Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Pubert Situation

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Pubert Situation

(music plays) -Geoff: Did you get all those Netflix achievements? -Michael: I got a bunch, I didn’t get all of them
-Ryan: Wait, what?! -Ryan: Wait, so there’s really achievements for this?
-Michael: So I got achievements in all of them. -Geoff: Yeah.
-Michael: For, like, watching videos and shit. -Ryan: What is that a–What achievement is that? -Ryan: A fungus could get that achievement. -Ryan: Like, a fucking mushroom could achieve that. (laughter) -Micahel: Kinda got weird with that argument, Ryan. -Ryan: Why is that weird?! -Michael: BECAUSE A FUNGUS ACTUALLY CAN’T GET THE ACHIEVEMENT! -Michael: IT DOES NOT HAVE THE FUCKING CAPACITY TO–TO PUSH THE BUTTONS ON THE CONTROLLER! -Ryan: You could drop a controller into a box of mushrooms, it’d probably hit enough on the way down to get an achievement. -Michael: You’d have to fuckin’ plug the XBox in, turn it on, get a fucking internet connection… -Michael: PAY for the internet connection! -Michael: That’s a lot of shit for a fungus to do! -Ryan: You do that for other people in your house, anyway! I do that for my kid! -Michael: BUT HE DOESN’T DO IT, YOU’RE DOING IT FOR HIM! -Gavin: Also, your kid isn’t fungus! -Ryan: I know my kid’s not fungus. (laughter) -Gavin: What was the name of the other Addams kid? -Gavin: There was like…Pubert, or something. Wasn’t it? -Ryan: No, it was Pugsley
-Geoff: Pubert…Pubert, yeah you’re right. Pubert. -Gavin: There you go.
-Ryan: Yeah -Ray: Idiot! -Gavin: There was a kid called Pubert! -Michael: NO THERE WASN’T!
-Ryan: No. -Gavin: Well, I don’t know where I’m getting that from. -Gavin: My brain is just mush. -Ryan: I don’t know where you get anything. -Gavin: Coming from the guy with a fungus for a child! (Geoff laughs) -Michael: We’re gonna never have this conversation again… -Michael: Ryan’s gonna come in…with his fucking third kid, be like… -Michael: “Guys, meet Pubert Haywood.” (laughter) -Michael: “He’s a piece of fungus!” (laughter) -Geoff: Pubert Spore Haywood -Gavin: “He has six achievements” (laughter) -Michael: Fucking “Pubert”. -Gavin: What? It’s real! -Michael: IT’S NOT REAL!! -Michael: No, it’s not real!! -Gavin: I wanna Google it. -Ryan: It’ll be in the dictionary next to “names that the doctor would slap you for trying to use.” -Gavin: Michael, read it!! -Michael: Hang on… -Michael: In the 1993 film, “Addams Family Values”, fucking Gomez and Morticia have a third child… -Michael:…a son they lovingly name Pubert. (laughter) -Michael: Are you fucking kidding me?! -Ray: How do you know that?!
Gavin: Pubert Addams! -Michael: WHAT THE FUCK?! -Geoff: Gavin was right about something.

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  1. This was one of my favorite Minecraft Let's Play Episodes. I miss the simpler times where I could relax and enjoy watching YouTube.

  2. 0:37 I never noticed that the guy plugging in the internet router had a shirt that said "F***in Internet Co." That is funny attention to detail by Jordan!

  3. That was a twist ending that could have been avoided if I had just paused the video and googled Pubert Addams. but i didn't, because who would??

  4. I love how easily Ryan came up with, "that's in the dictionary next to names the doctor would slap you for trying to use"

  5. I love how everyone leaves out the part near the beginning of the argument where Jack, of all people, backs Gavin up, even naming the movie Pubert is from.

  6. i had a pubert situation when i was 9. I had my own computer and my room was in the basement to save space because i have 3 siblings so i had the whole night. it was a good pubert

  7. So what Michael is saying with this argument is…

    Any achievements that Ryan's children would get, they didn't earn because Ryan's the one who pays the internet and sets up the Xbox.

    Seems legit. Lol

  8. Pubert Addams is the baby…oh they got it. lol wow cousin Itt's fathers name is That and his son is named What. Fun fact.

  9. This was the most satisfying moment I’ve watched in Achievement Hunters because Michal had to say Gavin was right and I laughed so hard XD

  10. The problem with Gavin is that he can't explain anything without sounding like a total idiot even when he's correct.

  11. Ok so the way Geoff is drawn is to make him look like he eyelids. So the circles are his pupils. So going off of that, how come when he laughs at 1:50 his pupils turn into less than and greater than signs. Why not his whole entire eye.

  12. Gavin had that feel good moment like how I did when I was trying to tell everyone that Easter is sometimes in March

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