Real madrid Vs Barcelona fan challange  -PART 1 (santosh, bhim, suraj, surya)

Real madrid Vs Barcelona fan challange -PART 1 (santosh, bhim, suraj, surya)

WTF song ?? Close it Shut up you Fu** BARCA fan Donot play this song in front of me If u donot have any work then lets play FIFA Do yo wanna eat dozen of goals ? who scaore how much we will see bro Lets play. OK lets play Donot play barca . I will thrash you Lets play then we will see who will eat how much goals. ok lets see. ok Gooooaaaaalllllllll. see it bit** who scored . Don’t talk more i will also score. What bro?? everytime red card . Don’t you know anything except foul play. Now i will score in penalty ok score donot talk more hahahahahahahaha penaltyyyyyyy.. haha messi effect in penalty.. LOL Why u troll me. donot fly by winning in pc games. If you have a gut then lets go to ground I am challanging you…… Take a retirement bro, retirement no retire bro lets go to ground i am challanging you You giving challange. (laugh). lets go then we will see bro really? yes really lets go then ok lets go lets challange start come lets start with penalty challange penalty ???? really bro ?? it is not easy as score in pc games. it is real game ok ok ok who take first ? you start first i will score last ok i will take go to goalkeeper position Here is barca keeper. who is the challanger? this is my keeper Have you seen how to score ? Now my turn i will also score call your keeper ok keeper bro, come Go bro go home and learn how to score penalty Donot be smart by scoring penalty lets take another challange which challange will you want now freekick challange ok you take it first

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  1. Good job guys??
    full support.??
    It is starting,you can do it better n better all the best frn??
    best wishes.??
    if you need any help n support tell me any time??

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