Sadhguru – In your awareness you are always nothing!

Sadhguru – In your awareness you are always nothing!

Quesioner: I’m not comfortable going to temples but then, if I visit some place, where in know some photographs of the past Saints are there,
I feel very comfortable and I feel , that you know some kind of energy
is pulling me as like.. I can sit in front of it and just forget the
time.. And and so.. I don’t know what’s pulling me towards you
or that ..whatever you call that energy.. Sadhguru: What’s the question now? What’s pulling you? What’s pulling you is the question or…? Questioner: Yeah. Sadhguru: How to avoid the pulling is the
question? Questioner: No no. I actually want to go towards it. Sadhguru: Okay. What’s pulling you? What you refer to as a guru is somebody, who has no stuff of his own. He is like an empty space. If you know something about.. you know how the winds move.. You watch the weather chart on the television? The winds always move from high pressure to
low pressure, isn’t it? Wherever there is low pressure, it’s in that
direction – all the wind will rush. This is the way of the existence. So even here.. spiritually also the same thing. Now one person is totally empty, now naturally everything begins to move in that direction,
because the person is empty within himself. You are not going there… If you are going there thinking you will get
protection… see there is somebody who’s offering you protection. There’s somebody who’s offering you solace. There’s somebody wo is doing service.. That is different. you going there is for different reasons. There’s somebody who’s not doing anything,
but you’re just pulled in the direction. Now because it’s empty, that emptiness just
pulls you. Now when it pulls you… What is pulling you, is just your own emptiness
within you. Because your innermost core is emptiness,
please see! This word emptiness has always been a negative
terminology, that’s why I’m using that word. I could use other words, but I am using emptiness, emptiness, nothingness
all the time, because it’s always been negative terminology, never
been used as spiritual generally. That’s why I’m using that. Because all the so-called religion, religious
words and spiritual words are so badly corrupted, given all kinds of distortions to them over
a period of time. That’s why I’m using an a very negative term:
nothing, empty, nobody – these kind of things. You believe, that you are something. But if you really look into yourself, you’re
just a vast space, isn’t it? In your unawareness you are something. in your awareness you are always nothing,
please see! So you move towards this emptiness, you’re
drawn towards this, simply because in that presence you always
become much more aware than ever you are. And Awareness is aliveness, please see! To what extent you are aware only to that
extent you’re alive, isn’t it? And only that you are aware of exists for
you, what you are not aware of -doesn’t exist for you. See, right now you are sitting here ,right
behind you there’s a huge elephant standing. You are not aware of it. It doesn’t exist for you, isn’t it? Yes? Till you become aware – It doesn’t exist. So there’s an enormous emptiness within you, which you are not aware of, but another emptiness pulls you. As you get closer to it, suddenly you become
how enormous you are. That makes you feel.. All the blissfulness, joy, whatever else comes
is simply out of that. So, you go somewhere and you think somebody
is great. You come here for example, and you think – I
am great. It’s of no significance. That anybody you will see and you think – you’re
great, you know that’s not a big deal. Now you come and sit with me, and you feel
great. That’s wonderful! That’s what matters… You sit with me and in the end for no reason
you feel you are wonderful. That’s great. You think – I am wonderful. That’s of no significance. because you will think a cinema star is also
wonderful. You know? That’s different. That’s for a different reason. You… you… you like something that that
person is doing… That’s why you are saying he’s wonderful. That’s not of any importance. You’re like and dislike is not of any importance. Today you will like it, tomorrow you will
hate it. You know? Today you like my words, tomorrow you may
not like it and you may hate me. It’s possible, you know? So that’s of no consequence for me. You like me, you dislike me – it doesn’t matter. But when you’re here, if you are feeling wonderful
– that’s great!

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  1. I cant remmember the last time i had so much fun. I dont know if words are enough but i found the most beautifull seashell that i give peace energy. That is my gift. And i promise to never delete my google acount, for the time being…. NAMASKARAM, ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sadhguru,
    You want to be emptyness always. When people asking questions the answer comes from your emptyness or the emptyness gives suitable answer for the unawareness people like us to get awareness consequently to emptyness.
    Thank you.

  3. I am not with u.but when i hear u.i feel wonderfull๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  4. Namaskaram Sadhguru. Falling into the vast emptiness& dissolving atleast for a moment is blissful. It energises one's being & makes one look at life with a totally different perspective so far unknown & not experienced. Pranams Sadhguru & thanks for the opportunity to say this.

  5. What a beautiful explanation !!! I am crying.. You don't know Sadhguru how long I have been waiting for this moment…I got my answer.. Thank you so so much.. PRONAM ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  6. The buddha describes his enlightenment also as emptiness. It was the key difference in his teaching of nothingness that made him stand out among so many other gurus. The moment you give a word then people place attachments and prejudices to that word. The source of all things is no-thing.

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