Rooster Teeth ‘RWBY’ Tutorial #2: Using Maya’s Set Driven Keys for Easier Animation

Rooster Teeth ‘RWBY’ Tutorial #2: Using Maya’s Set Driven Keys for Easier Animation

– [Lindsey] Hi, I’m Lindsey Jones, voice of
Ruby on the animated show, RWBY. Autodesk Maya is an important tool in the
creation of our show. It’s the primary software used in many of
our pipelines, including modeling, rigging, animating, lighting, rendering, and visual
effects. Today, Rooster Teeth breaking artist Gio Coutinho
will be showing us how she uses Maya for character rigging. – [Gio] In this video, I’ll be going over
how I use Pose Space Deformers and set driven keys to make animating Ruby a little bit easier. If you look at Ruby’s skirt, you’ll see that
there are a lot of tweak controls. These tweak controls allow the animators to
move her skirt however they want. But it would be very inconvenient if they
had to Pose the skirt manually every time Ruby moved her legs. In order to help with that, I used Pose Space
Deformers at several different positions that made it so that, when her legs move or her
pelvis moves, her skirt confirms to the position of her legs. This way, animators can easily animate walk
cycles, for example, without having a fight clipping every single time they move her legs
around. A similar feature to this is also present
on her belt as well as her arms. You’ll see, when I turn wireframe on that
this poofy part of the elbow doesn’t clip through itself. And even though this could’ve been done with
a blend shape, I actually used a set of controls to drive the shape of this elbow poof. You can see these controls over here. So in order to demo this process, I will replicate
what you see on the left arm on her right arm. Let’s start off by opening up our set driven
key window. And loading up these two controls driven nodes. The hierarchy of these controls is very important. You’ll see that, here in my outliner, they
both have driven nodes on top of the actual controls. This allows you to create the set driven key
animation while also maintaining the functionality of these controls, which can help fight clipping
or just help make your shapes more appealing in general. So like I said before, this is a lot like
a corrective blend shape except that you’re using a control to directly influence your
mesh. So once you have your driven nodes in your
set driven key window, you should also load up your driver which, in my case, is called
an elbow driver. This is being driven by my Pose Space Deformer. Once you have that up, you can go ahead and
key your elbow at two different positions, one being bind pose and the next one being
whatever pose you want to correct your shape at. So I’ll be going up to negative 100. You can scrub through your timeline and have
a better idea of what you might be dealing with. You can also watch the value on your Pose
Space Deformer Node change during this animation. Once you’re ready to start, you can go ahead
and select your elbow driver in your set driven key window. Make sure that your character is in bind pose. And since we’re working with the right elbow,
you want the elbow forward right to be your driver attribute. And then you’ll select your elbow helpers
and key their translates and rotates, making sure that they’re all at zero at this point. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and
go to the end of your animation, and then just go ahead and mess around with these controls. My goal here is to fight the clipping that’s
going on with this mesh. And you’ll notice that I skinned this so that
only the front part of the elbow will be affected by the controls. Once you’re happy, all you have to do is key
both of these driven nodes. Now, if you go ahead and scrub through your
animation timeline, you can see that the mesh is no longer clipping with itself. What I usually like doing, whenever I use
this driven setup, is going into my graph editor, and actually setting these curves
to linear. I find that, usually, this makes things look
a little bit better. And then, as with blend shapes, you can actually
change the values on your driven nodes during this animation. Then once you’re happy with that, make sure
to go back into your graph editor and change those curves back to linear since Maya defaults
to spline. And this is one of the ways that I use set
driven keys to make animating RWBY characters a little bit easier. Since we made this rig before we had Maya
2016 Extension 2, we had to make the Pose Space Deformers by hand. This tool is now present in Maya, however,
so you could use it for this same purpose in order to make things even easier.

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  1. Autodesk should look to SFM as the benchmark for 3D Animation. Rigging and all this mathematical guff should have been ditched years ago, it should not take you over an hour to pose a model using X, Y, Z constraints for a single frame.

  2. Thank you! [Спасибо!]
    Posted it here: [Запостил тут:]

  3. As a member of a team of animators, modelers, and riggers inspired by RWBY, thank you very much for your tutorials as always! We look forward to the next one!

  4. So what exactly is a pose-space deformer? I've heard it mentioned, but inconsistently – in this context, does it just mean the process itself, of additional corrective shaping when posing?

  5. The pandering has come this far has it? Apparently Monty's original way was better in Poser but RT wanted to go a different direction and were slightly relieved when he died so they could make the changes they wanted.

  6. I like Autodesk, Really Much, and I make´d my CAD Exam with Autodesk… So I say to myself,… Why don´t buy it… Yeah, Why… I´m not a Student or, in School or in Job where I need that, Soo, What´s the Problem… ehh,… The Price from 200 Euros pro Month or, 1600 Euros for One Year, 3040 Euros for Two, and For Three 4320 Euro… I Work for this About 5 Months…. Seriously WTF, Why must Cost a Good Programm (No it´s not the Best, but better than Other ones) every Time so much…. But Yeah, I like Autodesk, but not the Price… for a Normal Person….

  7. As a person who wants to be an animator honestly idk what the hell she's talking about and it somewhat scares me

  8. As much as I want to use Maya, the 5,000.00 buy in is……rent for a year or tuition for 2 years or a nice used car.

  9. Do you think you could've done the same thing with Blender? if so then why pay thousands a year for Maya when Blender is free?

  10. anyone care to mention how'd she bind some weighted vertices and edges of the mid arm area to a controller? It doesn't seem to be a bone or a rivet?

  11. I made my own Ruby model, but I have insanely trouble trying to rig the skirt with this method. Let alone understanding what she's even doing.

  12. Seeing the new Ruby model make me want to have it so bad oh boy why not my wish become true?

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