Reunited With Blue Scene | Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018) Movie Clip 4K

Wheatley, I’m on fresh sign. Wait for my signal. There you are. Hey girl you miss me? Easy. Hey! Hey. I brought you something. Here you go. That’s right. Ok. Hey! You know me. Eyes on me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know me. That’s right. That’s right. Hold your… I told you to wait for my signal. Back your men up right now. No, wait! No, no!
No, don’t shoot her! Wheatley, you son of a bitch! Owen! What are you doing? Owen! You shoot me… and that animal dies. I think we have
the drop on you sweetheart. She’s losing blood. And if I don’t treat her, she’ll never make it back to camp. How about this? That animal dies, I shoot you. You’re gonna take care of her. Let’s move out! Cut the cord and let’s go!
Let’s get out of here! No, no, no! Wait! Wait, are they protecting us?
What’s going on? I don’t think so. Why am I here? Hey, Mills, we got her done.
Mission accomplished. Just in the nick of time. Wheatley, what the hell is going on there?
We’re a day behind schedule already. I want that money in the bank by
the time I get back, all right? Ok, good. Listen to me.
No more delays, ok? If we don’t…
Mr. Mills? Not now, Maisie.
Thank you. If we don’t get those animals…
Mr. Mills, are the dinosaurs safe? I said not now! Mills? Mills? I’m sorry, honey.
This is an important call. If you go up to the library,
I’ll meet you up there in a few minutes. Ok.
Ok. I’ll tell you all about it, I promise. Ok.
Ok. Wheatley? You get those animals here now! I want that bonus.
We got the blue one. Bring her to me first! All right.

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