Something About MHW Iceborne ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ❄️🐟

Something About MHW Iceborne ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ❄️🐟

what is that sound? its driving the lugias crazy YO WHO CARES LETS HUNT SOME MONSTERS YAAAAAAAAAS Kidnapped, call 911 (fires the floof) she was such a nice young lady – Oh main
characters your handler is dead you can have his what well I’ll be your
temporary handler it’s just a temporary thing don’t get too comfortable it’s
going to be a temporary arrangement temporarily I can’t stress enough how
temporary the same that sound is driving the monsters crazy
hunters find the monster making it no that’s not it is that it no that’s not it static
no that’s not it no that it not daddy no is that it that’s not it no greetings
it is me your friendly neighborhood oh stop that what the I can still hear that song
alright we’ve been tracking the locations of the song these are the
locations in chronological order and this is where my grandson Timmy heard
that devil music he is such a good boy god bless him we have also linked the
song to tremors across the region yes but we already confirmed that those
tremors were caused by your mom amazing looks like her teamwork is paid off the
source of the song is here hunters now’s our chance (SOUNDCLOUD SHARA ISHVALDA) coming down like precipitation I ain’t
never met a limitation so I got it *Desperate screaming* supa star so I gotta shine top dolla be tha bottom line turn your heart rate to a dotted line and
my zodiac prolly dollar sign great (More rapping) hunters you did it sharra cheval de will
never make a mixtape ever again why Why didn’t any of you help us? the world is saved thanks to you Hunters come with me I have something to
show you

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  1. Absolute Perfect summary of Iceborne minus shriek legi, viper tobi, and black veil val appearances in the vid but other wise 10/10 speed summary of iceborne very funny 2 and Bonus Points for Shara the Flame Spitter Absolute 10/10 fire and its Hype AF GJ on the vid keep it up

  2. Can i just have a handler that doesn't run head first into all of the most dangerous monsters and then proceed to not actually help by zooming in on another different NEW monster…

  3. I would have loved to have seen Kriby wake up from the music. Burst in, slap the guild for not helpng, kiss the serious handler on the cheek, and then fly to the rap dragon, slap him turn a knob and then it starts singing Christian music.

  4. I feel like it should have the post Credits with Ruiner Nergetaied crashing a nazelvuses then postgame get it own ep!
    Hey post game Iceborne When Nah not now but
    Zinorger to Dragon Zonorger & Others as Monster Hunter Bounus
    Bet next be about super Metoired

  5. Me: watching this for the 6th time and saying it is time to stop

    Also me: watchs again with captions for a excuse to watch it again.

    Also also me: is no one gonna notice Terminal threw The Rock at A rock? To kill a rapping draco malfo- i mean a rapping DRAGON….yeah dragon..

  6. Fantastic video, great voice acting, 10/10, but what could get a 20/10?


  7. As much as yer vids are animated with humor in mind, I find the animation on the rapping Dragon was quite amazing.

    Looking forward to more of yer awesome videos! Lovin em

  8. Out of all the random things that TerminalMontage does with his animations, the rapping dragon at 3:50 wearing a Rolex and spitting fire is the last thing I could have ever expected

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