RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 15 – Play With Penny | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 15 – Play With Penny | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! *Grimm Roar* Weiss: Oh, My, Gosh! How are we supposed to fight something like that? Jaune: You mean that monster so big it’s blocking out the sun? Blake: No, Jaune, she means a different monster… Yang: Oh, hey, I want to punch that! I mean, I doubt it would do much, but i’m still going to punch it! I was right it, was pointless! I’m not sorry. Weiss: If only someone had a secret superpower capable of taking an enemy that big. Blake: Yeah, maybe something related to silver eyes. It could really come in handy right now. Anyone at all? Ruby: *cough* Season finale, can’t do it yet… Jaune: Don’t worry guys, I’m sure the solution will appear when we least expect it. *roar* Weiss: Smart dog. Penny: Hello, friends! Would you like to play a game– Ruby: Not right now Penny, we’re kind of busy dealing with this giant monster! *ROARING* Penny: Oh, all right. After? Ruby: Yeah, yeah, sure, okay, whatever! *Penny uses Omae Wa Mou, Shindeiru* *Colossal Grimm falls* Penny: Grrreat! So, what do you want to play? Ruby: Heheh, we can play whatever you want, Penny. Penny: Hooray! Jaune: Woo, what a mess. I feel sorry for whoever has to…clean up. Oobleck: You know, people often ask me about shortcuts to make life easier. “Life hacks”, if you will. To which I respond, “What are you thinking?” Ruby: AH! I’m sorry for thinking! Oobleck: There are *NO* shortcuts in life! Your goggles are always at your ears. You want to survive? Study hard! Work harder! Constantly improve yourself! Never rest! NEVER REST! Weiss: That sounds reasonable…and moist. Oobleck: Your time in life is limited! You must grab mortality by the throat and laugh at his face! HAHAHA! I laugh at your face, mortality! Jaune: Very… inspiring! Weiss: Do you have any other tips aside from grabbing things by the throat? Oobleck: Drink more coffee. *whispering* ah yes! daddy’s little helper And that’s– All: Good to know! Weiss: Yeah, he’s not coming down. Cardin: Hah! Take that, squirrel! Bye-bye, birdie! Hah! Nailed ya Qrow! Animals are so stupid!

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  1. Y’know, I feel like Oobleck’s setting a bad example. He’s drinking coffee and his other solution is grabbing things by the throat.

    Okay, we need the local police force constantly watching Yang, and uh, where’s Ren?

  2. make a season 4 with Salem i have a idea :
    ruby , tai , yang and qrow walking find Salem she go out shoping saw qrow an bot

    Qrow : hey how u benn

    Salem : being nice

    she go and ruby and yang ask : drunkle qrow how she is

    him : she is my ex girlfriend

    Tai : wait … WT … !!!

  3. Well, im never throwing anything at crows for as long as i live. Not to mention throwing things at animals is mean and nobody should do so.

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