Pencilmate’s Running in Circles -A-MAZE-ING Pencilmation Compilation -Pencilmation Cartoons

Pencilmate’s Running in Circles -A-MAZE-ING Pencilmation Compilation -Pencilmation Cartoons

Flipping Falling Whistle Writing Boat Making an hole Fishes go inside Breathing Air *YOOHOO!* opens his mouth and love Closes curtains Walks inside Opens *YOOHOO!* Hmmpphh YOOH HOO AHH!! Xylphone Noise Locked door noise Falls Ughh!! [laugh] bing bing bing YOO HOO! Huh? Ding dong [APHAHAHHAHAH!] Kiss Boing! ? Hmm? Takes it Hmm! Ooh! OooOh! Oh Stuck inside Ball Oh OOH Smack MEMAMEMAME Bunk AGHHHH!! Runnnnnnnnnnning!!!!! Walking to work |) [Music] Walking slow to work 🙁 [Dead] [Dead] [Cleaning hands] hmm Walks and does not care Gets confused 😕 Ehh? Hmm Turns it around Hmmphh ? Ahhh Writes a sign Confused ??? What ._. Hmmhmm Digs down the dirt like a drill Up Hmmphh [cleans himself] :/ Blahhh Ooh ? Pencil: ??? Hmm? 🙂 Grrr Bomb Ball ZZzzZzZ ZzZZZZzzZ 🙁 Drop Beep OOH 😀 AGHH AGH Tweet tweet 😐 :O drink AHHHH PEWWW Normal Tire rolled ;( Dehhh ? Anchor worm Erase Another worm More worms and hes trying to go faster HEYDABYA Plane [Worm:!] egg 2mi [mile] Crashing Crashed ZzZZzz |_|>:( O=–()– Sad Worm *Energy noises* Boing boing Uhh O|_|O Pencil WAAA [Saddest] Brother!! Laugh Errr y a $$$ Yarrr X Treasure Err CHA! Ermm Erase EHEHHE UHHH Big BIGGER (we finally know this is flipaclip) But they added in the pencil images to flipaclip Hole Girl Small HOLE PENCILHELPHER Flying Close PAuse awww AHHH Small APAHAHHAAHAPAHAH Glass break [Music] :((((( :() erhhh ahhh |O Umbrella Hmm? AHHH!! Pheww Closes AUHH :(( Open On the other side half cutted huhh .. (( ) Huh The floor is lava Hole Water Splash Spit! Ladder huh jump LONGLADDER climbing to the clouds to space Scared of hieghts ahhh FALLLLLING Clouds to water Being random things that his booty shows up Drown 😛 YO TENGO House where a old caveman lives HUH Drown #scream *cant breathe* They always look at the pencil like this Pencil: oh yeah yep YES Drowning boat Guy burnes Pencil: ok i will do better Dosent know what to think heeelp mee i feel bad 🙁 sharpen sand desert city scared pencil! uhhh Teeth Finally the end! Hope you enjoy

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  1. You understand that you have stolen the basic idea for your cartoon of "La Linea"! Do you?

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