Puberty – Boys vs. Girls (Animated skit)

Puberty – Boys vs. Girls (Animated skit)

Hey guys.
Hey. Ugh, you guys too? This is like the 3rd month
in a row that we synched up! Hmhmm
You too bro? Yup.
Sigh ow ow ow ow
fap fap fap fap Oh
that wasn’t as bad as I thought. That wasn’t too bad. I guess I was worried
for nothing. Thank you for shopping with us. Have a good
night sir. Why….
Hey bro, did you do it? Yah, of course I did. I did the dare.
Oh dude you’re so cool. Yah you’re so brave.
So…what do we do with it now? Hey mom, can I go shopping? I need new shoes
and a dress for the summer and a new bra cuz mine’s getting too small for me.
Sure. Hey mom, I need new socks.
Hm. They are still watching…. Just go.
Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching my first ever video. About. Puberty, Boys
versus Girls. Yah I know it’s sort of a random topic but
since I saw how nobody else has done a funny video on it yet, I might as well be the first
one. It’s also my first time animating so, videos will get better, I promise. So if you
wanna see more hit the subscribe button. I’m watching.
Can you get off me now?

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  1. I think my mum wants me on my period… Because I'm so picky and when I on my period, I eat whatever is in front of me lol

  2. It’s harder being a girl because you have to do with your period and it’s kind of awkward when you like a guy and he likes you but you don’t wanna ask him out you want him ask you out but he doesn’t and it’s like the “Standard” for boys to ask girls out

  3. 9 year old me: exists
    Depression, Anxiety, Insecurities, Acne, Puberty: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  4. When I last had my period, my stomach was hurting so much and a lot of blood can out. My mom have me a medicine that stops it from hurting. It really sucks

  5. im tired of women complaining about their puberty because t-34 tanks obviously have more difficulties in puberty so be grateful😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  6. 9 and a half year old me: it’s the best day everrrrrrrr (best day ever!)

    Period + Puberty: Depression is here, depression is near depression is your now next worst, fear

  7. Umm sometimes you can’t just put makeup over your pimples for me as a girl I don’t wear a lot of makeup but if I don’t want pimples I wash my face and eat healthy and don’t touch my face or you can use pimple cream but not all girls use makeup to cover up there pimples

  8. Every girl:Aw man, I got a pimple, i'm gonna put on some makeup :p
    Me:Fuck it, i'm just gonna act like it doesn't even exist

    Also the genitals for boys thing, WOW, THAT HAPPENED

  9. Ppl keep thinking there puberty is that bad you should see alberts when it hit him

    *le epicly shows alberts reverse card
    Reverse card: rlly rlly buff man screamming at the top of his lungs to a rlly rlly skinny legend screamming higher than his lungs

  10. Im a girl and i can relate to the one of the boys on the pimples 😂😂 i pop them i dont like make up and im not allowed r.i.p :l

  11. first time

    Me: oh boy-
    Also me: *about to click off video*

    Video: *adds words "buying that thing*

    Me: oh okay

  12. I just screwed up my life

    I sent a voice memo of me singing a love song to my class group chat. I sat on my phone and sent it…. 💀💀💀

  13. I started puberty a while a go and I'm scared but excited for my first period , I should be only scared

  14. I had my period early my sister had it at 13 and I had mine at 8 I'm 20 now and it was at school in class when I had my first period I asked my mom for tampons it was soooo cringe

  15. It's just that when boys sit down we spread our legs because we don't want to squish our balls

    And people tell us to close them
    We can't tell them"no,my testacles are going to get squished"

    So we are forced to close them

    And be in pain


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