Schindler’s List (5/9) Movie CLIP – A Small Pile of Hinges (1993) HD

Schindler’s List (5/9) Movie CLIP – A Small Pile of Hinges (1993) HD

-What are you making?
-Hinges, sir! Yeah, I’ve got some workers coming in
tomorrow. Where are they from again? Yugoslavia, Mr. Commander! I’ve got to make room. – Make me a hinge.
– Yes, sir! Keep going, you’re doing well. Says he’s doing well. Oh, that’s very good. But I’m a bit confused,
and perhaps you can help me. What I don’t understand
is that you’ve been working… .. since I think, what,
about 6.00 this morning? Yet such a small pile of hinges. – Oh, Christ.
– May I try that, sir? Check the angle lever.
Maybe it’s bent. No, no. You wouldn’t hear a click
if it was the angle lever. – Maybe the pin shaft is greasy.
– Yeah, come on. What did I just say?
Here. Mr. Commander! I beg to report that my heap
of hinges was so unsatisfactory… …because the machines
were being recalibrated this morning. I was put on to shoveling coal. Strange, huh? Yeah!

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  1. Kind of poetic. The gun was probably made by another Jewish laborer and purposely made the hinges of the gun wrong so it can prevent some bloodshed.

  2. Se fosse na realidade una mp40 não resolveria nesse caso, os nazistas já tinham fuzilado ele, triste ver alguém sofrendo por causa de preconceito.

  3. The only thing I would say about this scene is two simple words:

  4. A pile of Hollywood garbage. Watch the most forbidden documentary in history and taken down from youtube in its entirety: "Europa The Last Battle" at archive-dot-org

  5. Из кармана вытащил пистолет Макарова. Теперь понятно почему они проиграли войну, часто были осечки…..

  6. The story telling in this scene once they take him outside is brilliant. The implication is that the guns didn't work because Schindler intentionally was making defective fire arms and you can see the prisoners in the back ground as they walk past the scene suddenly run past the soldiers out of fear even their attention is directed elsewhere. This a brilliant use of "show don't tell."


  8. Bad movie:  Only Germans are bad.  The Polish Camps are not shown.  And the Liberation of Polish Camps by Russians is forgotten.

  9. Liam Neeson once said: "If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it.

    So this is one of it

  10. Jesus Christ I feel horrible for these poor Jewish people 🙁 I wish we would have gotten into world war 2 sooner so we could have saved more Jewish lives

  11. Honestly I would have let him live after the first attempt. I mean here you have this guy who you've dehumanized and imprisoned and you take him outside to finish and the gun jams. I would have taken that as a sign from the universe and let him be. But…no they kept trying to kill him even using a second gun. Why?

  12. My father show me this movie. And this part make us laugh, and I smile after very frustrated watching the movie and know this movie based on true events. What a very brilliant movie.

  13. It makes me angry how people make fun of this, this is a pure reality of what was actually happening to these people during ww2, the only unrealistic thing here is the luger not working.

  14. Strange kind of karma…
    Who said you can only die once?
    …That poor rabbi died a bunch of times… one for each one of those "click"
    It's terrible, to think you are in his shoes

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