Pitch Perfect 3 – Pimp Lo Scene: Beca quits her job as a music producer [FULL SCENE]

Pitch Perfect 3 – Pimp Lo Scene: Beca quits her job as a music producer [FULL SCENE]

Stand up,
Bend it over, boy Ooh, ooh
Stand up Give me the beat,
I chew it like bubblegum All I wanna see and do
Pimp-Lo, and I’m back With another one
Get on your feet Bend down, yes, Lord
Come and do it for me Let me squeeze on that booty
Like stress balls Mm, mm, mm, mm, whoa. You produced the shit out
of his turd-burger. Thanks. I mean, it’s better. Who’s that singing? Oh, that’s me, but we’ve got time to get
a real singer. I have a couple thoughts. I think it’s very…
Yo. Yo, can we turn this off? Pimp-Lo, bam, bam, bam. I mean,
you have done it again. “Bend Over” is sick… So good. I feel like my ears
are hearing the future. Club banger. Yeah, I hate it. I really hate it. I’m the artist, and this
is my song, and I feel like y’all should play my mix. Uh! Yeah
Give me the beat I chew it like bubblegum
Dubble Bubble. Hey Pimp-Lo (hey), and I’m back
with another one Bend down, yes, Lord Let me squeeze on that
booty like stress balls… See? This is the “Bend Over” the
world needs to be listening to. – Yeah, um…
– it’s my job to make you the best little
Pimp-Lo that you can be, and… I want to
get behind “Bend Over” And, as your producer, I would
love it if you could trust me. I would love it if you leave
my track how it is. I made your song great, man. I think what she means is, your song was always great. No, what I mean
is what you gave me was a steaming pile of… Pimp-Lo! Okay. There’s something
that you should know. Uh, Beca… is on her period. Wow. Oh, it’s shark week? Bum-bum. Hot damn. Y’all keepin’ it one-hundred.
That’s my moms right there. You know what it is.
Mm-hmm. Still menstruating?
Okay. Truth.
Hmm. If you could just
excuse us for a second. What are you doing? How can you take his side? Sides? Well, we… Why are we always talking
about sides? Okay, it’s our job, brah. We’re producers. We bring his vision to life. Damn! That’s poppin’! Hey!

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  1. This song should've been in the soundtrack! ( Beca's version) i'm still mad that they didn't include this?

  2. I swear I thought they were saying piplup like the Pokemon which I am extremely surprised I know what that is

  3. What he thinks: damn look at dat ass?,what becca thinks: nope im out im not teaching or helping him he's ugly as fuck and he horny

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