SF’s Overgrowth Tutorials – Custom Animations

SF’s Overgrowth Tutorials – Custom Animations

Hello and welcome to the first Overgrowth
tutorial! Today you will learn how to import your own
custom animation to use as idle or moving animation. So, first off I’m going to load an item, press
the browse button. And then go into data, objects, igf_characters
and load the guard model. So now I’m just going to click over there
in the distance. And there we have our little rabbit! So bring
him out of the ground and press ctrl – R to enter the rigging editor. And in here we’re just going to load a skeleton,
so press load. And then go into the data folder. And into the skeletons folder, and open that
file you see there. So now we have the skeleton, so press ctrl
– A to enter the animation editor. I’m just going to make a very quick animation
here, just to show you it’s working. So we’ve got some fancy hand movement going
on here. And then I move my selected time line space
there and press create new keyframe. And then I’m just going to copy this here,
so we can have it loop. And then I change the time line space here. Play that there, yeah looks pretty good. No we only have to save this so we can load
it later for use in the engine. So I’m going to call this one “tutorial”. So just save that there. And then you press escape to exit the animation
editor. And minimize the game, open up the game’s
folder. So go into the data folder and into the scripts
folder there. And then you open up aschar.as in your notepad,
I’m using Notepad++ here because I like that. And there is the piece of code we’re looking
for. Here are the animations, you can just swap
those out for your own, I called mine “tutorial” before so I’m just going to write that there.
This is the idle animation. And then you save that, and then you go into
the game, press 8 to get Robbert. And there you have it! So, I suggest you rate, comment and subscribe
to me, I would really appreciate that. And if you have any requests for tutorials you
can just send me a comment or PM or something and I’ll add it to the request list. So, yeah, have a nice day!

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  1. i tried this in alpha 64, and when I tried to load the skeleton, I get an error message, "On line 1835 of model.cpp: invalid operation".

  2. You don't really need to update anything, the Alphas are stand-alones and you only need the content in the .zip files to launch the game.

    Download the .zip file from the forum.
    Extract it to any folder.
    Launch the "Lugaru2.exe" file.

  3. @supercoolguyT AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+ (3.22 GHz)
    Nvidia GeForce 9800GT
    2GB RAM

    My FPS is very different depending on what map I'm playing. On the Red Desert map I get a few hundred FPS without vertical sync, but on another map I get 15 FPS.

    The game isn't optimized at all right now.

  4. @leontas2007 The rigging tool is disabled in recent alphas, it was replaced by the modeling program Blender.

  5. If you make a custom animation, for instance: a stabbing animation that plays when you attack while holding a knife, does the knife do actual damage from stabbing?

  6. @Sherlocck21st No the damage is applied in the code. And this animation editor is no longer in the game unfortunately. It might get added in again later if we're lucky.

  7. and by coincidence, do you know how hard is now to put custom animations made in blender into the game?

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