Rick And Morty vs. Animator

Rick And Morty vs. Animator

Where are we Ric Oh? Looks like we’re in the program for animation Morty. Oh my god. We’re drawn Yeah, however as always What do you mean? What never mind? Oh crap don’t move Morty? What is it Rick? If you click on me again, you’ll regret it Morning come on. We gotta get us out of here We need to hide Rick oh You’re genius Morty I have an idea We are into 2d animation so if you stand across something you can’t see us You’re so stupid Morty, but this thing can help Quick drawn weapons morning weapon whatever will come up Morty Rick I drew picks or look at this. This is the plasma Antimatter gun what did you draw oh? nothing Rick I Love you morning hey, Jessica Morty ooh, we need to go Here it seems not so bad She is drawn Morty everything here is unreal this animated pervert He wanted he wanted okay. He wanted to watch you and then Jessica will I understand Rick I can’t believe my eyes. Why is it Rick? It’s just one sauce You said everything here is unreal I Like Morty what all this drawn here, it’s all real so Jessica Rick Oh Decided to play gotta come on. Let’s play oh Geez No one can beat me, but I can mr. Sanchez What had already helped kill him Morty I don’t know real say what only the real Rick can say I have no time Morty Morty you idiot You’re really stupid Morty I can’t take it anymore I’ll kill myself no, Morty I Know you still care for me don’t know what you mean hey animator. I destroyed your antivirus Say hello to my little friends oh Crap Rick you destroyed his computer Let’s go home. Morty wait. Where did you get the portal gun? I? Painted it when we were drawing weapons Why did we leave immediately for this Morni there are very few places where there is a sauce Morty? So was your plan from the beginning? Let’s go Morty

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  1. HI BRO!) NEW ANIMATION "SPONGEBOB plays FORTNITE" on my channel. I will be glad if you appreciate it! 😀

  2. Honestly you could have just put words on the screen, and it would have been more enjoyable to watch. Like Jesus Christ, there voices sound nothing like rick and Morty.

  3. 0:29

    Rick: I-If you click on me again, you’ll regret it!!!

    Animator: Am I a joke to you?

  4. 0:44 But wouldn’t the Council Of Ricks have arrived as they would have detected the compromised portal gun?

    Anyways the animation was amazing and the voice acting was hilarious!

  5. Bruh he killed the wrong Rick. The real Rick was on the right side and then was turned around to the left side. Then he pushed the Rick on the right side down and the real Rick was on top of him. But Morty killed the one on the top, which was the real Rick. That's also why the lower Rick looked so surprised.

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