Popeye SNEAK PEEK 1 (2016) – Animated Movie HD

Popeye SNEAK PEEK 1 (2016) – Animated Movie HD

(Splash) (Gasp) Grr It’s raining men! How peculiar. AHHHH ARRR Get me out of here ARRR Coming through. Don’t worry Ms. Oil, I’ll save you. Save me, who’s going to save you? I’ll be right with you. This all just a dream. Ahh Sorry, just taking a little longer than I thought. Happy thoughts, merry children. AHHH POPEYE!! OLIVE!

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  1. I still can't believe a cartoon classic getting a computer animated movie get's cancelled over a movie that is nothing but 90 minutes of ads

  2. I can see the hotel transivana 3 style with the ruberhose moving of the arms. Which both the movie and this was made by gendy taratochie maker of Dexer lab.

  3. I think it is funny how olive oil moves like a cartoon with inconsistent frames but her dress moves smoothly at 60 fps and at 1080p

  4. Remember how sony cancelled this masterpiece to make the emoji movie? Sony is lucky cause the spider man movies saved their whole company


  6. 1:15 and that is why the popeye movie was cancelled because popeye has been Searching for olive for years.

  7. I can't believe I rlly choose this movie between the incredibles 2 and cars 3 dude I sleep during all the movie it was the most piece of sh** I've ever seen on my life
    Popeye I prefer u
    1 like = spinach for popeye and his movie already made
    Comment = love the yellow boi that a lot of people hate

  8. Me at 2016: oh this looks so good 😊! Also me: tsk (sigh) it’ll come soon! 🥴. Me again: (hears how this was cancelled for the crime against humanity movie) I am depressed

  9. I didn't even know about this. Imagine canning one of the most quirky and refreshing throwbacks to an old classic franchise for something that will date terribly with lackluster performances and a movie that is one giant advertisement for it run time.

    The heads at Sony Pictures need to greenlight this again, it'll rake in money from old fans of Popeye and it'll introduce new fans to the worlds most beloved sailor man.

  10. They cancelled this beautiful masterpiece that brings back memories of our childhood, Popeye …. For a great bullshit of the history which is emoji movie ….

  11. Popeye: what happened to my movie!?!?
    Jean the emoji: 😎
    Popeye: * opens can of spinach * its time to regret you dumn emoji!!!
    Sony: * ends up making spiderman into the spider-verse *
    * into the spiderverse appears *
    Popeye: * eats more can of spinach * not on my watch of you 2!!!
    Sony: * planning to make the emoji movie 2 *
    Jean: 😂👎
    Popeye: >:'(
    Everyone: * hates the emoji movie *
    Jean: WHAT NO!?😡
    People: damn the emoji movie really sucks we hate it screw you dumb film!!!
    11 year old boy: wait wasn't there gonna be a popeye movie?
    2019: * still doesn't make the Popeye film at all or not even 2020 *

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