Runaway Cartoon | A Wild Animation Reaction

Runaway Cartoon | A Wild Animation Reaction

Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and today we’re
checking out runaway cartoon I don’t know what this is about but I’m happy
that it’s like an animation oh I hope it’s an animation um and this is it’s my
video for kids oh but I heard something there was something that somebody says
like it’s it like there might be weird things in here I don’t know what it is
but somebody said somewhere that it was gonna be weird so I don’t know word for
link is in the description box below I’m actually a little nervous now that I
just remembered oh all right we’ve got a cow National Film Board of Canada
presents run away run away run away okay we got a train oh gosh
uh-oh cow cow sir sir sir oh my goodness cow
get off get off of the train tracks please cow can you please just I beg you
please get off of the train tracks oh my gosh he’s like pulling the horn well
it’s just so peaceful a long time but okay oh said a cup you ready through oh
wow oh this must be like the lower class that was upper class this is lower class
they have fun and they’re just noisy and then you got the other worker guys okay
and a cow pasture okay cat cow please please I beg you can
you please with your utters how many lovers are in this freakin thing
yes I’ll turn to tell me what to do megaphone I was like oh he’s like
ordering somebody I thought this guy was like in the back like under those three
guys that were sitting thought this guy was like in a compartment I’d read this
he’s like right beside them what the heck what is that what is that what okay
is that a puppy yeah get your dog girl oh hello huh
that was it kind of crushing oh hey turn no the first little thing on once you
touch him that’s what you get such a blocker she’s
let him hold him no no she needs to what is that why did she take him to the
bathroom who’s gonna like the Train yeah yeah Oh
cow please can I oh my gosh oh my goodness
Oh is he going faster oh crap he’s going really fast
Oh Oh but the guy the the cat guy the cow was like on the train
what’s going on up ahead uh yeah you gotta figure out what to do
so let’s slow it down what does that do I don’t know what any of this is doing
but I think the cow is okay captain hello
cut this I like a slice check the bathroom okay they needed this it oh
goodness wait why your cracks are all the way
down there that you know oh my gosh okay those guys are gone oh okay all right
they they end up okay they gotta they gotta slow it down
what is that I’m gonna owe the cows okay the cow is okay confirmation cow is okay
oh are they breaking the glass okay happy little dragon’s breath you and
your little crack butt mm-hmm I like okay they’re breaking up they’re
breaking you know the phone down the phone down can you keep climbing keep
climbing you’re losing momentum oh no and you’re
going back yeah keep keep throwing this stuff in keep
filling it in what’s a heap on jail oh you didn’t
think of this okay is that the last fit oh it’s it’s done
oh good nice they’re looking what do y’all do are you taking her hat
oh you guys ninja are you got really big black ass these ninjas I know these
ninjas ain’t about to be like we rich we’re gonna stay our rich behinds in the
front and steal from the poor to make this train keep moving kill him now all
y’all are there’s a lot of y’all I’m gonna hit just throw him out fit take
his hat take his clothes throw him out the train please look at them yeah keep
your hats on don’t fall for it don’t fall for it hop for what yeah okay oh oh
oh you shot okay one day they’re like hey let’s make money let’s make some
money thanks doing your baby in there oh
you’re breaking the train you’re breaking the train you’re breaking the
train now you guys have oh wait hold on okay all right this is getting
interesting oh goodness oh my gosh and they took
their money back y’all would give me some really good
things to watch lately this is but I’m enjoying this but that’s freakin messed
up I’m enjoying like the story that’s happening but that’s my stuff I’m a DJ
they sold him everything and they took the money back and set them to die yeah
hope they all died hello after all that crap you did yeah after all that crap
you did break it break it off break it off I need that thing to break off you
and a cow make it and then stay in the back I think unhinge them unlink them
unlink them oh oh that was what’s keeping them he’s good goodness goodness
like yeah and y’all was getting it on and everybody’s dying yeah uh this is
like very weird this is very weird okay he’s helping them he’s helping them yeah
keep walking keep walking okay keep walking
and they’re moving the cash think about the cow don’t forget about the cow cuz
this dude is so clueless why are you cheering oh he’s the hero what about the
fact that that guy was like keeping everything calm while he was getting it
off the bathroom is he drunk oh my gosh he’s like the worst I really
don’t like him in her what you put on the dog in there in that lady please and
the man okay the dog don’t need to go in there that was a little bit harsh them
two people gotta go down you just don’t give me smokey eyes you just did in the
back of my head oh my good night kiss yes and I got the power lady to go
awesome I I need those men to go in there oh shut up I’ll ever go to the cowboy cal
the cow the cow please don’t please don’t please don’t please don’t
oh thank you this poor calf oh good I’m happy that those other men are about to
die Hey No let her fall in there catch the dog
let her go catch the dog the dogs out the window and what kind of dog was that
oh oh oh everybody’s not my guys everybody’s dead
oh my goodness this was so messed up this was so messed up oh my gosh
everybody time everybody thinks it up but I’m the only person I think on that
train that didn’t need to die I mean the chick I shoot wasn’t too bad okay she
doesn’t need a diet but that man’s died the fall of one cuz he was but while
this guy was the captain’s in the bathroom candid all with that chick he
just saw that was gonna because I was meant for the little bald guy cuz they
had a connection first and he stepped in was like no she is talking you she’s
talking to me and then when Anna dinner you have him taking care of everything
he’s trying to do his best ever train the train before and he’s taking care of
it the cat that comes back and he takes the credit for making a better put up a
better situation like that’s messed up I know there’s like underlying messages
here but it was pretty messed up but I did enjoy this animation though I had a
lot from watching it let me know your thoughts down below in the comment
section do you agree with what I was saying do you have a different thought
process let me know your opinions if you liked the video check the link in the
description box below if you like this video husband out of that like button
don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on instagram twitter and twitch i love
you guys as always

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  1. it's a steam train it always have lots of switches and gauges and valves so it can tell you hey do the (something) now

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