Q&A #1: Why do I Animate for iHasCupquake?

Q&A #1: Why do I Animate for iHasCupquake?

Hey guys! So I’m gonna start doing some Q&A videos So we can all LEARN about who I am and we can all be connected and friends and stuff anyway *laughs* Ok so the first question is How old are you and what made you do animations? So I’ve gotten so many questions Are you in college? Are you in high school? How old are you? I’m seventeen and I’m in my last year of high school so i’m going into collage next year…. but yeah As for animation wise, I really have no idea how I got into animation I’ve always been drawing ever since I was little And I just all of the sudden wanted to do animations So I Iooked it up I didn’t take any classes and I taught myself! and I’m not a professional at all I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything wrong. So… I don’t think you guys want to learn from me. You should probably learn from a professional. Like I didn’t do. When did you start animating? Now this is a funny story I’m sure you’ve all seen that terrible mother animation that I made for Cupquake right? Yup that was my first animation that I’ve ever made in my entire life. *laughs* Like I said I’m not a professional at all I just jumped straight into it, I did my best, I had no idea what I was doing but it turned out pretty well. And I’m so glad that so many of you had such positive feedback and you loved it and you want more and that’s what really helps me grow as an animator, so thank you! 😀 Next question: “Do you have anything big planned like a long video or something?” For this channel no, but as you guys know, I work for Cupquake. and the animation that we are working on right now is AMAZING. It’s turning out so well and I think you guys are gonna love it, maybe even more than ‘Terrible Mother’ and ‘Dino Killer’, the other ones that we have out It’s different, it’s a lot different from the Minecraft shorts, but it’s my favorite out of all of them so far. It’s probably not gonna be out for a couple months because, it’s it’s different. I’m trying not to give you guys any hints, but you’re gonna be wanting to watch it five days a week. Trust me. QUICKLY! IT’S LIFE OR DEATH! YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE! PICK BETWEEN HAVING HANDS FOR FEET OR FEET FOR HANDS DO ITTATAT Uh… *Laughs* Considering that I need my hands to be doing animation and drawing I’ll probably have… Feet for hands! No, I’m just kidding Definitely hands for feet No questions asked But seriously, I’ve tried drawing with my feet before and it is HARD! Props to people with no hands and they have to draw with their feet Next up: Are you ever going to vlog on your Youtube channel? Now I’m taking this as: What do you look like? And… I knew I was going to get this question eventually, but right now I’m only focusing on getting animations out because that’s what I think is really important. I guess I can tell you a little bit on what I look like: Um… my dad is white or caucasian and my mom is Japanese and they both grew up in Canada so I’m, like, White, Japanese, Canadian… but I also live in the U.S, sooo That’s a little bit on my background but who knows, maybe in the future I’ll show you guys what I look like but… for now, no. ‘Why do you make videos for Cupquake?’ Okay, this is something that a lot of you guys probably are wondering I used to be just a fan of Cupquake I just watched their videos, I was just a subscriber That was it. But one day I decided to send in a fanart and they posted it on their channel and I saw it and I was like “Oh my gosh, they liked my art! I should send more!” And they started kinda talking a little about it And they also mentioned the fact that they were looking into animating some moments in their videos And I was like ‘Oh my gosh. I don’t know how to animate but I was thinking about learning how to animate.” So I sent them a message, I said “Hey! I kind of know the basics of animation.” and they kinda already knew me by my art So they were like ‘Okay, what’s your email, what’s your Skype, let’s get in contact, let’s make this happen!” And one thing led to another and… out came ‘Terrible Mother’! and you guys loved it so much we just HAD to make more and that’s how this whole animation thing started. So that’s I’m telling you guys; You have to get yourself out there because my whole career, basically, just started by sending in a fanart, which is a prime example why you don’t know what possibilities are out there! You just need to pop your bubble and form the path that you want to take. ‘What inspires you to draw or animate?’ And this is a really quick answer; It’s you guys! All the support and allll the love and comments you guys leave for me is the most inspiration that I could ever have and… you guys don’t know this but I really doubt myself when I make animations. On all my videos so far, I’ve always been working on it, in the middle of working, and I just think to myself “I don’t even know if this is funny,” I don’t even think that you guys are gonna like this and I think about, just, starting over and doing something else But I just post it, and all the comments are SO nice… there’s a little bit of criticism but it’s like really good criticism and it’s like “Maybe you should do this” and it’s really nice, and you’re all so polite and that’s really what inspires me! So as long as you guys help support this channel and me then you guys are definitely gonna be getting more animations So thank you guys, I wanna also thank you guys for 13 thousand subscribers in two months! I don’t… I have no words That’s… beautiful *laughs* Thank you guys so much! Well that’s all the questions I’m gonna answer for this video Make sure to like the video and subscribe if you haven’t Also, if you wanna be updated on the channel, know when I’m taking questions for more Q&A videos or even getting a day in advance notification on when I’m posting an animation follow me on Twitter @JaidenAnimation and check out my DeviantArt where I post some of my drawings Anyway, thanks for all the support and all the love And I’ll see you again later Bye!

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  1. For this channel no But for CupQuake yes. After she said that she made like Ari's Birthday Work Parthers and a lot more

  2. Jaiden (4 years ago): * Makes a q and a after 5 videos *
    Jaiden (current): I recorded this on a toaster I swear…
    Me: Wow Jaiden, started at 17! You're turning 22 this year! Happy Very Advanced Birthday!

  3. There was a girl who was born without arms. She does everything we take for granted WITH HER FEET
    So genetically, if you were her, you'd have no choice but feet for hands and moving.

    Her name was Sophie Green

  4. I have started learning to animate, I use Flipaclip on my ipad, I am not as good rn but you know who had inspired me to animate? YOU!!! I love your animations and drawings.

  5. Give Jaiden lots of time to draw: looks like this
    Give Jaiden an deadline for tomorrow: HuRRy!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like terrible mother and dino killer


    Cupquake:ooh theres a slime oh DIE SLIME,oh? am i a slime Gasp


    Cupquake:*Long gasp*i am so sorry

    Red:i-i cant even

    Cupquake:I AM SO SORRY

    Red:i-im out

    Cupquake:I AM SO SORRY

  7. Just came back from Ihascupquake.
    And she only needs 200 thousand subscribe more to be as equal as her own idol.

  8. Hi, that is some good advice on the putting your content out there. I can’t do that and only have 15 subs ?

  9. hello i cane here from future, and i know what Jaiden looks like

  10. I'm literally watching a video, while I'm making my first animation 4 channel that I'm about to make, it's not this one so ya

  11. I'd lime to learn how to animate from you, because i don't care what people think
    You might Jaiden.

  12. Give me the link to the app you used on the video pls? i want be a animator but i dont find any app good enough for me

  13. I have a question,what do you use for animating ,like a laptop or a tablet and the programa or app

  14. I was 12 when I started animating and I still am TIME IS SO SLOW but I'm doing better I guess?
    I just like to draw :3

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