys! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!! Which game would you like to see Something About next?? Comment below! DO A BARREL ROLL.

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  1. 0:13 hi YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say hi yaaaaaaaaaaaaa for a like

  2. Hi


  3. @4:02 “Lets see how you handle our new ships…”
    piggy squeals in screen
    enemy boss looks in horror 😱

  4. Has anyone else noticed Fox looking absolutely demonic at 4:37? It is only for like a fraction of a second when Peppy is saying "COME ON FOX!", you have to pause and advance the video with the > key to see it clearly.

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