See Thru Rotary Engine in Slow Motion – (Wankel Engine) 4K

See Thru Rotary Engine in Slow Motion – (Wankel Engine) 4K

Welcome back to Warped Perception. This is one of the most anticipated. And exciting episodes that we have filmed
to date. The see-through rotary engine. This Is episode 1 of the see-through rotary
series. The purpose of this episode. Is to introduce you to what. The Wankel rotary engine is. And show you how it works. Before moving on to the more complex rotary
designs. That I’m going to feature in upcoming episodes. If you don’t really know what the rotary engine
is. The Wankel rotary engine. Is most well known for being used. In the Mazda RX7. RX8. As well as a more Antiquated Mazda RX vehicles. It has quite a huge and dedicated following. Amongst many groups of Automotive enthusiasts
around the world. the Wankel rotary engine has also been used. In various aircraft And helicopter applications. Snowmobiles. Motorcycles. And all sorts of stuff. I brought in a friend of mine Alex. From the YouTube channel legit streetcars. To give us his Automotive opinion on the Rotary. Since he is neck-deep in the automotive world. And this is what he had to say. The rotary engine is an internal combustion
engine. Accomplishing the same task as a piston engine. But using a different process. The main difference between a rotary and a
piston engine. Is that the rotary engine doesn’t need to
convert the up and down. Reciprocating motion of the Pistons into a
rotational Force. The main advantage of the rotary engine. Is how much power it can make for its size. Take for example the latest Mazda RX-8. It was only a 1.3 liter. But it made 232 horsepower. And we’re not just talking displacement here. We are talking physical size of the engine. These engines are very small compared to a
typical four-cylinder. And this is how the engine looks that I’m
going to use for this episode. This is a Wankel rotary model aircraft engine. It’s really simple which is why I chose to
use it. And this is the engine with the front taken
apart so we can see inside. This is the simplest Wankel rotary engine
that I know of. This has no ignition. No cooling passages it’s air-cooled. But the principle Remains the Same. If we take a look at the components here we
can see that. There are two main moving components which
is the rotor. That triangular shape thing. And there is The Eccentric shaft. Which is the crankshaft equivalent in a piston
engine. Apart from that we have the rotor housing
right here. And in this case a glow plug. Carburetor and the exhaust Port right here. And if we spend this and the direction of
operation. It pulls the air-fuel mixture in through the
carburetor. Compresses it. It gets ignited. Then we have the power stroke Which pushes
that rotor. Then we have the exhaust stroke. Which is kind of combined with the power stroke. We can see there’s only a couple of moving
components inside this engine. In comparison to the piston engine. Where we have a piston. Valve’s. Crankshaft. Connecting rod. Camshaft, valve lifters, valve springs and
other moving parts. And there’s a couple more complex designs. But this is the one that I’m going to use
to show you the basic principle. Now first I’m going to start this up. To show you just how crazy this little engine
sounds. Now that you’ve seen the engine run on the
bench. It’s time for me to get to work and build
a functional. See Through Wankel rotary engine. Okay so this is where I’m at. I have my see-through rotary engine built
ready to start for the first time. So let’s get this thing started up so we can
see what the inside of a rotary engine looks like while it’s running. Wow that was super cool, I shut it off before
anything happened. Let’s take a look at the high-speed footage and see what is going on inside that combustion chamber. That was pretty cool but it was kind of hard
to see the combustion cycle. So for this next run I painted the propeller
nut and the bracket black. So we don’t have any distractions and hopefully
we can see it a little bit better. Now that looked pretty cool but it was kind
of hard to see the combustion process. So I’m going to run this engine again. But this time I’m going to lace the intake
air with pure acetylene gas. This should beautify the combustion process
and give us a really nice light show. The engine didn’t start here but. This is a good example of how the combustion
pressure. pushes that rotor and creates rotational Force. I could swear that happened in another see-through
Engine episode. I’m going to try it with the torch a little
bit closer and see what happens. I don’t think there’s engine is going to start
right up while injecting acetylene. I’m going to get it started on Nitro first. And then open the acetylene. I hope that I made that simple enough for
everybody to understand, but still entertaining enough for those who already know how it works. That concludes this episode of the see-through
rotary series. I thought that was pretty amazing that we
were able to see inside the rotary engine as it’s running. And I figured this was a great opportunity
to show everybody. Mainly how the combustion process works in
the Wankel rotary engine. That’s mainly what I was focused on here. And again This Is episode 1 of the series. I’m not going to tell you which rotary I’m
going to feature next. But make sure you subscribe so you get notified. So that’s about it let me know what you think
in the comments below. Are you still here?. Well if you got this far you’re all the way
at the end of the video. And I figured I would share a fun fact with
you. That last scene of the see-through rotary
burning acetylene. Took 226 takes. I literally just finished shooting that. My hands have blisters. From pulling this string over and over and
over again. I changed the string about 10 times. Finally I got it to start and I got the mixture
just perfect. And I guess that’s what you call dedication. Because I think it was worth it. Yeah I’ve never seen a see-through rotary
run before. And I’ve never seen a rotary burn acetylene. See you in the next episode. I can’t wait to do the next rotary episode. See you guys next time.

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  1. Well,I'm impressed. I used to have an RX-3 and an RX-4 sedan. They were impressively fast cars. And when the air pump stopped working,there was a very impressive bomb sound a couple seconds after the car was shut off.

  2. Has anyone ever made the chambers multi-purpose? So that the engine can dynamically change the area where combustion happens… making wear on the engine more even. (Yeah, I really have no idea what I'm talking about:P)

  3. I used to have an rx2. I remember pulling the motor out by hand and carrying it into the house all by myself. I also remember I could get a 4th gear scratch out of it. Amazing car.

  4. Fun fact, I have never seen a heavy duty hand gloves. Man I feel bad for your hand blisters. It hurts me just to watch. But it was a successful video for sure.

  5. 1. Покупаешь мазду
    2. Катаешься 50к пробега
    3. Охуеваешь, что движку уже пиздец
    4. Ставишь тазовский шеснарь со злыми валами
    5. Горя не знаешь
    Роторы охуенны))))

  6. has anyone ever combined multiple rotary engines in one long tube. Time them all so they help each other fire more precisely?

  7. That acetylene burn was awesome lol brings to mind some contraption to shoot it into a drag build rotary

  8. 1st loaner car,as a newly licenced driver. 13b,ported,injected and all the upgrades on suspension. It was previous rally racer, rx3.Believe 74'. Dashboard completely loaded with badges from around the world. Drove it thru college,and exploring, PNW, WA. Drive like a dream. Power and control at your fingertips. Sold on rotary power.edit forgot to mention, it blew flames.

  9. Thanks a million bro…
    In 1982, I heard for the very first time about wenkel engine , saw pictures and wondered at the age of 7, how it works….
    You made my dream come true….
    Thanks a lot bro…
    Keep it up…

  10. , a good friend of mine had a 1987 Mazda rx-7.
    we had a blast in that car.
    it had a Holly 4 barrel carburator. that thing would hall ass, good off road fun to on dirt roads

  11. Very, very good and interesting video! Thank you to you from France , you are ingenious and skillful to made this visible engine!

  12. The rotary engine has to be just about the dumbest idea I’ve seen on the internet. It looks like the byproduct of a ponzi scheme. There’s probably someone out there taking investments to develop a square wheel.

  13. its not as efficient as a piston though is it? They move at right angles to the explosion. This wankel's force is 'edge' on. Not got physics degree so i can't put it into words, can anyone help me?

  14. Run a 1cc motor in the shop for 30 seconds and you are high on unburned gas fumes for an afternoon… I remember these beasties had the reputation for wearing out peak seals and burning oil. Also a hoot to drive while hammering the red line.

  15. How's the durability of this motor? I couldn't really see a good lubrification in there. Though I might be wrong.

  16. Commenting so you appear in my feed. Love this plox and also people comment and like to gain into your feed. youtube alga

  17. Nu este fiabil, consuma multa benzina. Deci motoare cu viata scurta! propaganda motoare rotative, cand lumea tinde spre …cel machine, battery electric force.

  18. Nunca tuvo 1.3 litros ? , la verdadera capacidad cúbica era de 2.0 litros ,,,
    Incluso de economía no tiene nada como un 1.3 litros ( fake ) como explicas que rinde 7 a 8 kilómetros por litros ??‍♂️ fue solo marketing , y estrategias de venta …

  19. This is absolutely fantastic. I've been wanting to see how a rotary engine actually works from the inside. This is perfect.

  20. Thank you sir, you just gave me a lot of informations about this engine. Now I will choose this as my seminar topic. Thank you

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