Proteus Animation

Proteus Animation

Wherever you have wastewater that is
processed or discharged into a receiving environment, you need a reliable way of
knowing what effect it will have on the environment. To do this you need to know
the quantity of any biodegradable organic matter contained in the water, by
measuring the biochemical oxygen demand. Here’s the problem, you have to send
someone to collect a sample which costs time and money to do. They’ll be exposed
to potential bio hazards and health and safety risks, samples can easily become contaminated unless obtained with absolute precision refrigeration, transport and storage all introduced yet further potential risks to the accuracy
of the results. To top it off, the sample needs to sit in the lab for five days before you even know you have an emergency on your hands and one we’re
waiting you still only end up with a plus or minus fifteen percent
uncertainty in the results, even with the very best laboratories which isn’t
surprising considering that we haven’t changed the way we do this for over a
hundred years. What if you don’t need to send anyone out, so no bio hazards or
contamination problems. You also don’t need to refrigerate, transport and store the samples and you can get accurate and reliable results in real time wherever
you are. Introducing the revolutionary multi-parameter water quality meter, Proteus, a global scientific breakthrough in providing low-cost real-time data for
BOD, COD and faecal coliforms. What’s the secret?
Well if you hit waste organic material with a short ultraviolet wavelength,
approximately 280 nano meter it’ll fluoresce at a particular
wavelength, approximately 350 nanometer which you can use to measure BOD. These fluorometers have been used for many years into the laboratories
for analyzing water quality samples from the field under the established and
trusted technique for reliably measuring dissolved organic matter. Then, we achieved an unprecedented breakthrough using the latest shortwave LED
technology we were able to miniaturize a submersible fluorometer that gives you
the same level of accuracy as the lab instruments but within harsh
environments and at a reduced cost the Proteus what does this mean you can now
timely adjust downstream processes at your wastewater plant to optimize
treatment processes and ensure compliance by monitoring wastewater
quality coming into the plant in real time you can also monitor and control
wastewater discharges such as sewer overflows and therefore protect rivers,
lakes, groundwater systems, drinking water sources, and bathing waters. Any upstream industrial process that requires effluent treatment can be monitored to
ensure you meet the regulatory requirements and avoid fines. The Proteus
can be used as a portable or permanent solution for almost any environmental
monitoring project looking at organic or faecal coliform loading. Need more? The Proteus can be configured to your choice of parameters, such as BOD, COD, TOC
faecal coliforms, turbidity, pH, redox, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen
and organic carbon, oil in water, and up to 30 other parameters. It has a
bluetooth option available and can be easily integrated with existing
telemetry systems and logging devices. Self-cleaning optical sensors and a
simple calibration every 6 to 12 months make the Proteus a low maintenance
system even in demanding applications such as settled sewage. So with the
Proteus you have a water monitoring probe that is versatile, portable,
permanent, has numerous applications, is easily deployable with optional internal
battery pack, very sensitive, gives you real-time data,
requires almost no maintenance, is highly cost effective telemetry ready, with
low power requirements, remote monitoring enabled and ready for effortless
integration. Everything you want in a multi-parameter water quality sensor
proteus real-time monitoring solutions for more information visit our website
or call us today.

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  1. Hello, i'm developing a real time water quality monitoring system by using iot as the platform.. basically, every sensors such as pH, DO, temp, E.C etc.. is connected to arduino(as the iot interface).. so im searching an instrument to measure/sense COD and BOD in real time and they are compatible with arduino.. so, is this probe compatible with arduino ?

  2. I guess it's only reserved for big firms ….. I can't image how expensive can be but this sensor is great. For those who are living water off grid…. it would be nice to have model which can be plugged into the distribution tubes. I know there is a RS232 interface, but it would be nice to have an Arduino/ESPhome lib….

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