Powerpoint Motion Graphics Explainer Lock Animation Tutorial

Powerpoint Motion Graphics Explainer Lock Animation Tutorial

Slides>Layout – Blank Insert Tab>Shapes>Basic Shapes-Block Arc Click and drag (Exact size in description) Insert Tab>Shapes>Rectangles-Rectangle(1st) Insert Tab>Shapes>Rectangles-Rounded Rectangle(2nd) Make another rectangle Insert Tab>Shapes>Rectangles-Rounded Rectangle(2nd) Insert Tab>Shapes>Basic Shapes-Oval Click and drag, with shift key (Exact size in description) Insert Tab>Shapes>Rectangles-Rectangle (1st) Select all Format Tab>Shape Outline – No Outline; Shape Fill – Orange (3rd) Select Circle and Key Rectangle Format Tab>Shape Fill – Orange, Accent 2 Select Block arc (Curve) Enter Shape height and width (in Video Description) Click and drag yellow point Select Rectangles and Curve (Block arc) holding shift key Right click>Group>Group Select Rectangle and Circle holding shift key and group Alternate: Union Shapes (If u have the option) Select Group (top hook) Animation tab>Animation>Motion Paths>Lines Decrease duration to 01:00 Animation Pane>Double click on Group/Freeform>Bounce end: 0.15>OK Insert Tab>Shapes>Basic Shapes- Isosceles Triangle (3rd) Format Tab>Shape Fill – Orange, Accent 2; Shape Outline – No Outline; Arrange>Rotate Right 90. Ctrl Key + D Key – Duplicate Shape / Copy Paste Select and Resize (make 2nd thinner) and rotate Select both triangles Animation tab>Animation>Entrace>Zoom; Effect Options>Slide Center Decrease duration to 00.25 (not 00.10); Start – With Previous Advanced Animation>Add Animation>Exit>Fade Decrease duration to 00.10 Animation Pane>Select 1st exit(red) animation>Start – After Previous Select both entrance(green) animation>Increase duration to 00.50 Animation tab>Animation Pane>Select all animations>Trigger>On Click of>(Pick the clickable shape’s) Select Motion path animation(blue)>Start – With Previous Tip: Select shape>Format tab>Selection Pane>Highlighted Name is the selected shape’s name + Click eye to visible/hide In slide show mode, click on that shape for animation Click anywhere else to proceed to next slide… Thanks For Wathching! Please Subscribe, Like And Watch more videos on Fun PPT

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  1. This video is PHENOMENAL! It's hard to start a youtube channel, but you're doing so amazing 🙂 Great job!!

  2. You have great potential to be youtuber just see my vedio i have worked hard but i dont get vies would you mind if we both tie up and make vids

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