[SFM] Dead By Daylight Animation Parody Song – I’m Gonna Be Dead By Daylight

[SFM] Dead By Daylight Animation Parody Song – I’m Gonna Be Dead By Daylight

look at this knife isn’t it swell. they find survivors and put us through hell sacrificing us all to go to the entity
stop singing and get me off this thing let’s have a look inside this chest toolkit
or flashlight which one would be best. bet I won’t keep it too long
oh for God’s sake Franklin’s demise are you kidding me? AAAAGH I’ve had stabbings and
killings aplenty I’ve had mories and campers galore
escape cakes? ha ha ha I’ve got 20 but who cares no big deal I want more
I wanna be where survivors are I want to see, want to see them dying flailing
around on those sharp pointy things hooks! that’s the one crawling around we
won’t get too far legs are required for crouching running hiding inside one of
those tall red things doors and lockers up where they stab! up where they
killup where they put them on hooks on a hill play DBD earn bp’s shirtless Myers what would I give if I could live away
from the killers what would I pay to spend a day out of harm’s way what I’ve
got planned they understand that I’m actually on their side now I’m waving
sick of saving winning with pride I’m ready to know what the killers know
ask them my questions and get some answers
why are you camping and why does it what’s the word? Suuuuuck I’m out of luck
guess I’ll just die Nea just left me now I want to cry watch and you’ll see I’m
gonna be dead by daylight

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  1. No one:

    Totally normal voiced Meg: Shirtless MYERRRSSSE

    (Edit) oh daddy nea – aka known as Luminious – Has hearted my comment. 🙂

  2. Oh my God, this is actually the best video I've seen on YouTube in the last 3 months… what an emotional experience, hahaha thank you so much for this

  3. Hi Dear Luminious!
    I've recently started to watch your content since i have found myself in the grasps of the entity for the past year (aka i've been addicted to this buggy game with the lowest settings possible on 30 fps) i do believe that you are on a great track and i can only encourage you to keep on going with it! ^^
    I would also gladly offer my service as a voice actor if you need one anytime! I have been dubbing multiple things (in hungarian) for years and (obviously only if you need it) i would be more than happy to help in case you need someone to dub a male individual. I can also get you other voice actors if you want it to…now i feel like a total jackass cause i actually enjoy a content and want to help…for the love of Nea sacrifice me already…

  4. if you do more dbd challenges, I have one for you. you have to bring perks that are only yellow, green or purple. for whichever color you choose, (yellow as an example) you would have to bring yellow perks, an item that is yellow, add-on’s that are yellow and an offering that is yellow.

  5. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! Loved it so much!! Had to watch it over and over again!! Amazing Job!!! 😍😍😍😊😊😄😄

  6. Man..why does Meg have such a voice?😂😅 She's taking some male-hormonal pills i guess 😂
    U made her..a guy..or a lesbian😂

  7. The Trapper brought this piano on Amazon Prime, he already has a song calleed "Here Comes the Trapper", and now he plays for Meg (who has a masculine voice)

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