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  1. aegislash wasnt cut. leon has one. however because only half was cut theres a lot to catch to complete the regional dex

  2. Rip swellow,the pokemon that carried my entire team through a nuzlocke wasnt in the games. Im memory of Twitter the swellow,i make this comment as a send off to all the pokemon

  3. Oh my god this is amazing. It's so well animated and tragic haha. Even the little things like the logos and stuff are sick!

    I do feel like it's a missed opportunity that Masuda didn't have the switch snap sound though

  4. I feel as though this should have been made after the full Pokedex of the base game was revealed. However, I can't wait for endgame.

  5. just seeing Phantump fade away made me shiver. It’s my #1 favorite Pokémon. Ever. It would’ve made me really sad if Phantump wasn’t in SW/SH. thank god, I have the game, and Phantump is %100 fine.

  6. This is fortunately not 100% true. Scraggy is still in the Pokédex and so is alolan vulpix, phantump, bellosum (I think) and aegislash

  7. 任天堂はどういう理由でポケモンリストラしたのかね? リストラポケモンの中には好きなポケモンもいたのに#

  8. After Pokémon Home comes out and you can bring the rest of the Pokémon to Sword and Shield you should make Pokémon Endgame.

  9. Trainer (Johto) "This region looks amazing!….. wait whats happening to my Houndoom?"

    Trainer (Galar) "Houndoom doesn't exist here so it's turning to dust"

    Trainer (Johto) "Wait my other Pokémon are disappearing too my Meganium, my Ampharos, my Scizor, and my Kingdra all gone 😩😩"

    Trainer (Galar) "Your Xatu is still here, hey what is this?"

    Trainer (Johto) "Well your right my Xatu is here, and that's a mega stone from Kalos they're for my…. my Pokémon"

    Trainer (Galar) "Then you should go home before your mega stone's disappear too"

    Trainer (Johto) "Ok bye!"

    Trainer (Galar) "Bye!…. so if I what mega stone's I'll have travel to Kalos, so I'll put my Pokémon here and only take my Kalos Pokémon…."

    The End

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