Samus vs Iron Man: Animated Clash of Characters

Samus vs Iron Man: Animated Clash of Characters

“Hope you paid up on your health insurance.” “Try me.” Welcome to Animated Clash of Characters. The show where we put two fictional beings against each other in our animated arena of death. I’m Colin, guy behind me is Sean Wetsellar and the one beside him is Christian. He’s our animator, and he’s the who makes the magic happen. Now we’ve got a hell of a show for you this time. Marvel Comics own Iron Man, going up against the star of the Metroid game series, Samus Aran. It’s Samus. Shut up Sean. Sean as the reigning champ of this series, I know it’s 1-1 shut up. I’d like to go first on this episode. Now if you remember at the end of the last one I proposed Tony Stark, Iron Man, as my candidate. Billionaire, genius, superhero. If you don’t know who Iron Man is by now Sean you haven’t been to the movies in ten years. Now for the purposes of this fantasy fight. I’m only going to be considering the Iron Man we all know and love from the Marvel cinematic universe. After all we are talking about a character who made his comic book debut in 1963. For this animated clash of characters I’ll be unleashing three different Iron Man suits on your little intergalactic bounty hunter. First up, the first ever suit we see in the Marvel cinematic universe, ye old Mark I. Clunky, slow, and comparatively weak in the pantheon of Iron Man suits. Tony Stark might just be able to get the job done with this antique. Then there’s the Hulkbuster armor, the one you guys saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Don’t let the large frame fool you, this heavy duty modular armour packs one hell of a punch. And boasts a dizzying array of weapons. Not that Samus is even going to get this far, but finally I’m holding the Mark 50 from Infinity War in reserve. This hyper advanced suit is the first to utilize nanotechnology. It can self repair, and features repulsar cannons from I don’t know anywhere Tony Stark wants. Okay Colin well as exactly as much of a reigning champion as you are let me introduce the character that’s actually going to be winning this week. Let’s talk about one of the most iconic characters in video games intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran. You know her as the woman who kicks metroid a*s. And is the infinitely superior power suited character that we’ll be talking about today. You probably already know what Samus can do. She’s got an arm cannon that can be upgraded with a myriad of powerups. She can fire missiles, power beams, charge beams, long beams. Basically a lot of beams. She’s got a grapple laser, that can latch on to terrain. And finally she can transform into the iconic morph ball, giving her even greater mobility. Look Sean, I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t know that much about Samus. The Metroid games were not my favourite as a kid. But if she’s just a person in power armour with like a gfun on her arm, I am concerned for you. That’s why the first suit of armour we’re gonna be seeing is the Mark I. It’s essentially a walking tin can but don’t let that fool you, it’s got enhanced strength, protection it’s got two flame throwers, a rocket launcher that has at least one rocket, and very very limited flight capabilities. Here comes the boom. You’re seriously talking about Iron Man, And you’re gonna tell me Samus is just a person in a suit. Alright that’s fine, if you’re gonna start this thing off with kid gloves, Samus doesn’t even need her suit. Zero Suit Samus is even faster and more agile than she normally is, thanks to her super human reflexes and Chozo DNA. And although she might not have her gun on her hand. The paralyzer and grapple beam are more than enough. Samus is so much of a badass she can whoop Tony Stark in some hunks of rusted metal all on her own. “Is that all?” Look Sean I’m not gonna pretend I’m surprised the Mark 1 lost. Although it does worry me a tiny bit that it lost to someone with no power suit, however we’re gonna rectify that mistake right now and go from zero to 100 with the Hulkbuster armour. I can tell you about the unibeam. I can tell you about the rockets. I could tell you about the repulsors and the enhanced strength. All you need to know Sean, is this armour was made to combat the Hulk. THE HULK. He’s the strongest there is. “Sorry, but this is probably the end.” Alright Colin if you’re going straight to the big guns, I guess Samus will need her suit for this one. But you mentioned the Hulkbuster was designed to fight the Hulk. Right, giant muscly guy? Okay well, I mean yeah it would be a problem if the suit got on Samus. If She has more projectiles than I have time to list in this video and, between her speed, reflexes, the mobility provided by Morph Ball, and her charge beam and missiles, I just have no idea what the Hulkbuster’s gonna do. “Hey!” “You okay Mr. Stark?” “Oh my.” Mr. Stark, look out! “Hey Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” “Is that all?” “I can’t lose this.” “Be still.” “This is bad.” Ahh ah really? Christian did that, that actually happened? The Hulkbuster lost the fight. Okay you know what it’s actually fine, I’m not worried at all. We still have the Mark 50. Known the plebs as the Infinity War suit. Sean this thing is made of gold titanium nano particles. Do you even know what that means? It means it can self repair, it can materialize things like booster wings, or repulsors, shields, or melee weapons. Or basically anything Tony Stark wants where he wants it, when he wants it. And did I mention Sean that in this suit, Tony Stark made Thanos bleed. Thanos! What chance does Samus have. Alright Colin well now that I whooped you twice in Zero Suit and in the regular power suit well, let’s get to where Samus in the current canon, let’s talk about the fusion suit. Thanks to the events in Metroid Fusion her suit is actually infused with Metroid DNA. If you want to talk about weapons that can do anything, in your case thanks to some made up particle. Gold titanium nano particles Sean. I’m pretty sure those aren’t real. Anyway this suit really can become anything that a programmer can imagine. It has a myriad of weapons. And do you know what Metroids do Colin. Metroids can drain the life, of living beings and machines. Yes and machines. It’s pretty reasonable to conclude that once Samus is now part Metroid, gets her hands on Iron Man in this suit. She can make that pretty Mark 50 pretty much useless. And although it might look cool in the movies, it does have its limits. “is that all?” Well Sean you are now 2-1 in the Animated Clash of Characters, I congratulate you. I did not realise that Samus was actually that strong. Who would have thought that Metroid DNA would trump gold titanium nano particles. Well Colin that’s what happens when you don’t do your research. Wow you are such a gracious victor. Just wait until you see what I got in store for you next episode. Tune in next time, where I go 3-1. Thanks for watching. If you want more great content just like this, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

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  1. As a samus main, i say the matchup is 100-0 in samus favor. Samus can zair out of every combo iron man trys to get, and can spam missiles for the remainder of the match. Add ledge stalling with that and it's clear that samus will never get hit since she's invincible on ledge, meanwhile iron man will slowly take damage and get timed out. Ez win for samus dont @ me

  2. Was this supposed to be a jab at Death Battle? For a while this channel was chugging out great e-sports related content but this right here is out of left field. I mean, if you're gonna copy from someone then at least be better in some aspect or at least take an interesting approach that the original has yet to explore. This here is just another Death Battle copycat, without the clever writing, or the in depth (lore based) research, or the sharp animation – I really don't know who thought this was worth uploading. Especially since again, the strength of this channel was delivering e-sports related content. If you guys wanted to branch out to pop culture and comedy, then it may have been a good idea to create a separate channel just for that.

  3. Genuinely, what is the relationship between this series and esports? Who is the intended audience for this? Is there any overlap with the intended audience for any of this channel's other content?

  4. I just dont get how they say Samus can win. Like sure Samus is strong but like the hulk buster armor was designed to take shots from stuff stronger than some rocket explosions yet samus's rockets defeat it?

  5. Okay, I'm not even gonna watch it, and call me ignorant for what you want, but THIS is the kind of content that would make me unsubscribe without even looking back, please don't do this.

  6. I'm sorry but this dosent work because iron man In one suit able to be close or stronger to ODIN FORCE THOR THE SAME ODIN WHO IS A UNIVERSAL THREAT PLUS A OLD STRONGER THOR and why didint you talk about the endosym armor

  7. Of course they stick to MCU Iron Man. Samus gets her full strength from every game, and Iron Man gets his suits from 3 movies.

  8. Why does Ironman only get his movie representation if they took from the comics he would definitly win. Also you forgot Ironman 3, he has an army of suits, and he doesnt even need to be in them

  9. If she couldn't absorb energy the unibeam would've killed her. And I am neutral here Samus is fast, strong, and sexy. Tony is a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist.

  10. I don't think samus can really suck life force , I really don't know any thing about it , I just played the game metroid dna only protected her from the X and also gave a cold weaknes , can you guy answer ?

  11. You could have mentionned samus's dark cannon that enables her to petrify her enemies and spawn little black holes aswell as her antimatter cannon. Also I'm sure you forgot to talk about many of iron man's overpowered upgrades that can be found in the comics. I didn't like this video because it wasn't an in depth analysis of their strenghts nor a fast paced duel with super cool combat animations.

  12. Wow. No offense to anybody whose riding samus's dick even though she's a women, she doesn't have the capability of tony stark or the intelligence. Those who think that she could keep up are really uninformed on the situation. Given all that they've shown I dont think samus has actually made a new element and hasn't faced stark now. He has nano tech which is better and faster than her suit. C'mon people iron man is a top five. Samus? Not even a top ten

  13. Props to whoever animated this…but, I think it would be better if it was on a "theScore something else" channel.

  14. You guys obviously let Samus win because, this is a gaming content channel and Ironman isn’t known for his games. The way you guys showed the Hulk Buster getting blown up so easily was terrible. Did you guys even see this thing fight THE HULK? The Hulk got beat by this thing, what makes you think it can get blown up so easily? Unsubscribed.

  15. 7:01 he’s pretty sure it’s not real…really dude..really? This guy is saying Ironman stuff isn’t real and arguing what Samus has is real? They’re both fictional characters idiot. Then you’re gonna talk about doing research? You obviously didn’t do enough of it with the way you showed the Hulk Buster getting blown up by some rockets. Terrible…and since it’s versed Ironman, not a specific suit, he could make a certain suit to combat her, not like he needs to.

  16. Iron man has saved earth a few times, and thats cute and all, but samus regularly saves the galaxy from a plethora of life ending threats like metroids, phazon, space pirates, mother brain, the ing. Most of the time she is dealing with two or more of those threats at once. It comes down to feats, and if we are going strictly by mcu iron man than this is a curbstomp. Comic iron man would be a more even match but i still have to side with my girl samus.

  17. Obviously Samus Aran, would of won, cause she has TONS of capabilities! And her armor is very strong, even the toughest stuff on the galaxy! Plus, iron man, has a charging station, so the more he uses his powers, the more weak he becomes, plus. Iron man. Is basically self taught, well samus, is mind thought. So she would of won easy,

  18. Not surprised Samus won. Not because she’s more powerful. But this was released BEFORE EndGame. If Mark.88 was in this fight. It would trump Samus till it hurts. That suit does have the same principals of the Mark.50 but at the same time much more powerful. That suit could withstand the force of the Infinity Stones. No,not like as in taking hits. I mean WIELDING THE GOD DANG THINGS. As I’m aware. The 3rd Samus Suit would be DECIMATED without any other suit. But hey. That’s just the 3rd suit. I’m not so keen in the Metroid Universe. So if anybody knows another suit that can stand to an Infinity Stone Wielding Nano-Tech Armor. TELL ME NOW PLEASE!

  19. Most Of Your Research Was Decent? But Samus Can't Absorb The Energy Like Metroids Can. She Can Absorb The X-Parasites With The DNA But She Can't Absorb Everything Else

  20. You forgot the POWER Bomb with the capability of destroying every living cell known and alliterating some of the strongest metals in the cosmos… Just saying

  21. well do un know he has literalmente a ,,party mode" thats all of his suits to an all out atack and Dont tell me they were destroyed în 3 they are Still alive and he Should have Won Because samus isnt that fast you just want Likes and subscribers but this was wrong

  22. I'm a bigger fan of Samus Aran than Iron Man, but I feel like this video sold Iron Man short. He has a lot of suits that would make things difficult for her that were not shown in this video.

  23. Power bomb and is over for Iron man! the wave beam will pass throught every armor of tonny and kill him and super missile will destroy the hulk buster and the mark one shot! the super missile are create to destroy super heavy armor, those super missile can destroy some enemy by one shot were is take 3 a 5 or even 10 normal missle! the hulk buster and take on normal missile but not the super missile! if the hulk buster is not destroy by the first one , he will be destroy by the second one! the amor who made with gold nano robot a chance to take on the one super missile to the face or the cheast but if he shot by the power fuse with plasma beam,ice beam,wave beam ,Diffusion Beam,Spazer Beam,Wide Beam! tonny is dead by the first shot, Samus a dont need to use the Charge beam to make the power far more powerful and deadly(if she do it is will be over kill) yes the metroid dna in samus make this tonny useless is true! Samus a survive impossible mission all by self all the time, rare mission she do it with a team(metroid prime 3 first mission befor to get your new armor and start your adventure for real)

  24. Haha you've never played Metroid. This is no comepetition even the MK50 doesn't fare too well. One charged plasma shot ought to do the trick.

  25. You guys suck man, like WHAT really. He's ironman this episode was biased. Ironman is invincible and with his Nanotech armor Tony stark cand probably create a repulsor Canon large enough to desimate the hulk, so you guys can go stick this animation up your asses

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