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  1. Oooo… this hairdryer is super relaxing. Just gonna curl up with our tabby cat and take a little nap. Thank you for the tingly sounds. Wishing you an amazing week ♡

  2. Is it a bird..a plane…a superhero,???, no it's better than that it's Al with another killer video (check the outfit ???)

  3. I back internet in space is kinda slow take me over 1 month to receive your email

    You’ll probably receive my picture of mars in this week !

    I’m am currently near saturn sending you some photo when I can !

    Thanks for those good night you give me in my space ship

    C ya in a moment my friend ! <3 ly

  4. Loving the colours..its got a very soothing sound. Great to see more people subscribing to your channel they don't know what there missing.

  5. I just had the best idea. You should dress up as Santa for a Christmas video. I know all I want is to relax with some dryers for Christmas. ☺️

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