Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 2

Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 2

Ching Lee has prepared
so many tasty dishes. They must be finger licking good. Huh! No! Definitely not! Until Grandpa and Rudra
have their meal… …dare not touch the food. I’ll eat a little bit,
Ching Lee won’t find out. Ouch! Ouch! Sorry! Ouch! Grandpa! Grandpa! I have never waited for
someone for so long before. Quickly bring Shakaal,
else I’m leaving. Who is this insolent man? I am a powerful magician,
an illusionist. Fear me! I am Shakaal! Zoga, whom have you brought? Why did you bring him? This twerp is useless to us. Shakaal, he is magician Chhotu. Shakaal, he is very useful. I may look short… …but my intelligence
knows no bound. Shakaal, you want Rudra. Bringing him here… …is a piece of cake for me. Is it? Then go and bring him. I will reward you. Sapola, take him to Rudra. Ola! Ola! I am Sapola. Let’s go, magician Chhotu. It will go like this and… Yay! I made it. Look at my plane. Oops! I made a butterfly. Never mind. Our planes… …and your butterfly… …they will fly together. Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Fly you! Wow! Oh no! Danger! Danger! Somebody is there. Danger! There’s a danger. There’s a great danger. Huh! The name of this danger
is magician Chhotu. Don’t go by my size. I may look short. But my intelligence
knows no bound. Now tell me honestly,
who among you is Rudra? Whoever Rudra is… …come quietly into this cage. I am Rudra.
– Rudra, come. Get in to this cage. I will make you tiny
and put you inside. Huh! Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Puchkino! Myra, what are you doing? Oops! Sorry! I wanted to help. It went wrong.
– Please! Don’t help.
– Thank you, girl. Rudra, I heard that you
are a magician too. Come, little magician. Let’s see how you
will save yourself. Don’t underestimate… …Rudra’s age and his magic. Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Fly you! A plane is supposed to land
at an airport, not on my stomach. Get out! Now I won’t spare you. I may look short, but… …today you will see… …how large I can be. Akira Zakira Giant um ho! Huh! Grandpa, I am sorry. I didn’t know that you are here. I just came here… …to spend some
fun time with Rudra. If you are done, please leave. Sapola, where are you? Let’s go. The game is over. Grandpa, the table is laid. Rudra, Myra, Varun.
All of you, please come. Rudra, let’s have our meal. I will teach you… …how to transform
a paper toy into real toys. You can protect yourself
anywhere by doing so. You made tall claims. I may look short… …but my intelligence
knows no bound! Is that all you’ve got? Shakaal, give me
one more chance. Just one chance. I won’t
make a mistake again. I have a plan. I will keep magician
grandpa busy… …outside the city. And you seize… …the Sun City. Wonderful, Chhotu. Let me give you one more chance. If you manage to keep
Jaysingh Chauhan away… …from Sun city… …it will be a child’s
play for me… …to surmount Rudra. You can assume that I… …have captured Sun city. Whenever you are trying to make
the paper-toys turn into real… …don’t forget… …your belief is also important
along with the mantras. You should have
the gut feeling… …that you can do it. If you even have
an iota of doubt… …the spell won’t work. Look! Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Realistico! Huh? Wow, what a cute doggy. But it is made of paper. I would have given him
a juicy bone had he been real. Grandpa, save. Help! Help! Hey! He will chew my bones! Grandpa! Thank you, grandpa. Grandpa, the magician… …you will have to come
here come what may. If you come here once… …you will not be
able to return. Akira bakira bazooka… Crack! Grandpa, the dam
is falling apart. Please come.
– I will come right away. The water dam which
is outside Sun city… …has developed a crack. And it can collapse anytime. If it collapses… …everyone in Sun city
will be drowned. Grandpa, shall I come along? No, Rudra. One of us should always
be there in Sun city. You continue with the practice. Do something. If this dam collapses… …our houses will be drowned. Everything will be
ruined, grandpa. Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Freezo! Hariya, tell everyone
to vacate the city. I cannot stop it
for a long time. Go, hurry up!
– Sure. Vacate the city! Vacate the city! Hurry up! Vacate the city! Jaysingh Chauhan… …neither the magic,
nor an illusionary trap… …you should be scared of me.
I am Shakaal! Zoga, magician Chhotu… …has proved to be
of great help to us. Sun city will
now belong to me. Come with me. Rudra…
– Yes? Where is Grandpa? Inform him that Shakaal… …is coming to capture Sun city. I will inform him right away. Yes Rudra? Tell me.
– Grandpa… What happened? Shakaal has attacked.
– I see. I understood. This is his trick. I cannot come right now. I will try to fix the dam. It will take some time. You will have to stop
Shakaal anyhow until then. I believe that you will be
able to stop him. All the best. Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Flying boat! Oh? Rudra, what will we do now? It’s impossible to stop them. The word possible is
hidden in the word impossible. Impossible says, ‘I’m possible’. Start making fighter
planes with paper quickly. Hurry up. Hey friends, come up quickly. We have to stop Shakaal. Hey! Make fighter planes
with paper, quickly. I made it. Ibaiska Zibaiska Sakoom! Realistico! Myra, what did you do? Hmm… Oh, you didn’t make
a fighter plane. You made a mythical plane
that’s showering flowers on them. Sorry. I’ll try again. You will do us a great favor
if you don’t try. Great! I am being welcomed by flowers. Looks like the people of
Sun city have understood… …that I am their master now. Shakaal! You will face dire
consequences if you move. I’m a magic and a delusion. Fear me, I’m Shakaal. You will stop me, Rudra? You are a little magician. It’s not your age now. Go. Go and play, kid. You cannot stop me. Never doubt Rudra’s age and… …his magic abilities, Shakaal. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Realistico! Attackoo. There you go! You can send more… …mosquitoes like these. Grandpa!
– Yes, Rudra. Your aeroplanes are
small because… …you allotted less energy
for the magic in a hurry. Allot the required
amount of energy. Concentrate again and be focussed. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Realistico! Attackoo! No! Run! Hey, hold on! Don’t run. Hold on. Run!
– I’m still here. Rangeela, listen. You have to collect
a lot of papers. And after that…
– Rudra, I’ll do it. Don’t you worry. Good deeds lead to good outcomes. Run! Save us! It’s ready.
– Yeah! Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Repairo! Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Repairo! Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Realistico! Save me! Rudra! Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Paperisco! Sorry, I was helping Rudra. Myra please, do me a help… …of not helping me at all. It’s done.
– Okay, Rangeela. I’m coming. Myra and Varun you both handle
the situation here. I’ll be back. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Repairo! I had already told you… …I may look small… …but my intelligence
knows no bound. Today, your Sun city would… …be conquered by Shakaal. Oh! His little finger itself is… …enough to destroy me! Ready, Rangeela?
– Look at this. Very good, Rangeela. Now get aside. Let’s do this. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Chick Chick Poo! Come on, capture it! Sun city now belongs to me. Run!
– Save your lives! Save us! Help! Focus and believe. Grandpa always say this.
– Oh! I have faith that I’ll do this. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Realistico! Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Realistico! Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Realistico! ‘Allot the required
amount of energy.’ Oh, no!
– Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom! Chick, shick, boom! Oh! Rudra, this came to life. Yay! Oh! Shakaal, I already told you… …never doubt Rudra’s age and… …his magical abilities. Ahh! Ahh! Grandpa, help Rudra. Today, Rudra doesn’t
need anybody’s help. If you will ever eye on Sun City… …you will not be spared. Rudra, you did a great job! I have full faith… …that whether I may
be alive or not… …nobody can harm Sun City
as long as you are here. Rudra! Rudra! Rudra!

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  1. I like this cartoon but please add new episodes n remove old episodes fron nick channel I have too bored.

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