Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Omnibus #3

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Omnibus #3

Geoff: We’ve got a series of stories from PAX Geoff: two dudes come up to Gus Geoff: and they’re like “hey Gus” and Gus is like “hey, what’s up?” Gus: They say “we wanted to come by yesterday but we couldn’t because we had kind of a situation.” Geoff: and Gus lifts up his shirt and points to his six-flab Geoff: and goes “you mean this situation?” Geoff: and
*Laughing* Geoff: and the guy gets the most confused look on his face I’ve ever seen, like quizzical Geoff: the guy goes “hhhuuuhhh” Geoff: and Gus goes “the situation! My abs. This situation.” Geoff: and the guy goes ” I don’t … I … what?” Geoff: and Gus goes “Come on the situation!” Geoff: and the guy goes ” I .. um uhh… my friend had a seizure .. yesturday Geoff: ” and that was our situation … anyway .. we think he’s gonna be okay” Geoff: just turned around and walked away. Gus: and I was.. I’m standing there with my shirt up like an idiot
Geoff: the whole time *Geoff laughing* Gus: Come at me, bro! Burnie: So, I went on this hunting trip and we got back and I had just parked my car Burnie: on his land. Apparently, one of the horses thought I hate that fucking car Burnie: The horse bit every fucking panel on the outside of the car Burnie: I was like “What happened to my car?” Burnie: and every other dude they go “uh oh, were the horses out?” Burnie: “It looks like one of the horses was cribbing” Burnie: I go “what the fuck is cribbing?”
*Burnie laughing* Burnie: They said “uhh, just like sometimes horses bite stuff.” Burnie: They do this thing called cribbing where they take their big fucking dumbass buck teeth
*laughing* *All laughing* Burnie: and they’ll hang it on something like a fence post Burnie: and suck in air Burnie: until they can’t move and they’re bloated
*laughing* Burnie: and a horse vet has to come out and like drain them of air Burnie: they’re just idiots

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  1. At first i didnt believe there was something called cribbing. Did a google search, its real. Learn something new everyday XD

  2. Too let you know I only like you guys for these and so far the funniest one I saw was when I think it was Gus threw rocks and that guy came up the hill with a sword

  3. Oops, i meant when a horse bites onto something and sucks air through it, its can be called crib biting or windsucking, they do it when they are REALLY bored 😀

  4. Cribbing is actually a form of getting high for horses. It releases endorphins in their brains. That's why it's an addiction for them.

  5. when a horse sucks in air it's because it's bored but it's actually quite dangerous for the horse because it's breathing air into it's STOMACH. My horse is stupid…

  6. Worked with horses. One of them was an obsessive cribber. Freaked me out the first time I saw it. Bastard left a trail of spit and goo on the panel of the stable from drooling on it so much.

  7. There needs to be an episode of My Little Pony where one of the ponies start cribbing. Make it an analogy for drug addiction…

  8. I know people who work with horses, and I am assured they're not nearly as dumb as Burnie makes them out to be.

  9. When horses bite on to the fence and suck on it, it's called cribbing. Horses do that as a habit and it can kill them

  10. Horses really are not stupid. That are in the top 10 smartest animals (not counting humans). But cribbing is kind of like a nervous habit.

  11. ngl i loved hearing that explanation for cribbing xD i've worked w horses for 6 years and i've never heard anyone say it like that lmao

  12. Cribbing is when horses suck air into their stomachs. It can be very dangerous and can lead to colic (#1 killer of horses) if the air goes into their intestines. Splinters can cause life-threatening perforations and accumulated wood fragments can cause blockages. Cribbing can actually be deterred by putting a special "crib strap" around the horse's neck just behind the jaw. It actually compresses the esophagus when the head is elevated and allows it to open when the head is lowered. Cribbing is a fairly common vice and can very in severity.

  13. A friend of mine who grew up on a ranch told me that not only can cribbing kill them, but if it's really hot out and they drink cold water they'll die. Or if they've just been running. Basically if they're hot and drink cold water they die

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