Simon’s Cat: Christmas Checklist

Simon’s Cat: Christmas Checklist

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  1. my dogs got squeaky toys for Christmas and my dog patch played with his for an hour this morning, at 6 in the morning ? I formally apologised to my neighbour on Facebook ??

  2. So cute !! Merry Christmas !! thank you for your entertaining videos !
    Hello kitty lovers, please consider helping a cat lady !!

  3. My mom had a Manx cat named, Bear. One night she woke up to him touching her with his paw. When she looked at him, he just looked down. Following his gaze, she discovered a dead vole that he caught and brought to her.

  4. cartoon idea: make a cartoon called sour puss that your cat messes with a lemon the freaked out when he tasted it then gets the other cat to taste it : Simon's cat idea yellowsheep859?

  5. It's just not a holiday without Simon's Cat…and Kitten. Hope yours are wonderful! Thank you for bringing so much joy to a world that badly needs it!

  6. So true. This christmas I have been adopted by a third cat, I wasn't looking for one, he just turned up and took over my spare room.

  7. Those that disliked this cute video must not be very happy people. But maybe they don't like cats, in which case I ask, why are they watching cat videos in the first place? If they do like cats, then they're just bummers. Don't like it, then don't watch or subscribe.

  8. здравствуйте Саймон я очень хочу узнать как завут вашего котика в мультиках ! ведь все думают что его зовут Саймон! Но канал называется кот Саймона тем самым что его хозяена зовут Саймон но мне было бы интересно узнать как зовут самого котика?

  9. Hi I do videos with art (that are weird) and am just looking for anyone to look my channel and give me some advice. If you like what you see then subscribe THANKS

  10. you've changed the off for the vet discription since last year but you said ''We plan to release ‘Off to the Vet’ in 2016'' but it's 2017 now so what happened to that idea?

  11. i love simon cat?❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????☃️?????????????????????????. jou best cat?

  12. The box one is painfully true. Right now my cat sits in a box full of crumbled up paper, right next to her new fluffy cat bed. Why cat? Why?? The actual cat bed is fluffy. It's soft and warm. Why do you sit in a box with crumbled paper up your butt!?!?

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