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  1. There's simply no price it can pay for each one of the lessons you're sharing, Ray. I had the pleasure to see you in person in San Francisco, during Dreamforce, and even covering the same topics, it seems that every time we listen to you or watch this video, something else new will pop-up in my head.

    As someone who moved to another country to live a better life, who's trying hard to cope with the challenges of building a family, advancing professionally, build my own business, I feel that I need to watch this video every single week.

    You have my word that I'll share it as much as I can to as many people as I can.

    Thank you so much for sharing this content.

  2. Ray, thanks so much for this, I am literally in tears. I was born in 1981 and what you went through then is exactly what I am going through in my life right now. I have been looking for so many answers and what you have done is provided. God Bless.

  3. My appreciation is huge, thank you: The entire video is absolutely fabulous. Some of your ideas remind me at RUMI's 7 principles. For those that are not very familiar with his key advices, here they are: 1) in generosity and helping others be like a river; 2) In compassion and grace be like the sun; 3) In concealing others faults be like the night; 4) In anger and fury be like the dead; 5) In modesty and humility be like the earth; 6) In tolerance be like a sea; 7) Either exist as you are or be as you look. Grazie!

  4. Avoid debt unless the debt is used to acquire something that will provide returned value in the long—term!
    PS: I’m a 20year old who works at Best Buy and feel overwhelmingly tempted to buy things . Looking at my colleagues, I have the principle of discipline to use my money to invest in some of these companies who create products we sell at Best Buy. Apple and AMD shares are awesome!

  5. I usually never leave a comment, but I have to thank you Mr Dalio for this. It very helpful on this journey of mine and I hope that I will one day get to the state where I can pass all I have learnt, from you and from my experiences, to others. Thank you and God bless you

  6. What a mind opening video! Everyone searching like myself needs to watch this over and over again…I know I will…THANK YOU

  7. Thank you Ray Dalio. I am eternally grateful for this wisdom. These lessons would have taken me many years to learn from observations alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. I thank you for this!!! I have some changes to make in 2020 although it may be painful I have to face reality to move forward. Thank you so much!

  9. Ray and team. Thank you for putting together this video. Great material great insight. Last message is amazing! Forget Rays principals — DECIDE HOW YOU WILL EVOLVE

  10. If you like this video and would like to know more about principles by Ray Dalio
    Please check out "Principles" by Ray Dalio, one of the best sellers on Amazon right now.
    I found it really helpful and wish you feel the same way too.

  11. アメリカって自分たちの成功や発見でも隠さずに世界の人に広めようとするOPENなところがすごくいいよね、だからNO1の国になるんだよ、まあこれからは国単位ではなくなると思うし自分の利権をもとに支配しようとすればそれは必ず上手くいかない、人々のためになることでなければ、これが法則のひとつなんだよ。宇宙はこれらの法則を全自動で機能するようにシステム化してあるんだ。私たち人間もこれから選択がもっとも機能するようAI化させることになる。だって原始的でしょ、能力や思考がさまざまな人があれがいいこれがいいなんて言ってたら混乱し非効率、学校の成績では忍耐力くらいしか測れないしねそれは労働社会のなかでは良かったんだろう。これからは労働社会から自分の時間がもっと増えてくるようになるんだ。これらも進化のひとつ。

  12. これから日本経済ものちに18年も続く大きな強気市場になりました。とならないかなあ

  13. Wow well unpacked principles, 👏 I am going to share it with my sister right now. It’s never too late to learn/reflect from the journey with all the obstacles that took place in my life. Thank you 🙏

  14. 真実よりここちのいい正解が大好き真実なんか見たくない!知りたくない!だって怖いからっていう日本人ばかりだからなあ笑早く死ねばいいのにと思ってしまう。臆病な人間は大嫌い

  15. Thank you very much mr Dalio for your generosity. these priceless lessons helped me to change my life from confuse and sadness into success and happiness. Many thanks again Ray dalio.

  16. Thank God for the internet,for YouTube and for the era I was born in.
    I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon this video.

  17. I'm just 13 and I'm starting to think about my future. I am good at 3 things
    1.Im athletic and I play 5 sports
    2. I like art (not so good at it)
    3.Im good in computers.
    So idk what should I do I like each one of these 3 so idk what should I choose, I don't know my goals yet and I know that whatever I choose it'll be hard but I'll be able to surpass it. And yeah, my country is like really bad, the industry is bad and the economy too. The average salary here is 300$ which is rly bad, my parents are above the avarage but I wanna emigrate from here. I think that's all I have to say for now 🙂

  18. This from Ray Dalio is such a great example of there is still good in the human race. We tend to only see the negatives in the media but this positive role model such as Mr. Dalio on helping people achieve greatness through financial education is such a thing of beauty.

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  20. It is very easy: you make pay the others the risk for your reward. You reap the benefits and shower the other with the costs. Easy.

  21. At first, I was wishfully thinking but opted to pen these questions for you Ray and others to think thru. I wonder what you could do as our president? How your principles and values could change and effect not only America (and lend some truth to the MAGA slogan) but your possible influence across the globe? What would be the possible outcome and long-term effect you might have on other leaders of the world and how they might govern more fairly and humanely their own people.

    I have been overseas for several years and it has been so sad and disheartening to watch the dismantling of the founding American principles and beliefs, the disrespect we openly show of our own, along with the distortion and hiding of the truth. America is hurting and breaking down. As the wheel of the machine turns perhaps Ray this is your next challenge. Unbeknownst as the next cog, you have been groomed towards this moment and are the solution to the turmoil that exists. You will never find a bigger risk-reward path than running still a great thou marred and angry country

  22. Decide for yourself, know what you want to achieve in YOUR life, trial and error is the way to go, gain experience, don't try to change reality, pursue your dreams, reflect on your mistakes to make progress and find YOUR way to success, you have to adapt in order to not make the same mistakes, manage risk to reward.

  23. Ray Dalio you should've said that Sooner, now that you're old and you have the Money, Now you wannabe Jesus.

  24. Excellent Guidance and Attempt Respectfully. However The Faculty of Mind is not,Was Not,Can not and Ever could Be Cerebrocentric In addition the Big Bang Theory is Inaccurate and Unintelligent and All of the Extenuating Parameters Affiliated to or From This Theory. Yes I am The God Paradox one of The Most Distinguished in This Realm. Which PHD,Scientist,Wealthy or Professor who could Contend?

  25. After watching this for a few minutes I’ve bought your book and recommended it to a relative.
    This was probably the best YouTube video I’ve ever seen.

  26. OH MY GOSH!! I’m teary. HOW MUCH WOULD I HAVE TO PAY for Mr Dalio to teach me his INVALUABLE life lessons? I’m so humble and I’ve been tearing since the beginning of the video. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! “Thank you” is NOT enough for me say to you. But I think it’s enough for you. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! Humbly and crying and thanks to the person who made the animation. It’s awesome!! 😢!! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  27. Just taking a risk and pain not necessarily provide you with desired outcome. For example, I live quite satisfactory middle class life. It is quite routine filled and boring at times. Yet I can provide safe and dependable home for my kids. Now if I start to pursue some dreams of living more exciting and financially more independent life in the process of taking that pain I may end up hurting my kids as well. If in the end I manage to materialize those dreams in the process of uncertainty and commitment to my goals I end up taking that happy childhood from my kids. While having my dreams filled but ruining my children's childhood by being absent and always stressed out by the obstacles on the way for me seems to have net negative outcome. That is the best outcome. Even more probable outcome is that I waste all the effort chasing my dreams and end up lower than my starting point while making my kids miserable. It all comes to that risk-reward ratio which also was mentioned in the video.

    If you really don't have anything to loose then sure it is better to just take risks and do whatever you can to achieve something. Then if you are already in some middle ground there is no quarantees that you will have positive outcome if you take that risk and pain. Giving simplicistic model for success is too black & white. Of course there is lots of wisdom in this video. I'll give respect for that. It is always difficult to guide people in their lifes. If you give general rules they may apply for most of the people but then they usually are so abstract that people find it difficult to anchor them in any ways to their life and a specific problems at hand. Then again if you give too specific rules they may apply to some but don't give anything to most of the people.

  28. It is also a reality that billionaires have hoarded the wealth in the past several decades, and it has not lifted the boats of the poor and middle class. Sure, technology has advanced, yet average people are deeper in debt, and worse off than their parents. Tuition, housing, health care – they all cost many times more, because they are monopolized by the rich, and sold to the poor.
    Also a reality: the rich, by and large, oppose wealth redistribution and taxes on themselves.

  29. Failure is just part of the evolutionary process, Great video ray! Valuable lessons here…
    Viewing situations through the eyes other others, Having Humility and compassion really resonates with me. i have let ego and blind-spots hinder my progress, now with your perspective i can move forward.

  30. 11:47–11:51 Is Everything. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned something similar to this in his book that I am currently reading now "Cash Flow Quadrants"

  31. Mr. Ray, you are an absolutely stunning thinker and superlative communicator is a very lucid and simple example to narrate your topic. Many thanks, God Bless You!

  32. Thank god for Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett and many other people in investing. It seems like those into investing in stocks are none bullshiters while those into entrepreneurship spread lies and bullshit… like success because of "passion" … like Right?

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