SkyBlock – AVM Shorts Episode 11

SkyBlock – AVM Shorts Episode 11

Yellow: Let’s go in one of those 😀 Blue & Red: Okay, why not? Green: I kinda wanna follow them… Oi, can we follow them? SC: No, its too dangerous. SC: I just wanna leave this place. SC: I would rather go home than go there. Green: Alright, you stay safe. Green: Don’t get in trouble with something else ok? Hup! Yeah, Whatever. (SecondComing proceeds to leave) Yellow: Alright guys, lets hop in! 😀 Blue: Wait for us>:( Red: Wait up guys! Green: Don’t leave me behind D:🙂 Yellow: Lol k Green: Sugar canes Red: Lemme see>:P Green: Back off dude>:C Red: Let me see! Green: I SAID BACK OFF D:

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  1. The Nether portal should still work if one of them is out
    Ghasts don’t shoot that fast
    Why didn’t the rain put out the fire

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