Run a Mirror Booth or Interactive Photo Booth with dslrBooth

Run a Mirror Booth or Interactive Photo Booth with dslrBooth

dslrBooth’s new Virtual Attendant allows
you to add animations to your photo booth to create an interactive experience. Choose from our pre-made animations or create
and use your own. To begin, click on settings and choose the
Virtual Attendant tab. Under the Style drop down, choose Video – Mirror Booth. Drag and drop the animation mp4 files from
the left into the start screen, before and after capture, before and after processing
and end screen. For before capture and after capture, multiple
files can be played and one will play at random until all files are played during a session. Additionally, you can play audio files as
well instead of the animations by using mp3 files instead of mp4. Check out our online store at
for additional templates such as set of vertical animations with a black background for use
with mirror booths.

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a good software for my mirror mebooth business, I was customer of dslr booth when iwas i Qatar and i am looking for your new version of mirror mebooth software

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