Simon’s Cat Logic – Collection

Simon’s Cat Logic – Collection

Hello, I’m Simon! Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do! Today, we are going to look at Crazy Time! So Crazy Time is based really on all four my cats, but in particular Jess, who I always think of as being the craziest out of all four of them. She’s the oldest of my cats, a little tortoiseshell and tortoiseshells are known for being a little bit crazy anyway. Of course she gets this kind of pent-up of natural energy, as all animals do, and rather than going outside and running around the trees and things she suddenly goes crazy and runs around up and down stairs, climbing over furniture, but that’s Jess all over! [ Why do cats do this? ] So many owners wonder why their cats do this? Well if you think back to how cats are in the wild, they spend, you know, maybe up to 40 hunting trips, so a lot of energy expended. Whereas when we think about our cats, they often have a much more sedate lifestyle, so that’s why they still feel the need to burn off excess energy. [ What can we do to help? ] One of the things you can offer your cat is interactive fishing rod toy play. So this is where you’d get a rod with a string and some feathers at the end and move it around as if it were a prey species, so it depends on the style of play that your cat likes, whether it’s a bird type in the air like this or whether they want a mousey type across the floor. No self-respecting prey species ever goes up to the cat and says “Hi, here I am!” So try to avoid waving a toy in the cat’s face, have it moving away from them. Cats also can’t see that well under 25 centimeters which is another reason why cats don’t really seem interested in playing when it’s so close to their face. They are a bit more far-sighted so again move the toy away from them and that’s when you see the pupils dilate and they go into the crouch position and do the bum wiggle and go after that toy. It’s important to let the cats catch and kill the toy because this gives cats the sort of satisfaction of catching it and by doing that, that helps them release endorphins or happy hormones, so that they feel very good when they are playing. Now once you finish playing do store the fishing rod safely out of the cat’s reach. [ Did you know? ] Cats are crepuscular this is scientific way of saying they are most active during dawn and dusk and that’s because that’s when their prey is most active as well. So a lot of owners will find that their cats have their crazy time at night, which can be very frustrating when you’re trying to get to sleep. The nice thing about Crazy Time is every cat owner recognises it. So as soon as I did the film I knew that a lot of people will go “Ah, that’s my cat, my cat does that!” because it’s such a cat thing to do! Hello, I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic! We’ll be finding out from a cat expert, why cats behave the way they do. Today, we’re looking at … Love. I’ve had cats all my life, and it really helps me when I’m thinking of my stories, because obviously cats can’t pick up baseball bats or, you know, climb up windows, or use their hands. Animation allows me to use my imagination, but also I can base it solidly in what a cat would think. By having cats all my life, I kind of know the inside of their heads and how they work things out. Well, ‘Butterflies’ is a nice Valentines film. One of the stars of ‘Butterflies’ is in fact a chubby girl cat, who is a bit of a love interest for Simon’s Cat. [Do cats fall in love?] Unfortunately cats aren’t really that romantic so it’s quite a contrast to the Simon’s Cat Valentines Day videos. Cats can actually mate with quite a few different partners and they are not really fussy with who they choose to breed with, and they don’t really choose a mate for life like birds do. Female cats are also known as queens and a queen can be only receptive to mate, when she’s hormonally ready. Prior to that she may swipe her paw at a male. When a female cat is in season she’ll call quite a lot or meow and it’s a very different sort of meow to what owners are normally used to. It’s quite a persistent noise and, in fact, some owners that aren’t familiar with this sound may actually think that their cats are in pain, but this isn’t true. They’ll also get themselves into what’s called the lordosis pose, this is where they actually go down on their front legs, and put their bottoms in the air and sometimes put their tail to the side as well, and they kind of, like I said, getting ready for mating. Owners will also notice cats will be a lot more affectionate they may be doing a lot of rolling around and they’ll sometimes be grooming their back end a lot more than usual. [How can we help our cats?] Cats can actually start mating as young as four months of age, which is why I recommend neutering from four months. There are actually many health benefits of getting cats neutered For both female and male cats, it can prevent certain cancers, there are many behavioural benefits, it can cut-out sexual spraying, they are much less likely to roam, they are also less likely to get into fights. One queen or female cat, that is not neutered can be responsible for as many as 20,000 kittens over a five year period if all of those kittens weren’t neutered! That’s a lot of kittens! So that’s why, here at Cat’s Protection, we do a lot of neutering, because we have so many cats and kittens all looking for good homes. [Did you know?] Females can actually mate with multiple males and in fact, one litter of kittens can have each kitten having a different father. This can therefore throw in a lot of different, interesting coat colours in the litter as well as different behaviours. The trait for boldness or how outgoing the cat is, comes from the father. So here is Chloe. With her little ears. A tiny little mouth and I’ve given her a great big fat, sort of, face and a little love heart collar. The thing I love most about Chloe is her huge, great, big tail. She is based on my second cat. She was such a lovely cat, had a lovely temperament and very affectionate. You know, as a little boy growing up we were very close. So it was nice to get a bit of that memory into this film. This little beautiful girl cat who is a bit of a snob, but that’s only in the Simon’s Cat world, not in real life. Hello, I am Simon! Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave, the way they do! Today we are exploring “Let me In! Let me Out!”. Well, the thing is, it’s fair to say that if you are a cat owner, then you can basically say goodbye to privacy, because they will follow you everywhere, especially if they are an older cat or sort of a lap cat, they want to be with you 24/7. [Why do cats do this?] Cats are renowned for having a natural curiosity, and so it’s understandable, that they’d want to know what’s on the other side of the door. Cats are natural control freaks, so they’d rather have choice over their access. In the Simon’s Cat video ‘Let me In’,Simon’s Cat would be less reliant on Simon, if he had exclusive entry cat flap, such as a microchip cat flap or a magnetic one. This would allow Simon’s Cat to have the choice of when to come in and out. One of the benefits of having exclusive entry cat flap, is that it would only let in Simon’s Cat for example, and not the other cats in the neighbourhood. [Did you know?] It’s popularly believed that Sir Isaac Newton, long with his many other achievements, invented the cat flap or the cat door. If owners have lived with their cats for quite some time, they can build up quite a repertoire of communication with their cat. This is where cats will try different things through trial and error so therefore the cat is more likely to do this next time to get that response. So over time, cats may learn that if they do a particular type of meow, that their owners will respond and know what it means. So they might do a particular cry to say “Let outside!” and a different cry to say “I want some food!” and a different one again to say that they want some attention. Recently, researchers have found that cats have got two types of purr including the solicitation purr, which is basically a different purr that’s a bit more intense, when they want something from you and they found that humans respond to this. Many owners think that cats train us, but really we are reinforcing these behaviours. It’s a two-way form of communications between the cat and their owner. Cats have excellent hearing, between 55 and 77 000 hertz, this is actually at a higher frequency than dogs can hear. Well ‘Let me Out’ is basically a bathroom idea, where whenever you go to the bathroom, to have a shower or … yeah… sorry… whatever you do. The story of this comes from my oldest cat Jess, who is a real lap cat, and she wants attention 24/7, so she’ll follow me around meowing and meowing, and she actually changed her meow now, so she goes… [Simon makes the sound], like it’s really quite impatient, and she starts to let me know in her voice. But she will follow me around demanding attention, and, of course, if you go to the bathroom, she sits outside and just calls and calls and calls, until you finally come out.

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  1. This was awesome! Especially the bit about cats not being able to focus really close. Makes a lot of difference in how to play with my indoor cat and her favorite bird on a stick toy. Thanks!

  2. Rod ? Owen Smith : he entertains his cat – with his 29" rod – mine is just average : lived with the shame for years – my stray cat gets minimum exercise – unless it runs around my trainers : I have huge feet

  3. My favorite cat, Figaro (Lord rest his soul), used to have this morning routine w/my mom. He would wait till she was about halfway down the hall, and then gallop after her to wrap his front paws around her ankles. Our hallway floor was wooden, so sometimes, he would literally slide smack into her leg as he galloped and jumped to grab her ankles!
    Some mornings, I still expect to wake up to his heavy gallop and Mom yelling his name! Lol!

  4. Ok, Todds crazy time is small hours, and probably now (11pm) infact I can hear one of his bells ringing now! Btw he also go's to the loo with my mum. P.s my old cat pussca used to actually sleep under the duvet with my mum all night, even if he was crammed between my parents, btw he also used to wait outside the shower door for my mum, he would just sit on her clothes till she came out and cuddled him probably, RIP pussca, I will always love you xxx

  5. my cat feels the need to watch me poop and shower… and sleep, not to disturb me later… just to be sure I'm safe. it's actually 2:05 a.m. and he is with me ???

  6. My youngest cat, Twiglet, is an absolute menace when it comes to the bathroom. She knows that when I come out, I can't see when she scurries under my wheelchair, and so I don't know she's in the bathroom until I hear her annoyed Let Me Out meows some half hour later!

    She's also a black cat, and she knows she can't be seen in the dark, so she'll squirrel herself as far into the corner and under my bathroom table as she possibly can, thus again going entirely unseen. I've now taken to shaking the shower curtain, knocking on the table, and even sticking my foot under the table in an effort to make sure she isn't hiding! There are so many times when she doesn't respond whatsoever, and gets shut in the bathroom again LOL

  7. cats are just awesome and so easy to manage , however its still a predator which needs the opportunity to go outside in my opinion

  8. Me my cat every time I go to shower she stings a sprint to go into the bathroom with meto go into the bathroom with me

  9. Can you please do a cat logic on this? My cat 10 year old Calico female. She grabs one of my socks or underwear in her mouth and walks in circles on my bed with it dragging between her legs. She meows during this. Sits but then circles more tries to sit and continues circling. This can last up to five minutes at a time. She always looks unsure and frustrated when doing it. I try to tug of war with it but she gives a sort of unhappy meow. I really want to know why she does this. Thank you.

  10. my cat never to thinks like that. You cant see him rum often. He sometimes walks around and look for someon to kuddle. Sometimes he plays outside. but he normaly lays on a couch, on the floor or outside in the sun. you cant play with him. If you come with a play-thing he stares at you like you were crazy and walks away.

  11. Jess looks remarkably like my cat, Pady. Pady was more like my child than she was a pet. She went to live in Heaven and wait for me there in April 2016, but she still comes to visit me often, usually just when I need for her to be here. If I knew how to attach a photo here, I would. If you want to see what she looked like as a kitten, you could look for me on Facebook under my name Beverly Krebs, I have her photo as my profile picture right now, and there are dozens of photos of her in my photos there. Just send me a friend request and leave me a note so I will know who you are. By the way, I love your cute little animated videos. My daughter tells me that there is merchandise with the "Simon's Cat" theme at the local bookstore! I saw that you have things also on your website – I will have to go shopping there soon! :- ). If you ever have a plush cat available for purchase that looks like Jess (and Pady!) I will be first in line to get one!!! Thank you for all the hard work you do with your "Simon's Cat" videos and cartoons – I enjoy watching them very much. God Bless, Beverly

  12. Cat crazy time in my house = Cat on Kitty Crack.. Normally happens before breakfast… Which i then get the toys out and play then feed them…

  13. I wish my cat be like simon's cat
    Like if u :
    1-love simon's cat
    2-your cat like simon's cat..
    Answer that question…
    *Do you love simon's cat ?
    *love?????????simon's cat…

  14. I always had my kitty in the bathroom with me whether showering or whatever. She would sleep in the sink or hang out on top of the commode if I was doing makeup. Why fight keeping them out? She was a part of my daily routine. RIP Sweet kitty

  15. I have two cats. Since I live near a wooded area and I adopted them when they were kittens (they were abandoned) I do not let them out. Once a big black flying thing went through the window into my house, ! thought it was a night moth, until I heard it screech. It was a bat. While I was trying to take it out my older cat Nelson leap almost 5 feet in the air and caught it. I spent the rest of the night checking him for bites (none, fortunately) and the picking bits of blood and wings from the sofas.

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