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DYLAN: I’m alive! But… I’m small?! How is this possible! I was BEATEN by that twerp! This is impossible! BOB: Hey brother! We need your help! There’s this snake going around killing everyone! He became number one instantly! DYLAN: Who is it?! DYLAN: No… not him! He was the one who killed me! We need to- RAGE FACE: Out of my way! DYLAN: Watch it! We’re plotting here! RAGE FACE: Excuse me?! Don’t tell me what to say! DYLAN: We just did. RAGE FACE: Uh…. WHATEVER! DYLAN: Hey, we need your help! We’re going against Andy, the biggest snake, and we need all the backup we can get! We need to charge to his face and hope one of us will get him! Are you in?! JORGE: ¿Qué? BOB: I think he’s Spanish…? How is he playing when he is Spanish with all these English speaking people?! DYLAN: Honestly, I think people are watching this video as a Spanish fan dub anyways. BOB: Cómo está…. Help?! JORGE: ¿Disculpe? Mire, no tengo tiempo para ayudarlo. Estoy ocupado. DYLAN: He’s in! Okay, let’s go! Wait… what’s going on over there? PETA: End snake harm now! Don’t eat the balls! They’re part of you! If you eat the balls, you’ll be a cannibal! Snake rights now! Snake rights now! Snake rights now! RAGE FACE: YOU MAD BRO?! PETA: YOU’RE WHAT’S WRONG WITH SOCIETY!! BOB: Uh, let’s just go… they won’t help us. I think we stop him with just us 3! DYLAN: Stop! ANDY: My, my… if it isn’t Dylan. I thought I killed you! DYLAN: You know you spawn back in this game, right? BOB: What you’re doing is wrong! Stop killing everyone! You’re not a villain like Thanos! ANDY: I can kill whoever I want! Watch! JORGE; No me siento tan bien… BOB: NOOOO! ANDY: Oh, Dylan… haven’t you forgotten your own lesson to me? It’s simple, twerp… KILL! RAGE FACE: Me gusta. ANDY: So, uh… this is awkward…. wanna go annoy that snake protest? DYLAN: Sure! PETA: What are you doing?! Don’t eat the balls! DYLAN: But I just love eating balls! Did you enjoy this video? Make sure you leave a like and subscribe for more cartoons in the future. I do cartoons on this channel. Thanks for watching, everybody, and I’ll see you all soon. Bye!

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  1. el gusano amarillo es muy macho ablo español pero no vengo de España saludos desde costa rica 🇨🇷

  2. Snake: hey says do something
    Another: you don't tell me what to do
    Snake: I just did
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) other: UGH

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