Seting up OpenGL or OpenCV or Eigen in any Visual Studio in 10 seconds

Seting up OpenGL or OpenCV or Eigen in any Visual Studio in 10 seconds

Hello everyone in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to import opengl very simply into your visual studio program. It doesn’t matter what version you’re using so in here I have a very simple program that’s just prints my OpenGL version and you can see it gives me a compile error in here and I can’t compile it properly because I don’t input I didn’t importthe openGL yet so people usually go to to debug and then in here people had the libraries in link apart and see you stash or C++ include but there’s very simpler way to do it just go to tools nuget package manager and then press managing you’ll get packages for a solution and here press browse just search for an open GL press enter you just need to install these two packages click on them make sure it’s picked and press install okay and if we’re here for this one to just install it there we go now open jill has been important my program very properly you can see I didn’t give I don’t have em keep it one given me an error anymore just able to make sure i would press f5 to run this program you can see it gives me the version of the opengl i’m using very similar if you want to add opencv to you just go to to here instead of snow in jail you just search for opencv you can see a lot of packages and hear people tell a vision for example I’m going to have opencv three this is 2.1 the symbols through distribution opencv three so you can import but whatever package you needed you just need to search in here and install it very easily and if you want to uninstall some packages go to the install so in this list you can see i installed packages i already installed packages so I’m click here and make it take an uninstall and so this one too it’s very simple thank you very much like please subscribe if you like it please like

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  1. you can make it even easier if you just install nupengl.core it will install nupengl.core.redist automatically

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