Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Underwater Text & Graphics!

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Underwater Text & Graphics!

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you how to quickly make text or graphics look like they’re underwater
on the bottom surface of a swimming pool. Notice how the text conforms to the contortions
of the water and how the surface reflections remain bright and intact. I provided this image of a swimming pool , so you can follow along. Its link is located in the video description
or project files. Make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl + J on Windows or Cmd + J on a Mac. We’re
going to use this copy for our displacement map, which will distort our text based on
the tonal values of the water. Since displacement effects look best when they’re blurred, go
to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Blur it 3 pixels and then, click OK or press Enter
or Return. Go to Layer and Duplicate Layer. Open your Document list and click “New”. Type
in “Displacement” and click OK. Go to File and “Save As”. Save it to your “Desktop” for easy access, as a Photoshop file and then click “Save”. If you see this warning, click OK. Click the small “x” on tab of the displacement file to close it. Now that we made a displacement
map from the blurred, background copy of the water, we can trash the layer. Open your Horizontal Type Tool and make sure black and white are your respective, foreground and background
colors. If they’re not, click this icon or press “D” on your keyboard. Choose a relatively heavy font. I’m using “Bebas Neue Regular”. If you’d like to use it, I provided its link,
as well. I’ll choose a size of 150 points, Smooth, Center alignment and the color is black. Click on your document and type out your text. If you have more than one line
of text, to adjust the space between the lines, highlight them and go to Window and Character. The Character panel will open. Drag the “Leading” icon to the right or left to increase or decrease the space between the lines. To close the Character panel, click the double, arrowhead icon. To center your text, click your Move Tool, press Ctrl or Cmd + A to select it all
and click the “Align Horizontal Centers” icon. To deselect it, press Ctrl or Cmd + D. We
need to move the text down on the document. To do this, press the Down arrow on your keyboard.
Position your text so its closer to the bottom. The reason we’re doing this is because once
we angle our entire image later, our text will look more centered. We also need to move
the text 30 pixels to the left, since it’ll be displaced 30 pixels to the right. Press
and hold Shift as you press the Left arrow three times. Each time you pressed the left
arrow, holding “Shift” moved it 10 pixels. Go to Filter, Distort and Displace. You’ll
see this window if you’re using version CC 2014. If you’re using an earlier version,
I’ll show you what to do in a second. Click “Convert to Smart Object”. This allows
us to change or edit our text without having to start from scratch. If you’re using an
earlier version of Photoshop, go to Layer, “Smart Objects” and “Convert to Smart Object”. You know its a Smart Object when you see this icon on the lower, right corner of the thumbnail.
Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Blur it 1 pixel. Then, click OK or press Enter or Return. Go to Filter, Distort and Displace. For the Horizontal and Vertical Scales, type
in 30. Tick: “Stretch To Fit” and “Repeat Edge Pixels”. Then, click OK or press Enter
or Return. document Click the Displacement document and click “Open”. Notice the text is now centered
and the shapes of the individual characters have beautifully conformed to the reflections
and curves of the water. Next, we’ll make it look like its underwater. Change the Blend Mode to “Overlay” and reduce its Opacity to 80%. If you want to change the text, double-click
on the Smart Object to open it. Double-click the large “T” on the layer to highlight the
text and type out your new words. Click the checkmark and the small “x” on the tab of the Smart Object. Then, click “Yes” to save the changes. Notice, the text instantly updated
and retained all the filters and effects as well as all the nuances of the water. I’ll
press Ctrl or Cmd + Z to undo the last step. Let’s, angle our image in perspective. Make a composite snapshot by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E on Windows or Cmd + Shift + Option + E on a Mac. Zoom out of your document by pressing Ctrl or Cmd and the minus key on your keyboard. Go to Edit, Transform and Perspective. Go to a bottom corner and drag it out until
you’re happy with swimming pool’s perspective. Then, press Enter or Return. To see your document
at 100%, press Ctrl or Cmd + 1. The last step is to brighten our overall image. To do this, invoke Auto-Levels by pressing Ctrl + Alt + L on Windows or Cmd + Option + L on a Mac. Then, press Enter or Return. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Seen Your Every Tutorials U Made SO Far………….. Waiting For Next……….Keep it Coming ……We Love U (Me & My Frnds)….God Bless U

  2. Another great tut, Marty.
    Regarding the displacement doc, I don't see any reason to make a duplicate layer first. Why not just make a Duplicate document (Image>Duplicate), name it Displacement, blur it, then save it and close it. It's faster and that way you don't have to discard a layer in your original doc.
    Also, if you convert both the top and background layers to ONE Smart Object (shift-click both layers to select them, then Convert to Smart Object). This way there's no need to make a "composite snapshot". You can just transform the perspective of the Smart Object, thereby, leaving it all non-destructive (and alterable in the future).
    Didn't see the link for the "Bebas Neue Regular" font in the video description but I found it at as a free download. Thanks again for all your great tuts!

  3. My result is here. I made this with an image. Thank you!

  4. sir hey.. um at 1:30 when i save my displacement file
    a window pop out says

    save adobe pdf
    and a compatibility : acrobat 5 (pdf 1.4)
    "Use these settings to create Adobe PDF documents for quality printing on desktop printers and proofers.  Created PDF documents can be opened with Acrobat and Adobe Reader 5.0 and later."

    when i press "save pdf"

    and follow 4:57 i cant find my file in my desktop..

  5. I always watch a video of Blue Lightning TV when I can't sleep, it helps me fall asleep just after few seconds. It is too academic. Anyways, thanks Marty for your efforts, you helped a lot man!

  6. Hello Marty,

    When I'm trying to make the text wobbly in accordance with the ripples, I try to go to "Filter > Distort > Displace" but the program does not let me select 'Distort'. If I may ask, how might I solve this problem?

    Thank you very much,


  7. Hi Marty, I tried this multiple times (in CS6) but I am not getting any result. In fact, the only thing that happens when I open the displacement map is that the text moves little bit to the side, and that without any conformation of the text to any shape of the water curves. You have any idea as to what could be the problem?

  8. Wow so amazing your every video make learn me a new technique in photoshop. .
    So helpful dear. .
    God Bless you and your work.

  9. Hi Mr.Marty, can I ask, if I want to make the text float on surface of water to give it floating effect instead of bottom of pool, how do I do it? Thank you

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