School Lockdown Stories Animated

School Lockdown Stories Animated

It was a typical boring day in Calculus only it was Friday 7th period Meaning the week was almost over and spring break would finally be upon us So everybody was getting antsy in their seats, I could tell we didn’t have a test that day like a lot of my friends did with their other teachers so our teacher in the middle of class just decided to start playing games with us on he was a very laid-back teacher like that as we were doing some brand logo quiz on Sporcle. I remember the exact moment it happened Right after my friend answered a question. I remember the exact answer to adidas the dean’s voice came through the loudspeaker He sounded panicked and frantic as he told all the teachers this was not a drill and to go into Lockdown I actually got the chills And I got goose bumps on my arms as are usually laid-back Teacher too seemed panicked as he ran to turn off the lights, and ushered us to the back corner of the room We all sat in silence for about two minutes And then the usual buzzing that came from a panel in the back of the room seized Indicating that the school must have cut all the power we all looked at each other realizing this must be serious A few more minutes of waiting later we heard a man screaming at the top of his lungs coming down the hallway two girls in the class actually started crying which made all of us even more scared as the screaming got closer to the classroom the lunatic sounding man started banging on the lockers while screaming,. “I’ll kill all of you” It was at that moment that I started to fear for my life My teacher shushed us as we all looked at each other to see our peers reactions The banging then moved from the lockers to our classroom door And that’s when one of the crying girls screamed no The banging on the door only grew worse as the man started screaming open up Two of the girls two class were crying out loud now It felt like an eternity that that man was pounding at the door But eventually he finally continued down the hallways screaming like a mentally insane person until we could not hear him anymore I’d say ten minutes later though it felt like half an hour given the situation The Dean came back on the loudspeaker explaining the situation which was surprising for him to do He explained that some apparently mentally unstable person entered the building and assaulted the woman sitting at the front desk Causing her to flee the building screaming and staff wasn’t sure if the man was armed or not Now this was before the school had cameras or could afford proper security so the school was wide open to something like this happening The staff had done a sweep of all the hallways and classrooms and couldn’t find him so the dean Instructed the teachers to resume teaching but to keep all the doors locked and to not let any students leave for any reasons The most disturbing part however is that one of the janitors working the night shift found the man sleeping in one of the storage Closets near the back end of the school and according to rumors that were spread by my peers sticking out of his pocket was a 44 magnum The janitor must have done something stupid to wake him up For example leaving the closet door open because by the time a police officer could arrive on the scene the man was gone My entire class as far as I know to this day has no idea that this man was ever found But I like to think that right now. He’s being given the proper help that he needs

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  1. These lockdown stories are pretty scary (sometimes i like hearing scary shit lol), it's a good thing that these things only happen in the USA.

  2. If that happened to me I would go to the person that I hate the most and grab their arm then I would open the door throw the person I hate to most to the killer then close the door and sit down ????

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  4. i was in 3d grade and a actually lockdown happend my classmates all cried i just sat there and 7 hours passed we all heard gunshots i started to cry all cried

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  6. ????????????????

  7. School Lockdown
    Boys: Okay let's be calm go to the corner of a classroom and don't make any sounds
    I mean it's obvious that you would die and this girl would be like wHy DiD I DiEd?

  8. If that girl was crying. I don’t care if I get into trouble I’ll put my hand on her mouth and I would say “girl do u want us to die? If not SHUT EP.”

  9. my god that girl. what an idiot she is. she could literally just muffle cry. if i was next to her i’d smack her stupid mouth or maybe put something in her stupid ass mouth

  10. Why do they make the students hide? Like, if the school shooter ever went to school, they’d know exactly where the kids would be

  11. I hate it when the bitch in the room gives away our position I'd use her as a human shield she can die first then I'm gonna take that mofo out! (Karate yells) (insert chop here.) ?

  12. Every teacher to walk the planet: always make sure u stay quiet so the shooter doesn’t know ur here
    Girl: nOooOo!
    Every other student: the hell is wrong with u

  13. Other people when they watch this video: sees scary school shooter story video.

    Me: sees a Eugene storytime.

  14. Man: OpEnUp
    Me:sup ugly dork
    Me:yea u ugly bang on someone on your own size?
    Man:really niger
    Girl: SHUT THE FU** UP
    Man: IIIIISSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: so u bang on doors like a maniac
    Teacher: (calls s.w.o.t and cops)
    Man:yep how did u know?
    Me teacher classmates girl: CUZ YOU ARE DEAD
    Cop:what's your name?
    Cop:oh okay……
    Cop u are arrested for the middle of the crime scene of school lockdown
    Man:oh come on
    Me and teacher: we ar heroes

  15. School lockdowns or shootings are scary this video gave me flashbacks because i was a victim of the Butler High School Shooting and i was scared for my life when one of my peers was shot by a armed student

  16. So basically once there was shooting outside my school with school guards and some gangsters with snipers we went lock down and had to go in the library where someone dropped a book and everyone thought it was a gunshot

  17. Clearly, the most logical thing to do during a lockdown is to resume teaching.
    Not sure about the country where this happened, but in my country they'd just either keep tight lockdown meaning sitting in that corner or would let the school evacuate after he can't be found with guardians being called to pick them up outside.

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