Posing and Clothing!|Japanese PRO Animator Advice on Subscriber Art

Posing and Clothing!|Japanese PRO Animator Advice on Subscriber Art

I like that the wrinkles tell you a lot about the jacket material The shape of the body was like this Now you can tell it’s on the body In reality it would look looser but in this case if you have the waist tighter, it would look more realistic Thank you for coming!
-Hello Another advice video We picked this subscriber submission from the Doki Doki Drawing Discord group Member called Ernhest Aries Hanako Tsukishima Perhaps an original character? I wanna ask some advices regarding to my draw The reason why we chose this was When starting out drawing it’s common to avoid drawing the arm or the hand and you end up drawing this pose Any advice for that? I wonder… In my opinion, proportion-wise I think it’s done quite well perhaps for this pose, the neck should have an angle to it? Well, for this pose the angle of the neck is ok but the position of the chin is the problem Maybe it looks like this because of frequently drawing front pose only? There’s not a special need to give this an angle What worries me is, it’s better to draw the clothes while looking at real clothing Ah yes, when drawing a suit, you had much to say about the collar shape This is a girl, but she has jacket with the button holes like male clothing Oh that! Ok so the head is right here Adjust the chin, to make it come below the mouth And adjusting the position of the ears back a bit Lowering the shoulder as well Is this the base the base figure first?
-Yes Any advice on the shape of the chest? There are many shapes so anything is good! Whatever you prefer And the position of the mouth can be lower?
-yea Plenty of volume At this perspective this amount is about right so looks like the pony tail on the back can be drawn smaller drawing clothing now Making the small wrinkles to make it natural The collar of the jacket is higher than the original If you see the real thing you will notice this is how it is When you draw the body first, adding clothing becomes easier The full proportions are like this Looks “Japanese Anime” now What parts do you want to emphasize? Look at the full silhouette and see if you can tell whether it’s a girl For famous characters you can tell by the silhouette Like “Who’s That Pokemon?” For this character, the right pigtail is clearly visible so even as a silhouette should be quite recognizable You sometimes see this kind of hair as a mark “ahoge”
– yea Nice So the stitches of the jacket don’t stand out too much, you can use dotted lines Here too, the fold in the polo shirt isn’t a single line using the two separate lines you still show the shape of the chest
– yes, can be done You often see it drawn this way Just by the silhouette you can tell it’s a female character Careful with the shoulder width! It’s on a slanted angle, which makes the shoulder width more narrow What I personally really like is this fold With this fold it’s easier to know what material the jacket is made of Since the original shape of the body was like this With this fold you can tell this jacket is resting on the body In reality it would probably look looser but in this case when the waist is tighter it looks more realistic
– ah yes indeed I probably wouldn’t have thought of this With this angle you can see the inside of the jacket By showing these parts you can tell the shape of the body even more Well, I thought of the 3D shape of the body and drew it and it ended up like this Like you mentioned earlier For women’s clothes the button comes on the left side, right? Yes Button holes will be on the right When the buttons are closed It will be the reverse of men’s clothes
-I see Such detail If you don’t know this and do it, your colleagues will make fun of you
– how cruel “That guy doesn’t know even that” For the shape of the chin you had shown me When making the cross If we place the chin right below here it looks good? Oh yes. And the nose is positioned a bit high so placing it in the open space Finally in the original drawing the arms were posed much more straight down In the drawing Hinoe-san did, the shape was more of this shape Any reason for that? It would depend on the situation but, having it too straight down is a little…. For this situation, having this angle and with the arms crossed in the back seemed to be better If I were drawing this , perhaps I would attempt to draw the rear view of this pose Maybe that’s a good way to practice Draw the reverse view of this pose So the final one point advice to Ernhest Aries will be that? Yes for now just try drawing lots of different things The next step is probably drawing the pose without hiding the hands could be yes Then again you see this pose often with the hands hidden It isn’t a bad pose at all So thank you very much We practiced clothing fold, using the perspective to give it some shape and how to add buttons to women’s clothing also how to make design shapes that help the silhouette It was a great learning experience Bye bye Thank you Don’t forget to subscribe!
-See you The link for the Discord group is there so please join in

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  1. I shall remember these wise words I learned
    “Draw the things that you don’t draw or don’t like drawing”(AND DRAW EVERYDAY EVEN IN CLASS SO WHEN THE TEACHER GETS YOUR PAPER SHE WILL BE VERY IMPRESSED, it happened to me all my teachers now know I’m good at drawing)

  2. Dont underestimate the advice for adding stitches and things to clothing. Trust me once you get all the basics down and you got some good lookong art, if you just got weird shapea on a person it looks so weird. Stitches, pockets, buttons, etc. Arevincrediblt helpful. And make sure thw folds make sense and are either roundish or more sharp and squareish. If you do both styles itll look odd.

  3. I like this kind of video it really help me a lot pls do more video like this comparing some random artwork and Hinoe will correct it and give some advice. Love this content especially when three of them N, tony and mikey 😀

  4. When you draw, no matter if it's about pose, anatomy or clothing, always look for references, it will help a ton.

  5. This video can help me.
    I want to realize my ideals as mangaka sometime.

  6. i'm having problems with the clothing, no matter how i try i can't seem to get the hang of it 🙁 especially the movement of the crease

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