Shanrer Guto | ষাঁড়ের গুতো | Bantul The Great | Bangla Animation Story

Shanrer Guto | ষাঁড়ের গুতো | Bantul The Great | Bangla Animation Story

Whenever I need his help Bantul is
busy chatting with Lambkarna. Where did these two fellows go? Hey you rogues Bacchu and Bicchu. Do you know where they are? I want to clean my room. I don’t know where they are, auntie. But, we’ll definitely
find and bring them here. Don’t worry. Bicchu, let’s go and find them. Bantul, I can hear your
auntie looking for you. She’s furious as she
can’t find you around. But, you’re busy reading
books in the library. Those two fellows
have set out to find us. What are you saying, Lambkarna? We must get out of here
or auntie will assign me the task.. ..of cleaning the house. C’mon, let’s go. Bantul, I can hear the
two guys following us. They’re discussing how
they’ll catch us and take us to auntie. Really? They think they’re very smart. Lambkarna, let’s disguise ourselves. They won’t be able to recognize us. Let’s go to the costume
shop and change our appearance. I’ll dress as a clown
and you dress up like a monkey. I’ll perform with you on the streets. What do you say?
– That’s going to be great fun. Let’s go. Friends, come here. Watch the monkey’s
performance and encourage us. You won’t have to pay for the show. Chamru, dance. You’re feeling shy on seeing
so many people around you. It’s okay. Don’t feel shy. Show how you’ll worry if your husband
doesn’t come home on time. We’ve to run away before they catch us. Lambkarna, let’s go. Lambkarna, we’ve to get
into some other disguise now. I’ll dress as a bull now,
you dress up like a calf. Okay, hurry up. Let’s go. Oh no! A monkey has entered my shop. Send it out quickly. No. Don’t panic. Why shouldn’t I panic? A monkey has entered my shop. And you’re telling me not to panic. Grandpa, he’s not a real monkey. He is Lambkarna, my assistant. I want a bull’s costume for myself
and a calf’s costume for him. Oh! So, this is the case. Okay. Kuttu, get a bull and a calf’s costume. We’re looking great. You look exactly like a young calf. Bantul, you look like a healthy bull. Your body is shining brightly. C’mon let’s go to a village
that’s far from this city.. the city-dwellers can hit us
with sticks. Bantul, I can hear a bull coming from
the direction where you’re going. The bull can push you.
– Oh no! The bull’s neck will get sprained
if he tries to knock me down. C’mon, let’s run. Bantul, be careful. One bull is coming towards you. Let’s run.
– We need not run. Wait and watch how I use my hind legs. Bacchu, did you see how one
bull knocked down another bull? He has sprained his
neck with just one blow. I must take a good look at the bull. Don’t you think that the
bull is behaving differently? Let’s investigate the matter. Oh no! The bull is after us. Run!
– Oh no! Our life is in danger. Run! If I don’t knock them down
they’ll keep troubling me. Oh no! I think we won’t be
able to escape this time. Oh no! I’m dead. Who’s around? Help! Bacchu, help me get down. Bacchu! Help me get down. The ants are biting me. I think I’ve pushed them too hard. I must run away from here
or I’ll face embarrassment. A mad is bull is running
way after hitting two boys. Wait! I’ll teach you a lesson. I’ll shoot you. Bantul is in trouble. He’s going to shoot you. Don’t worry.
Wait and watch what happens. What happened? I shot the bull
but my hat went up in the air. That’s strange! Bull, why are you getting
inside the forest? Wait, I’ll chop off your tail. Oh no! He has escaped. What shall I do now? The bull has transformed into a devil. Bantul, let’s run
away from here quickly.. ..or people will soon gather here. We’ll be in trouble
if they see you in this costume. I can hear auntie cussing you. Let’s go to auntie. We’ll be more relaxed if we go there. Bacchu, help me get down. Bacchu, ants are biting me. The ants will enter my pants. Oh no! I can’t sit anymore
as my back is hurting. Bacchu, help me get down. We started chasing
Bantul at an ominous time. There’s the bull on
land and crocodile in water. What’s this? How did they land here?
– Bacchu! – Bicchu! We need to save them.
– Bacchu! – Bicchu! Bacchu! – Bicchu!
– We need to help them. The bull hit them hard. Bacchu! Help them. Hey Bacchu!
– Hey Bicchu! Hey Bacchu!
– Hey Bicchu!

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