PUPI (pupy) compilation | full malayalam animation cartoon movie foe kids

PUPI (pupy) compilation | full malayalam animation cartoon movie foe kids

Poopy…Poopy Bow..bow..bow.. Poopy…Poopy Bow..bow..bow.. The butterfly calls him Will you be my friend ? Will you come with me to play? The Hen and the Crow Called him to join them Poopy… Bow…bow…bow Poopy…Poopy Bow…bow…bow Bow…bow…bow Poopy…Poopy Bow…bow…bow Bow…bow…bow The tortoise, chameleon and duck The kitten and sparrows The tortoise, chameleon and duck The kitten and sparrows Called him to join them and to play with them Called him to join them and to play with them Poopy Bow…bow…bow We all have wonderful stories to tell Stories rich in knowledge We all have wonderful stories to tell Stories rich in knowledge Will you come with us
to hear the stories? Will you come with us, dear Poopy ? Will you come with us
to hear the stories? Will you come with us, dear Poopy ? Poopy  Bow..bow..bow Then I shall come with you To join your company Will you too join us dear friends? To hear the stories And to enjoy together Lets enjoy the stories Lets enjoy together Lets enjoy the stories Hello friends,
did you like Poopy? He is our new friend. Poopy is always doubtful. He asks a lot of questions but he is so cute a puppy One day he asked mother Hen whether she or the egg, has come first. He was forgiven just because
it was mother Hen. Let’s see what Poopy has done? Poopy and Mother Hen. Oh! She will not allow me to sleep. Won’t you allow me to sleep,
dear mother Hen? Why do you cry aloud? I have laid an egg Is it such a great thing? Are you joking? Without laying eggs, how can the chicks be hatched? Do chicks come out of eggs? Don’t you know all these things? Eggs are hatched and chicks are born… Have I too hatched out of an egg? Fool, Your mother gave birth to you. But birds like us lay eggs
and hatch the chicks. Is it so?… I shall sit here. Then I can also see the chicks
when they hatch out. This will not hatch soon I will lay four more eggs like this I have kept two with me… Then I will sit over the eggs Then? After some days the chicks will hatch out of the eggs. Hai! …. The chicks must be very beautiful to see What do you want? I was just looking at the eggs No..no..no.. Don’t play such tricks with me. You are haughty, I don’t want to see the eggs
or your chicks…. The chicks must be very beautiful to see! Will she allow me to play with them? I think its sparrows, Let me have a look! I don’t find the sparrows here Alas! The sound is from mother Hen’s home. Wow, the chicks! Don’t worry, come and see my chicks Don’t be scared dear chicks, Poopy will not do anything to you. Mother Hen, I have a doubt…. Have you also come like this,
hatching out of egg? Yes. why are you doubtful? So which has come first,
egg or the hen? How is our dear Poopy? He is very impish. One day he saw a chameleon, and got scared. Then the chameleon showed him a trick. Poopy was surprised. Don’t you want to see the trick
the chameleon has showed Poopy. Watch out for Poopy and the Chameleon What fun! …Wow… Now, I will take this and play Is anybody there? Then what has moved over there? Alas! what a creature is this? The whole body is Green! I am scared. Don’t be afraid, I am a chameleon. I will not do any harm to you. Wow! I am relieved I was really scared, seeing you Your horny scales, round eyes, long tongue and tail
will frighten any body. From where did you get this green shirt? This is not a shirt, this is a trick. Alas! Chakki, the dog is coming That dog always scares me Where is my…new friend? I am here Where, where are you? Can’t you see me, I am here Where? Here, in this flower In this flower? But this is a flower! This is not flower, it’s me! Hai! It’s surprising! How did you change your colour? Why did you run away seeing the dog? Just like that, I am also hiding myself in this flower. This was the trick that I was telling you, but by changing my colour. I like your trick. Next number is a song Its an interesting folk song You can also learn it easily But, the song is full of questions What is it? It’s kumkum Then why doesn’t it have fragrance? Isn’t it a flower that give fragrance? What is it? It’s kumkum What is it? It’s kumkum If it’s kumkum,
it should have a fragrance? Is it not a flower
that gives fragrance? If it’s a flower
then it should get tied Is it not a cow that’s tied If it’s cow, it should be milked Is it not milk that is being milked If it’s milk then it must be butter milk If it’s butter milk then it should be sour Is it not tamarind that tastes sour? If it’s tamarind it would hang Is it not snake that hang down? If it’s a snake it would bite Is it not hen that bites? If it’s hen it would cry Cokoco..cokoco
Cokoco..cokorako … There is lot to tell about Poopy’s pranks. When he saw the mother Hen,
Crow and the Kite flying, he also wanted to fly. Let’s watch what Poopy has done. Poopy and Birds. What happened Poopy,
you look happy today. I am happy, always Will you come with me, let’s play It’s a nice joke, to play with you? We want to get food If I had wings,
I could have flown with them Dear Mother Hen, where are you going with your chicks? We are going to search for food, we cannot play all the time like you Dear Mother Hen,why don’t you go
flying just like the sparrows? You need not walk with your chicks A very good joke Poopy my dear, I cannot fly just like sparrows If you cannot fly,
then why do you have the wings? Yes…yes…its for flying But I cannot fly like birds For a very short distance,that’s all Now I understood, Mother Hen can fly only this much. Did you run scared of me? I will not catch you I was scared when you came running Why do you swim all the time ? You too have wings,
then why don’t you fly? Even though I have wings,
I cannot fly long We ducks like to swim in water Dear Crow, why don’t you walk around
like Mother Hen and gather your food? Fine, why should I walk when I can fly? I like to gather food flying
from one place to another I am sad… I wish if I could fly like them. That kite is always in the sky, what a fun it would be…
to fly like that. That’s why he does not come down. Even a very small butterfly can fly I too want to fly, I will fly now Oh! mother…help…help… Mother…help Dear Poopy, why do you do all this naughty things? How can you fly without wings? Only birds can fly… I don’t want wings and
I don’t want to fly too. Don’t be silly, dear Poopy See… we birds cannot
run and jump like you ! You should be proud of your abilities Yes. Poopy thinks that everybody is like him. He learnt a few new things
when he met a kitten recently. Don’t you want to know
what the kitten has taught Poopy, watch out…Poopy and the Kitten. What are you searching for? I am searching for a mouse, the mouse I was chasing,
ran off somewhere Why do you chase the mouse? Fine, my job is to catch
the mouse in the home Right, why do you always sleep here? Don’t you know,
my job is to guard the home! I have chased the mouse up to here. Right, now I will tell you
where the mouse is. The mouse is in the hole, you cannot catch him now. How do you know that
the mouse is inside the hole? I can understand through smell. Good, you are really smart Will you come to play with me? Sure! Wow! A ball! Lets play Alas! the ball has gone How can we play now? Let me find it.. O! The ball is not here Let me have a look Wow! I have found the ball Its dark inside the bushes, how did you find the ball ? I can see even when it’s very dark. The ball has fallen in the water. Go and take the ball…fast. It’s me who took it when
it went into the bushes Now its your turn! I can’t, I am afraid to
step into the water. I want the ball,
it’s you who kicked it to the pond. No, its you; you must take it If you are so smart,
climb the tree and catch me. I don’t know to climb a tree It’s bad that you are
playing this way.. here’s the ball. Now don’t quarrel for it…ok Friends never quarrel with each other Yeah We got the ball,
now you can come down I don’t have any quarrel with you I will not catch you Be careful…
or you will fall down. It’s surprising that
you did not fall down. That’s also one of my abilities Your mother has come, she’s calling you ; let’s go home, fast… But I didn’t hear, how did you hear that ? I can hear even very low sound
from a long distance Just like I see in the dark, right! Come, lets go Now you hear a song, a song about a squirrel You can sing along. O dear squirrel O dear squirrel O dear squirrel
Give us what you can, dear O dear squirrel
Give us what you can, dear Not a lump of gold that
an elephant can take Nor a heap of rice as offering Not a lump of gold that
an elephant can take Nor a heap of rice as offering O dear squirrel O dear squirrel O dear squirrel O dear squirrel Drop us a mango fruit
That you can get Drop us a mango fruit
That you can get O dear squirrel O dear squirrel Even though Poopy is impish,
he is so cute; After all, he is a small puppy. He has just begun to learn everything. That’s why he asked the sparrows
why they make their nest. Friends, don’t you want to know
what Poopy has asked the sparrows. Watch out, Poopy and the Sparrows. What’s that sparrow doing? I will take a closer look I have seen birds picking up
grains and insects. But this sparrow is different, Let me ask her O! she has come again Help! help! Don’t be scared, I won’t do anything I have come to see what you are doing. Is it? Why do you gather these fibres? Are you joking? To make my nest Nest? What is that? We birds make nest and we live in it Why do you make nest,
when you can fly? Alas! the rain is coming Rain is coming, rain is coming Don’t you have a nest? I am saved, the rain didn’t wet me so much. Now I understood, why birds make nest. The rain has stopped. It’s that sparrow
which I have seen earlier Why did she come in front of my home? Why are you here? Is this your nest? This is my home Such a big one? Did you make this? No, my master has built
this home for me. I can sit inside without
fearing rain or sun A beautiful home Will you come with me? I will show you my nest Right Poopy is very desirous to swim, but he does not know swimming. Then he got a new friend,
who knows swimming. Who is that new friend?
Let us find out! How joyful it is to walk
through this garden. How beautiful  Really beautiful, If I knew swimming… I could have gone
to the other side of the pond. Alas! this seems moving, or is it an illusion? Help..help.. earthquake…
earthquake….help Don’t worry, its not earth quake. Who are you? I am a poor tortoise You were standing on my back. No, I was standing on a rock. That’s not a rock; My back looks like a rock. Really? You’re right,
I was standing on your back Why does your back look like a rock? I will tell you why Help! she will catch me. Friend, the kite has gone Has the kite gone ? She scares me often. The shell helps me to escape
from the enemies. I would withdraw my head
and hide inside my shell That is a wonderful trick I usually bark. If still there’s danger,
I would run I cannot run like you I usually move slowly Then….. My shell which is like rock
is the only protection! Come, lets go to the pond If I stay here,
the kite will come again Alas! Don’t know whether the kite
has caught the poor tortoise or not? Wow! Do you know swimming? Are you joking? I live both on land and water Take this… my present Poopy is smart,
even though he is a bit naughty He wants to know everything That’s why he asks a lot of questions Lets watch this story Poopy and the Butterfly Chakki the dog is barking, I am scared Wow…a butterfly It’s beautiful I am going to play with this butterfly. The butterfly is kissing the flowers I will also kiss the flowers What a fragrance! This one also smells good And what about this one?
Sure, this is not a flower Oh! Help… Is it a worm? What’s the matter Poopy? Alas! dear mother Crow,
here’s a worm in this leaf, I am really scared of it You are a fool,
why do you fear it? It’s that worm that later
becomes the beautiful butterfly Then ? Look at that leaf Did you see a butterfly there It’s laying eggs on that leaf. Caterpillars like him
come out of the eggs Did you see a pupa in that leaf? This caterpillar will hibernate
inside a pupa like that Then what happens? After some days it will come out
as a beautiful butterfly Its interesting,
you are a smart guy. Wow ! What you told is right,
dear mother Crow … There goes a butterfly from a pupa. Do you like me ? Come let’s go and play together. Next number is a musical. It shows Poopy and his friends playing, you will definitely like it. Friends, lets make a playcart Right! Friends Our dear Pupi has come again This time he has come with
many of his friends. When he gets more friends
his pranks will also increase When his mischief increases
the stories will also increase Thus he is walking around sniffing
and telling all the stories he have; naughty little puppy! Shall we join him? Let everybody sniff like Pupy! The little breeze that hold The little breeze that hold The little breeze that hold The dancing jasmines do have aroma Jasmines do have an aroma. The pretty smiles that line The dancing roses do have aroma Roses do have aroma The little breeze that hold
The dancing jasmines do have aroma Jasmines do have an aroma. The pretty smiles that line
The dancing roses do have aroma Roses do have aroma The grandpa jack tree bearing The ripened jackfruit do have aroma The oranges that line the shops Also have an aroma The hot and sweet neyyappam Has sweet jaggery’s aroma The fried fish watched by
the naughty cats Also have an aroma. The little breeze that hold The little breeze that hold
The dancing jasmines do have aroma The pretty smiles that line
The dancing roses do have aroma Carry…carry…carry forward Carry…carry…carry forward The spicy smelling cardamom The ripen pearly pepper grains Too have that hotty aroma The tulsi leaf and pachotti Too have great aroma The curry leaf too have in its heart The spicy smell that please us more The little breeze that hold The little breeze that hold
The dancing jasmines do have aroma Jasmines do have aroma The little breeze that hold
The dancing jasmines do have aroma Jasmines do have aroma The pretty smiles that line The dancing roses do have aroma Roses do have aroma The little breeze that hold
The dancing jasmines do have aroma The pretty smiles that line
The dancing roses do have aroma Our Pupy is not the cool old puppy He has become naughty Or why did he make the stinging
bees his friends… Now he tells that he has seen
the palace of the bees. Lets see what’s really happened? Pupy and the Bees This is a nuisance…! What a noise? It gives me headache.. Who are you? Why do you pester me? See, I will get angry… Ha..ha..that’s funny.
Don’t you know me? I am a honeybee. I have seen houseflies;but I am seeing and hearing a honeybee
for the first time. Ha ..ha..Honey bees like us
make the honey. Honey? What’s it? Come on, I will show you. Are you playing with the flowers? Okay, where are we going? Us? To my home; fine, we have reached. Where is your home? There, look up! Don’t fear dear friend, a fruit fell over the hive, that’s why they make all these noise. Oh! saved! I will sit beneath this tree. Wow! a swarm of bees! What do you do there? We will collect nectar from flowers
and keep them inside the hive All right, so earlier you were collecting
nectar from the flower. Yes, I shall tell you the whole story Come, Pupy Wow! it’s a great wonder This is our home Is it home! It looks like a palace… Yea, somewhat like that! Here everybody has a job of his own. The one who stands is the guard. Look…those are the workers So, you have a good strength! Yeah, a number of bees. The queen, the male bees, the workers like us. The female bees become workers … come on,
I will show you every one. Wow! Its interesting You told that everyone has a job, so whats your job?
Is it roaming around like this? Oh!no; bees like me collect nectar
from the flowers. Then we have to build the hive,
clean it, make honey and sometimes
do the job of soldiers. Is it? A lot of workers, right? Watch it! A bee is pouring nectar
into the cells. Now they will fan over the cells
with their wings. Then the water in the nectar will
evaporate and becomes honey. Well, it’s amazing! Wow! Baby bees! Yea! They have hatched out
only two days ago. Come on, I will show you
something funny… What is so funny? Come on… Wow! It’s a dance! You have everything here –
singing, dancing… Oh no! Its not merry making. It’s a dance that tells all others
where the nectar has been found. The happenings in your home
is indeed amazing. Wow! How sweet I did not know that
honey is so sweet To whom are you talking? Listen…open your eyes. Where are the bees? They were dancing,
and we went together to your home. You have been dreaming,
you were sleeping Is it? So was it a dream? A sweet dream. Shall I ask you a story puzzle? Somebody opened an umbrella
at night And alas!
flew with the opened umbrella Flew and flew, and plucked a fruit Plucked the fruit
and closed the umbrella. Who is it? Can any one tell? But our little Pupy
found the villain. Watch out this story,
you will also know who it is. Wow! Whats it? Fruits! Good ones! Who kept them here? Oh! Whats this? This might be done by that squirrel Pupy…
where are you going this morning? Playing smart! Are you pretending
that you do not know anything? Hey! What’s the matter? Why did you put the remains of fruits
you have eaten in front of my home, it has become dirty. What? Why were you trying to fool me,
placing fruits in front of my home? Dear friend, I did not come
even near to your house. Why do you quarrel like this,
we will find out who has done it…ok! Take my word …
I will find out whoever it be. Pupy, get up..get up… O! Its sparrow! Dear Pupy, I have also found
a bunch of fruits beneath my tree Is it true?
Did you see who has kept it? No, somebody is tricking us. We should find out who it is? Friends…listen What happened dear squirrel?,
you look frightened Yesterday….yesterday Yesterday,
a bird was flying around my tree. It was black bird,
and had big wings. I was… I was frightened. In the morning saw a lot of
half eaten fruits beneath the tree. The bird did not do anything to you,
then why do you fear. Now its sure that
a bird is doing all this, a big black bird. So… this bird might be able
to see at night. Do you know which bird is it? Only the owl can see at night. Its owl..its the owl Lets find out the owl.. Who are you? I cannot see clearly. What do you want? Well… Did you think that
we would not be able to find you? Why did you play trick on us keeping fruits in front of
our houses and beneath the trees Fruits? But I never eat fruits..! Then who did it? What shall we do now? I have an idea. Shall we hide and catch this bird. How? We will collect some fruits
and place them under a tree. Then all of us will hide. We will catch the bird
when it comes… This is the bird,
this is the bird. Shhhh..silence What a bird is this! It’s hanging with its head down. Shhhh..silence Let me go.. please let me go.. Don’t worry..We will not harm you. Tell us…who are you? I am a bat… I have come to eat these fruits. Is it you who place fruits
under the trees. Please excuse me, I have plucked them for my baby. I shall take them back at once. We just wanted to know who is doing all these tricks,
that’s why we have caught you. Now you can go… we are all your friends. How do you fly at night? Can you see at night? Hmm.. I can find the way with
the help of sound waves too. Alas! You are a wonder creature. How many babies you have? Do they fly? I have only one baby; he is only three weeks old. Wow! Do birds give birth
to their young ones. Bats are not birds,
but flying creatures. We give birth to young ones
and feed them with milk. It’s a surprise! Where is your young one?
Is it in your nest? He is with me. With you? Where is he?
Where is he? He is afraid, come here dear… see these friends. Hey…we have found you He is like that;
he hangs on my back, all the time. Shall we leave, we will see again, dear friends Friends, we eat a variety of food every day. Each one has a different taste,
right! Mango is sour, jilebi is sweet
and bitter gourd is bitter! Here is a song about tastes! Hip o hurray! Hip o hurray! the monkey bit
the hot chilly Hot, its hot, the monkey twitched
‘Thithay’, he ran around ‘Thaka-thaithay’, he cried aloud Hip o hurray! Hip o hurray! the monkey bit
the hot chilly Hot, its hot, the monkey twitched
‘Thithay’, he ran around ‘Thaka-thaithay’, he cried aloud The tiny little squirrel bit
the mango on the tender branch, The tiny little squirrel bit
the mango on the tender branch, Alas! its sour, up he jumped ‘Chil-chil-chil-chil’
the little squirrel Hip o hurray! Bitter its bitter gourd,
The rabbit bit, a bottom bit Bitter its bitter gourd,
The rabbit bit, a bottom bit Bitter, bitter, it’s a bitter tale
Better run, hold up the tail Bitter, bitter, it’s a bitter tale
Better run, hold up the tail Hip o hurray! Taking gooseberry from the ground
The bear munched it, all at once Taking gooseberry from the ground
The bear munched it, all at once Sourish, he spat and spat Sourish, he spat and spat
Fainted and fell down soon Hip o hurray! The little rat stole and gulped
Jilebis plenty, in the shop The little rat stole and gulped
Jilebis plenty, in the shop Sweet its sweet, he shouted loud Sweet its sweet, he shouted loud
And jumped and jumped, the joyous rat Hip o hurray! Even though Pupy does a lot of mischief
he has love for everybody; he also helps everyone. Few days ago, he saved a lizard,
and the lizard became his friend. Let’s watch how
they have become friends. Pupy and Lizard. Who’s it? Who is it? don’t you hear me? O! help, help; a cat is after me, he will catch me now… Don’t be afraid…get in Did you see a lizard? No… But here is the smell of the lizard Hey…what are you doing here. The lizard you are looking for is not here. Go away… You saved my life. I will never forget this help, shall I go now. No..no.. That cat is somewhere here; I shall go and have a look. Till then, don’t go anywhere. Yes, I will not go anywhere. It’s a surprise…
how did you walk through the wall. O! Is it that…its one of our abilities. Do you have any other surprises
like this, dear friend? There are lot more surprises; I will show them another time. I will come back soon! Yes, dear friend. The cat is not here Is it that cat? Whats she eating? Alas! she has caught my friend.
What are you eating? Have you caught that lizard? No I have not seen her after that. I cannot believe it, shall I check? Friend, friend… Dear friend, where are you? Alas! Thats is her tail! Alas! The cat has caught her! I was not able to save her… Dear friend, I am here. Wow! Is she here! I am relieved! Everything happened as you feared. I escaped from the cat cutting my tail. Alas! Did you cut the tail? How did you do it? Why did you get out? Excuse me dear friend,
I went out to catch a fly. In such situations we lizards
escape cutting our tail. Don’t bother about my tail… It will grow again. Don’t go anywhere, stay with me here… As you wish… Dear friends,
we do have so many wishes. Pupy too have a wish, to sow a seed. He is like that; when something strikes,
he will go after that. Lets see whether Pupy’s
seed has sprouted. Ha..ha..ha! Ha..ha..ha! O! I didn’t get it! Alas! its gone! Ha..ha..ha! Alas! my thistledown! Its gone forever! Dear Pupy, It’s a seed that
glides in the wind. You cannot catch it, let it go, it can go only if there is wind. A seed? What’s it? Pupy, Seeds sprout and
grow out as plants. The plants grow and become big trees Is thistledown a seed? Yes, a seed that glides in the wind Is it? Don’t be sad, I will give you a seed that
does not fly, a mango seed.. its the seed of this mango tree. Hai, It good to kick and play with it. You naughty puppy, its not a thing
to be kicked. Take it with you and sow it somewhere,
it will sprout. Then it will grow and become
a big mango tree. Has this big mango tree grown out
from this small mango seed? Are you doubtful? Yes, I am going to take this
mango seed and sow it somewhere. Let me know whether you are
telling the truth. Let me sow it here,
no its not the right place… I will sow it here Now I will ask every body to come
and see my mango tree. Friends, I have planted a mango tree Mango tree? How? I haved sowed a mango seed. Tomorrow it will grow and
become a big mango tree. All of you should come and see. Bring squirrel and rabbit too,
when you come. Okay Oh! Its morning… O! my mango tree! Where is my mango tree? O! I don’t find even a plant. What shall I tell my friends? It’s a shame…The Crow has tricked me My mango tree has not sprouted. The Crow has tricked me. No body has tricked you. The mango seed will take days
to sprout. You have to pour water too. The little squirrel helped too,
as he could We will come after some days What a rain it was! Its almost two days I have gone out. My mango tree might have sprouted,
anyway. Wow! A number of mushrooms after
the rain, how beautiful! My mango tree has not sprouted
despite all these rain. We have not seen Pupy for some days Lets go and see, and find out whether
his mango tree has sprouted. Pupy, dear Pupy why didn’t you
come to see us. Don’t talk to me. Every one tricked me. My mango tree did not sprout. Is it the matter, don’t be sad,
we will find a way out. But today we have come with
a present for you. Present? For me? Yeah, you come out first, come out…! Now close your eyes, and come with us What’s your present? It’s something to be seen;
if told the fun is gone.. Pupy, now open your eyes Hai! my mango plant has sprouted,
my mango plant has sprouted. When the plant grows up and
becomes a mango tree, every one can eat the mango fruit. Be patient… let it grow When we get up in the morning, we hear a number of sounds. Sound of the birds, sound of animals, sound of vehicles,
television, phone… what a variety of sounds! Let make a song with all these…
come on The crow cried ‘ka-ka-ka’ The koels sang ‘koo-koo-koo’ The parrot krieked ‘kri-kri-kri’ Flowers, flowers, Spring again The crow cried ‘ka-ka-ka’ The koels sang ‘koo-koo-koo’ The parrot krieked ‘kri-kri-kri’ Flowers, flowers, Spring again The chenda sounds ‘dim-dim-dim’ The rhythms rise ‘jee-yam-jam’ The horns play ‘pe-pera-pe’ Carnival, carnival at the kavu The crow cried ‘ka-ka-ka’ The koels sang ‘koo-koo-koo’ The parrot krieked ‘kri-kri-kri’ Flowers, flowers, Spring again The wind blows ‘su-su-su’ The thunder strikes ‘te-te-te’ The rain pours ‘sr-sr-sr’ Rainy rainy days ahead The crow cried ‘ka-ka-ka’ The koels sang ‘koo-koo-koo’ The parrot krieked ‘kri-kri-kri’ Flowers, flowers, Spring again The horses dash ‘tak-tak-tak’ The train moves on ‘chuk-chuk-chuk’ The bus plies ‘pom-pom-pom’ Vehicles, vehicles all around The crow cried ‘ka-ka-ka’ The koels sang ‘koo-koo-koo’ The parrot krieked ‘kri-kri-kri’ Flowers, flowers, Spring again The hen cried ‘ko-kara-ko’ The cat mewed ‘myavoo-myavoo’ Pupy barked ‘bow-bow-bow’ Morning, morning once again Morning, morning once again Pupy is very fond of his friends. He is always in search
of a new friend. One day Pupy saw a frog in an old well. What happened later is
an interesting story. Come on friends, lets watch it too! Oh! A frog Help! Save me! How did you get into this? I live in this well. I got into this when somebody
took water from the well… please save me! Don’t worry, I will save you! Thanks a lot; you saved my life Are you coming with me? I will show you all my friends. I want to go back We will come back soon, right? All right, then I will also come Wow! what a beautiful pond! This pond has a lot of
fishes and frogs. All are my friends. Is it? Dear friend, do you have
fishes in your well? No Come, I will show you the fishes Come, come… Dear friend, these are not fishes,
these are tadpoles Tadpoles? What kind of creature is it? You are wrong, these are fishes. No..no! These are tadpoles! No…no…no..! Pupy, your friend is telling the truth. Those are tadpoles. I am their mother Is it? Pupy, I will first lay eggs
over the water. After some days small tadpoles will
come from the eggs. Then they will grow legs. Then the tail of the tadpoles will
slowly shorten and becomes a small frog. Hai! Then frogs begin their life on land. They will come back to water to swim
and to lay eggs. Did you like the story? Its funny, dear mother frog From where did your friend come? I haven’t seen him before I belong to the nearby well; I have come to see the pond… Rain will come soon; its a festival here,
you can also join us… Hai! What fun! I too want to play with them! Hey! Want to join us? Dear friend,
I too want to swim with them Ok I will sit here, you can join them, but come back soon. Wow! Interesting! My old well does not have
all these fun. My friend is there still… I shall come soon.. Dear friend… Friend…. Dear friend…move away; the water snake will catch you. Help! Alas! the water snake might
have caught my friend. Pupy… Wow! Anything happened to you my dear. No dear Pupy.. You and these two friends together
have saved my life. They hid me behind a plant; I was lucky, the water snake
did not catch me. Is it? Don’t you want to go back. I don’t want to go anywhere
leaving you and these good friends. Really! I am very happy I was just a little froggie in an old well. You showed me this vast world… thank you very much Pupy does not like
anyone quarrelling. When the quarrel is between friends,
they need Pupy to find a solution. One day the Crow and the Koel
had a quarrel. Lets see what the quarrel is about. Watch out for Pupy, Crow and Koel. Who’s singing the song? Are you the one who is singing the song? Ha..ha..ha, interesting I like your song, what’s your name? Koel. You look like the crow, but your eyes are red. This is my mate, the dotted koel. I got two more friends, I am happy. So where’s your nest? Can you show me? Nest,… oh! our nest…. that I will show you,
some other day. Now we have to go in search of food, we will see tomorrow… All right. Dear friend, save me! save me Why did you catch my friend? Let him free, he is humble. Humble? Well said… he came near our nest and
made all the noise. We will not let him go. No, I did not do anything. I was just singing,sitting on a branch
of the tree,but they chased me away. He did not do any harm to you,
let him go… You are saved just because of Pupy I am very thankful. You saved me from that crows. Look, she is there. Do not let her go. Help! Save me! Alas! Pupy, it’s my mate. The crows are chasing her. Save us please… O! dear friend.
Come here…come this way. Help, save me! Pupy, isn’t it you who told us that
your friends are humble. Ask her what she has done? What, what has really happened? I don’t understand anything This bird laid her eggs in our nest Is it true? Why did you do it? Believe me, I have not laid eggs
in their nest. I just went near the Crow’s nest,
that all. But all of them chased me away. Telling lie! Then whose eggs did I see in my nest. Those eggs are your own, dear Crow No..no..no You don’t quarrel like this,
we will solve this… Umm..Shall we go to Mother Hen! Lets ask Mother Hen what to do? Who saw her laying eggs in Crow’s nest? I saw her going out from my nest Is Crow telling the truth? Don’t you have nest? No nest, nothing.. Calm down, let the Mother Hen ask We koels do not have the habit
of making nests. I will take my mate to Crow’s nest
when she is ready to lay eggs That’s what I told! That’s what I told! Because they don’t have a nest We males would distract the crows
by making noise. By that time she would lay eggs
in Crow’s nest. Alas! So it is true that you laid eggs
in Crow’s nest! So that’s you, liar! You must take away that eggs, now! Alas! My eggs! My birdies! I would not have done it,
if I had a nest. Dear Crow, Little birdies are inside the eggs,

01:21:24,100 –>01:21:26,000
when they come out, they will look only for the mother,
not for Crow or Koel. But, dear Mother Hen Little ones are always little ones. We should not punish them for matters
that they do not know. Forgive me.. I will take care of your eggs. I will bring up your birdies
like my own! Don’t worry… I am relieved Me too!

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