Penn the Pengiun Profile ? | T.O.T.S. | Disney Junior

Penn the Pengiun Profile ? | T.O.T.S. | Disney Junior

The T.O.T.S. nursery
has a familiar new arrival.
– Both: Surprise!
– His name’s Penn, and he’s our next delivery.Baby penguins
are called chicks.
Huh?And even though
they have wings,
they don’t use them to fly.They use them to swim.Polar plunge!And you know how Pip
loves to belly slide?
Ta-da!Well, that’s what penguinsreally do for fun.All right, Penn,
you ready to slip and slide?But it’s not exactly
the same for flamingos.
Cold belly, cold belly!Slide the Penn
the Penguin stamp
into the official
baby booklet…
There’s our little ice dude. Oh, I could
just hug you all day.…and watch “T.O.T.S.”
on Disney Junior.

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  1. I watched this episode…but I actually feel really bad for Freddy though. Flamingos can't handle really cold temperatures like Donald…

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