Run: 2D Short Animated Film (HD)

Run: 2D Short Animated Film (HD)

Three years ago, we graduated from base tier. Everyone left base tier thinking they had bright futures, But middle tier wasn’t what we expected. Hey. Aren’t you excited? Yeah… Oh, come on. I’m sure we can pick our own classes this time. In middle tier, everyone had to take four of the same classes. Airplane history, language, avian science, and flight trajectory mathematics. A pitiful few did not even have classes that helped them hone their own interests. At the end of the day, Educators in every class would assign us homework. Everyone’s clinging on to the hope that top tier will be better. Hey. When is this line gonna end anyways? Don’t know. I guess there’s too many people entering third tier. Boring. *Psst* Let’s look around. Um… Oh, come on. Wait… Where are we anyways? Did we go too far? We need to get out of– Help! What…? How did you even get in there? I–I don’t know…it just– Run… Run!

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  1. trying to light up the mood by saying, this is how humans were made, we were "angels" first XD also I know we actually evolved from monkeys but like I said, lighting up the mood 😀

  2. I can relate to this so much. In middle school i was never encouraged to do any art based subjects buts instead history and science. Now I'm in college studying graphic design and I've never been happier. You should never let the system cut your wings before u can use them.

  3. I've subscribed because it's what you deserved with this animation. Good stpry, good ending, maybe late but I hope you continue


  5. The more you know, the more it hurts. It just depends on how you handle what stings and where you put your focus. On the pain or on the hope you can alleviate it.

    Idfk honestly. Y'all that hate school should do what you must do while still prioritizing what you yourself want. If your future self will appreciate it, do it. If it doesn't have any benefits to you in the future and only gives instant gratification, don't. Even if they try to clip off your wings, you should do your best to keep letting it grow stronger and stronger until nothing can clip it.
    Endurance for bliss or joy for suffering.

  6. Highschool takes away your freedom huh,since the fact that they have wings meaning they're free,After all wings symbolizes freedom. Nice message i guess

  7. And then you get home after being drained so much, and your parents are just like “we dealt with it so you have to as well”


  9. I am thankful for my school. At least, for how my district wants to change learning. They gave us an opportunity during that last year in Elementary to apply for a STEM academy. Its the first ever chance to advance in learning that will benefit you in the future. We do hands on learning, a lot of PBL. Heck, we even did SUSO (Speak up! Speak out!) To change our community.
    I am so thankful for the opportunity I get to partake, with many others. I actually think I made much closer and better friends than I ever did when I was little. (Even though when you're young, you make friends much easier.)

    There is a lot of ups and downs. Its still a regular middle-highschool. Its not perfect, and it will never be. But it got better for a lot of kids. Everyone I tlk to, all have a dream. They actually want to decide their career, and set off.
    In my regular middle school (my home compass) I don't really see people wanting pursue anything. A big downer, the atmosphere was horrible. I can't even describe how disgusting it was. The teachers would just slap down some paper, and tell us to read and teach ourselves.

    But in STEM, I have met some of my favorite teachers in my whole entire years of education. Some who genuinely care about the students well being including their education. (My math teacher is literally the best math teacher I have. Maybe its because of her teaching ways, but I have never excel some much in a class before.)
    But i also hate my English teacher. So, yeah. That also happens.

    This comment was all over the place. But I just wanted to be thankful for what I have. And wish everyone who is still in schooling including myself a good luck. Though my long road down is very long and tedious, with many bumps. I know people have it worse… Good luck!

  10. Very sad very deep I feel that it has more meaning than just high school but anything that can take ur true self away

  11. Well I think I lost it after middle schoo.. now I rarely draw and the thing is I saw this back then but I didn't think it would happen to me..

  12. Our education system keeps changing every new election, but for some reason, nothing ever seems to change.
    There are a lot of kids who no longer even have a passion. When teachers ask all they respond is either “going out with friends”, “sleeping” or eating.
    People also become more and more lazy, when I was a kid, I used to be a pretty bad student with learning problems, but after a good old beating from life, I had to mature and became a good student, but I felt so alone. Everybody else was thinking about I sincerely don’t know while I was worried about my grades and not making my mom sad. I want to be an artist, some people think it’s a waste of intelligence while my mum keeps making me fear not getting in the programs because of my grades, and when I get a 5/10 in one subject or get lower on an exam, she will give me a speech about how irresponsible I am and how my grades are so important.
    But who cares? If everyone has better social skills, if everyone will probably get a better job than me, if everyone will be happier than me in the end? If everyone who wants to study the shame thing I do get worst grades but get in anyways.
    The students that study hard and work learn that they are alone while the students who don’t study decide to become influencers or rappers, and the students with difficulties learn that they will always be losers and can never aspire for their dreams.
    So what does it matter if I sometimes want to hit my head into the wall until it’s splits in two to release the pressure, what does it matter if my friends are having panic attacks over what to choose, what does it matter? If all the government wants is some dumb sheep who work till they can’t without complaint, while filling their pockets with money by sitting on a chair and promising things that are never done.

  13. What a lovely film to watch as I’m almost close to going to high School! ? amazing film though oh my god!

  14. Curie Lu has a chinchilla! I saw a chinchilla in the background! Find it yourself I don't want to spoil it for you:)

  15. This is beautiful… i could relate to it a lot, unfortunately. i can't wait for the remake if/when it happens!

  16. They cut off our wings of freedom of wanting to do what we've been dreaming since we were children. Because they want us to stick to the system and not fly off to where we can really enjoy ourselves. If you cut it off, they give up hope.

  17. So this movies trying to say that everyones imagination, freedom and dreams are clipped away once they enter adulthood and learn about the real world?

  18. эту историю можно понять как то, что в будущем нам "ломают/отрезают крылья", давая понять, что ты не всегда сможешь заниматься тем, чем хочешь, ибо мир суров.
    Всех учат одному, словно под копировальную машину.
    И редкие люди могут воспротивиться этому и убежать от подобного.

  19. Do you ever thought of revisiting your old works and mayybe remake them into a full-length animation with your improved skills in the future? Because I'd like to watch and support more

  20. That creepy black thing looks like kachisaku-anna .o yea the black rabbit thing did that because the girl said “boring”

  21. Woow…J'ai presque envie de m'excuser de voir cette vidéo que maintenant: C'est génial! J'aimerais faire de l'animation aussi, et voir tout ce qu'on peut faire, les émotions qu'on peut y mettre et les ambiances comme ça… ça me motive encore plus! Mais je ne sais pas vraiment par où commencer, je prends uniquement des cours de dessins pour l'instant… si quelqu'un voit se message et peu peut-être m'aider, vous avez des conseils pour débuter? (Demander ça sur youtube, parmi des milliers de commentaire… on va dire que j'ai de l'espoir, peut importe le temps que ça prendra)

  22. Уфф, это так похоже на наше общество в целом.. Прямо как пройти от детства к взрослой жизни, где тебе и впрямь во многом обрезают крылья. Отличный фильм!)

  23. I remember watching this 3 years ago and i saw your recent video from that school you got rejected from and i saw this and I gasped and boom nostalgia. I completely forgot about this until now.

  24. I hope she's ok. When she lost her wings I was only thinking about if he would ever see her again. At least he listened to her but was he dreaming?

  25. this is my expectation of the video the school does not let you be free like a bird and they cut your wings so you can leave your freedom and it sounds stranger but that's my opinion

  26. I know this is Calarts, but amateur animation styles like these feel so genuine. I'm really hoping things like this and some of the things Madhouse did with One's wildly simple action designs catch on in making frame by frame animation more popular.

  27. It's wild cuz I remember watching this years ago and I just found your channel recently again bc of the Spring Herald vid. You've improved so much!

  28. I watched this about 2years ago for the first time and it's crazy how I think about this so often even tvough my english was bad at that time and I only understood the "Run" and a few other sentences. It's amazing.❤

  29. Your art is beautiful. The wonderful thing about art is it can inspire others even if they don’t know exactly what you are trying to communicate.

    My interpretation of your film is that the wings are dreams, and inspiration. If this is so then please remember that your work has helped me remember that I can re grow my wings. Also the people who try to make you conform can hurt your wings but they are only cut off if you give in. I graduated high school in 2002 and am 8 years from retiring from a uninspiring job. But artists like you help me remember what it was like to cry at a moving work of art or poetry. Even if you give in and conform you may still find feathers in your bed when you wake up from dreams. Bottom line… never stop dreaming. Be inspired and even if you don’t fight back don’t let people tell you that your art doesn’t matter, or you can’t make it as an artist. Your work has helped my wings grow back a little more.

    So thank you for sharing your art! And remember that artists have beautiful souls that they can use to create and inspire. You have inspired me. Keep up the great work.

  30. Put 'em up like this
    Let me see 'em now, yeah
    I like that
    This is not the end
    This is not the beginning
    Just a voice like a riot
    Rocking every revision
    But you listen to the tone
    And the violent rhythm
    And though the words sound steady
    Something empty's within 'em
    We say, "yeah"
    Fists flying up in the air
    Like we're holding onto something
    That's invisible there
    'Cause we're living at the mercy of
    The pain and the fear
    Until we tell it, forget it
    Let it all disappear
    Waiting for the end to come
    Wishing I had strength to stand
    This is not what I had planned
    It's out of my control
    Flying at the speed of light
    Thoughts were spinning in my head
    So many things were left unsaid
    It's hard to let you go
    I know what it takes to move on
    (Oh) I know how it feels to lie
    (Oh) all I wanna do is trade this life for something new
    Holding on to what I haven't got
    Sitting in an empty room
    Trying to forget the past
    This was never meant to last
    I wish it wasn't so
    I know what it takes to move on
    (Oh) I know how it feels to lie
    (Oh) all I wanna do is trade this life for something new
    Holding on to what I haven't got
    Yeah, yeah
    What was left when that fire was gone?
    I thought it felt right but that right was wrong
    All caught up in the eye of the storm
    And trying to figure out what it's like moving on
    And I don't even know what kind of things I've said
    My mouth kept moving and my mind went dead
    So, picking up the pieces, now where to begin?
    The hardest part of ending is starting again
    All I wanna do is trade this life for something new
    Holding on to what I haven't got
    This is not the end
    This is not the beginning
    Just a voice like a riot
    Rocking every revision
    But you listen to the tone (holding on to what I haven't got)
    And the violent rhythm
    Though the words sound steady
    Something empty's within 'em
    We say, "yeah"
    With fists flying up in the air
    Like we're holding onto something
    That's invisible there
    'Cause we're living at the mercy of (holding on to what I haven't got)
    The pain and the fear
    Until we get it, forget it
    Let it all disappear
    Thank you

  31. This was a beautiful animation especially because of your age. The message was deep and it astounds me that you made something like this at that age.

    I believe the meaning behind this story is that as life goes on and you get older. As you make your way through school it will only get harder. In the beginning minimal effort was required to pass and it was colorful, fun and beautiful. Life was easy, simple and bright. The farther you get in school, the work starts to pile up. There seems to be less time for yourself. You feel trapped, you feel sad and you feel like school takes up all your time and energy. You feel like you cant be yourself. Suddenly everything seems dull. I don't believe those black rabbit demon like creatures are teachers. I think it's the lack of freedom, the dark part of your mind telling you to give in, a symbol of your inner demons. The part of you telling you to give up hope. The white ones are the good part of your mind. They told you were good enough. The boy and girl passed their own mental test. That's why they followed them. The creatures are part of you. That's why the creature was already there when she was trapped. They are always there. You can't see them unless they control your feelings. They're there in your darkest moments and there in your brightest. The wings those symbolize your hopes, dreams and freedoms. When the girl "gave in" it killed her. School pushed her to give in because she felt like she was lost, like there was no way out, trapped and lead herself to believe that the only way to escape the stress and pain was to end it. She cut herself loose. There are other interpretations that I also agree with, but this was my first one and the one that I believe strongest. The other things in this that were just brilliant is that she was excited, but her mind lead her astray, until she trapped herself into thinking the way she did. The boy remained free because he recognized that this was going too far. He even mentioned that. He knew that even when it gets tough if you keep going there's at light at the end of the tunnel. He wasn't excited to be there but he knew that it would pay off. He knew that one day he would be able to pursue his passion. That was what the girl didn't see. Blinded by despair she lost sight of what the true goal was. Suddenly it was over. The boy seeing his friend die pushed him to work harder. Even if it hurt, even if it was hard, even if it seemed like the light was gone, he kept pushing on. He decided to run.

  32. I'm still waiting for a full version. Please don't think everyone forgot about this and that you shouldn't finish it bc I havnt forgotten about it so please finish it and release a full version:)

  33. I wanna make a story from this. Ive seen it three times and love the animation. I hope i can make a story that lives up to such an amazing video!

  34. So I'm 12 years old and I can barely write but that won't stop me from becoming a writer I taught myself how to read so high school and middle school not gonna stand in my way from making an amazing book

  35. “Airplane History
    Avian Science
    Flight Trajectory Mathematics”
    Is no one else gonna mention that they were forced to take flight-based classes only to have their wings cut off in the end? Cruel.

  36. Estou chocada

    Não entendi o ensinamento do filme, acho que, talvez, a sociedade acaba com a liberdade das pessoas? Não sei. Sei que… Putz! Eu sabia que esses coelhos eram do capiroto!

  37. I watched this years ago and it popped into my head recently again, and I still remembered all the key words to find it. Wings, run, and animatic. It really leaves an impression

  38. I have seen videos similar to these; that school is the reason why students are having a hard time in life, sometimes destroying their childhood dreams and stuff like that. But this has got to be the most spine chilling one i've seen.

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