Operation Red Wings Ambush Footage 2005

Operation Red Wings Ambush Footage 2005

(Videographer) As you can see the mujahideen are moving bravely during the day with their weapons. (Shah is the last insurgent walking down the trail.) (Shah and his men opening fire on the SEALs.) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (suppressed M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (AK-47) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (PK machine gun and M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun and M4 carbine) (PK machine gun and M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (M4 carbine drowned out by the insurgents’ fire.) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (Grenade impact) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (Shah and his men increasing their rates of fire.) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (AK-47) (AK-47) (Shah and his men descending down towards the SEALs.) (Shah) Get down to them! (Shah and his men getting very close to the SEALs.) (Videographer) Get back! (AK-47) (AK-47) (PK machine gun and M4 carbine) (M4 carbine drowned out by the insurgents’ fire.) (AK-47) (Shah) Who are you? (Shah attempting to communicate with the SEALs.) (Shah) What are you doing down there? (Shah attempting to communicate with the SEALs.) (Shah) What are you picking up? (Shah attempting to communicate with the SEALs.) (M4 carbine) (Shah) Boys, go down and arrest them, we want them (SEALs) alive! (RPG impact) (Insurgent) Shot him! (M4 carbine) (Shah) Tell them to drop their weapons! (Videographer) Drop your weapons! (Videographer) If you don’t fight, we don’t kill you! (PK machine gun) (Videographer) If you don’t fight, we don’t kill you! (Videographer) Hand up! (Videographer) Hand up! (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (suppressed M4 carbine) (Shah and two of his men descending down in pursuit of the SEALs.) (AK-47) (AK-47) (AK-47) (AK-47) (suppressed M4 carbine) (RPG impact) (PK machine gun and AK-47) (Shah reloading his PK machine gun.) (AK-47) (AK-47) (Shah firing at the SEALs, then descending down towards them.) (AK-47) (Videographer) Shoot! (Shah) Shoot, shoot! (Videographer) Shoot, shoot! (Shah) Umair! (Umair) Yeah? (Shah) What just happened? (Videographer) Try to take them (SEALs) alive. (SEAL) Help we’re in contact! (Videographer) If you don’t fight, we don’t kill you. (SEAL) Marcus! (Shah into ICOM) Okay, okay, we aren’t firing towards your side. (suppressed M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (SEAL) Help! (Shah) Hey Fahim, don’t fire straight, are boys are across. (Subordinate over ICOM) Hold your fire, here we are! (Shah) Okay boys, hold your fire! (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (Shah’s men returning fire) (AK-47) (AK-47) (PK machine gun) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine) (M4 carbine and suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun and suppressed M4 carbine) (RPG impact) (suppressed M4 carbine) (PK machine gun and suppressed M4 carbine) (AK-47) (Shah into ICOM) I’m here! (AK-47) (Shah into ICOM) I’m here! (PK machine gun) (Subordinate over ICOM) We need ammunition! (Shah into ICOM) Hold on boys, I’m coming, I’m coming! (Shah) Hurry up boys! (Videographer) Run fast, towards them! (Shah) Fast, fast, one (Axelson) is escaping, surround him! (Insurgent) Hey Zubair, hand him (Shah) the PK ammunition! (Shah and his men continuing their attack, he is now accompanied by his RPG gunner.) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (RPG impact) (PK machine gun) (Videographer) Shoot, shoot, they’re not going to surrender, shoot! (suppressed M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (Shah moving out from behind the tree stump, firing bursts from his PK machine gun.) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun and AK-47) (PK machine gun and AK-47) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (Shah peering down the gulch, his RPG gunner is standing by his side.) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (Shah descending down) (Shah) Shoot, shoot! (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (Shah and one of his men descending further into the gulch, with his RPG gunner taking point.) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (One of Shah’s men instructing the videographer to make his way down.) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (suppressed M4 carbine) (suppressed M4 carbine) (PK machine gun) (PK machine gun) (Videographer) Look at this American helicopter, one of them has already been shot down. By God, this one will be ours as well! (Videographer) Here is the equipment taken from the dead Americans as a result of our operation in the Manogay (Pech) District, Kunar Province on June the 28th, 2005. Although this is not everything we collected, as some of the stuff is at other mujahids’ houses, which we’ll grab later. (Videographer) This is a scope (Night vision) which you use to see clearly during the night. (One of Shah’s men speaking Arabic in the background.) (Videographer) We took three M4s, and the other two are at another mujahid’s house. (One of Shah’s men speaking Arabic in the background.) (Videographer) Get the fourth helmet in, we’ll use them all. (Videographer) Get the fourth helmet in, we’ll use them all, there you go. (Videographer) Here is some more of the equipment taken from the dead Americans. Here is a cloth which is used to signal the American helicopters. (Videographer) And this is an American card, a flash card. (Murphy’s (R) and Dietz’s (L) M4 carbines.) (Shah aiming Dietz’s M4 carbine and showing off the laser aiming device.)

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  1. compare this video to the movie…. do the taliban seem afraid, taking cover or causualties? nope. they look and sound like theyre hunting deer with bb guns. I doubt there were more than 8 of them, and maybe none were hit. the average afghan fighter is far more effective in afghanistan than a seal. 5.56 cant compare to the 7.62 btw. and only one insertion stop for the helos? in vietnam theyd fake 2 or 3 others so their position couldnt be so easily determined. Do boot prints leave an easy way to track seals? was there snow on the ground in places? I don't know what war is like thank god, but I bet for the unprepared and hunted… and for those not used to it… its absolutely terrifying. it could paralyze anyone into becoming KIA or worse. Movies lie.

  2. Danny,Marcus,Mathew,Michael true heroes never forget what they gave for their homeland, long live the navy seals and the united states

  3. I watch the full video. They are 5 seals.my question is who is that one soldier? I have a video until now. Im sure that video is real and that is OPERATION RED WINGS.I saw the dead body of MIKE and DANNY because of his tattoo.

  4. To think this would not have happened if they only dropped those goatherders because they let them go then the next day they get ambushed

  5. I wonder how many of these Taliban are living now…. my guess none.. also everyone saying oh 8 taliban did this… how long did these idiots take to kill 3 seals??

  6. Ive see this footage and heard the rumors and stuff but the truth is somewhere in the middle. They said they found the insertion point by the fast rope left behind from the seals. The fast rope stays on the helo does it not?

  7. I don't like watching this. It bothers me. But at the same time it's intriguing and to know 4 real life men are fighting their hearts out to stay alive during these final moments of their lives. Pitbulls man, didn't back em down an inch. Those are real men. The pain they must have felt while fighting back, pushing the pain back and putting training and instinct to the front. I clean our local war memorial up every time it's littered with trash by the ungrateful pieces of shit around here. The city won't clean it. Nobody will. So I do, because they deserve to have a nice place to be remembered. I'm not a military type either. I'm 33 year old hippie type. But I support our nation's warriors 110%. I wish I had joined when I was going to, to be honest. I regret it big time.

  8. @8:24 shoot shoot shoot they're not going to surrender, " … Shhit goes south im dying with my boots on kind of thing. Just sad


  10. There is a video where they display the bodies of Dietz and Murphy, Dietz is identified by the tattoo on his body and you can see he died fighting bravely because he had many wounds on him, especially one that took off part of his mouth/neck.
    Murphy is identified by the red fireman's badge which he wore on the left sleeve in commemoration of 911 fire fighters.
    I agree that there was around 10 insurgents during the active fire fight, high ground, familiarity of terrain, superior firepower, all this led to the demise of these brave men, I doubt any one commenting could have done any better.
    One thing which is certain, Luttrel left them to die, and is a dishonor to these warriors.

  11. I can’t believe that idiot wore that stupid red patch on a recon mission,that’s what the enemy saw and the reason for the whole incident

  12. Bro I argued with you before and I was wrong..you are right. I get why your doing what you do because Americans needs to stop being lied to. I believe what your doing is more patriotic then just believing a Hollywood movie made to make MONEY! I think ben Franklin said distain is the most courageous form of patriotism and that is very true. Gulab has nothing to gain from lying luttrell has EVERYTHING to lose by telling the truth….sickening bro..

  13. I respect ALL troops including Marcus. I love what they do and appreciate all that they’ve done.

    However there are serious inconsistencies in the story told. Marcus had 11 full magazines of ammo when picked up for rescue reported by the Rangers, this was also reported by Gulab. There is also pictures of Marcus after the “firefights” he was in. Not a scratch.

    The number of Taliban he reported right after the incident occurred was 20-30. That number is now at 200. Looking over data there was estimated about 7-10 Taliban who took down the seals that day with a higher ground and weapon advantage on our guys.

    Marcus and his men were being tracked from the moment they got out of the chopper, not when they freed the herders. The enemy waited and pinned them down with the perfect attack.

    Sources who arrived to locate the bodies of our Seals after the fact said there was little shots fired by our men; with Axelson being the one with some shell casings around him. Unfortunately there was still zero Taliban casualties found.

    There is only one story to be told from that day and it’s from Marcus.

    That’s why I’ll give my opinion, this was a quick fight, most likely less than 20 minutes. Danny got wiped out relatively quickly ( possibly right away ), followed by Murphy, once this happened it seems to be Marcus ran. He probably didn’t know were Axelson was or he was away from the group when they got ambushed. So Marcus was alone. He then ran when under fire from RPG and clearly outgunned. He states he crawled for 7 miles but the village where Gulab lived was under 2 miles from the ambush. I don’t think Danny died in his arms like he states either. If that was the case I don’t think there would be a way Marcus would be alive today.

    I am not saying I would act better or different in this situation at all, I just hope when the first shot was fired he didn’t run right then but that is also a possibility. You would hope he ran after Danny and Murray weren’t with us anymore and at that point he thought there was not much more he could do. Again, kind of seems like that’s not the case though as Danny and Axelsons bodies are in ROUGH shape in the video and Marcus not a single scratch.

    News crews even reported when this was all happening that the survivor was rescued with minimal injuries. Life threatening would have been what got said if the injuries were as bad as Marcus claims.

    Comes home gets a Hollywood agent, gets a book deal, promises Gulab 50/50 on profits, brings him over to hype up launch of movie. Movie comes gives him a bit of money ( not the 50/50 ) , laptops and sends him back to Afghanistan because he now considers Gulab a “threat” to his family. Back Gulab goes with a price on his head to Afghanistan.

    I know this is a lot of text and there is a lot more facts and even videos of the firefight and are beloved soldiers bodies and the Taliban disrespecting them and stealing all their equipment. So I will wrap it up here and let people make their own judgement and observation. Just don’t let the book written by a Military Fiction writer and a Hollywood Universal Pictures movie be your deciding factor.

    My last point I’ll make is this. What I don’t like is a story of a Naval failure turned into a glorified hero story. Only one of the Seals that day had seen combat before and some other very questionable things about the mission all together. Including but not limited to, this group of Seals taking the job even though they were told they were to inexperienced, told they needed a 6 man team, needed a better source of communication, took the job from the marines and one of the members shooting another Seal member in training and still being allowed to go on this mission. Now spun a certain way and it’s a completely different story. Now you have American kids all over that will see the movie and now that is the factor for them to sign up to the military. Whereas before the movie it wasn’t a consideration but now it’s glorified and off to war they go. That’s what I don’t want is kids seeing this movie of lies and going to war because of this.

    Leads to death that wouldn’t have been created before and Marcus profits from all of this.

    God bless our soldiers. All that have fallen and those that continue to fight.

  14. I team or Fox news or Don Shipley or any major news network PLEASE do a story about the TRUTH ABOUT MARCUS LUTTRELL. MARCUS LUTTRELL is a COWARD A LIAR and a FUCKING PUSSY. He let his so called "brothers" get sushot up and killed while he quote "put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes while Mike (Murphy) was being killed". This is actually grounds for a court marshall. Marcus should be in Fort Leavenworth right now for his disgraceful acts on the battlefield. After he got home and swindled everyone and wrote a book-factual errors and all (Operation Redwing is what Marcus called it when in reality it was Operations Red Wings like the hockey team) is one example of the mistakes he wrote about and just blamed others instead of owning it- but these are small things compared to how he used and lied to Mohammed Gulab, the man who saved his life. Marcus told Gulab that he would protect him and that he would make sure that nothing happened to him or his family, that he would send him a bunch of money to help him and his family escape the Taliban. Those were all lies, after the book did well and the movie did well and it was time for Marcus to come through with his promises to Gulab he was nowhere to be found. Even though Gulab was dodging assasination attempts from the Taliban regularly. On top of all the lies and deceit that Marcus and his fat wife sold to Gulab, when someone approached Gulab to have his own story of that incident turned into a book guess who showed up with his FAT , UGLY, cross eyes palm out asking for 30% of the profits?! MARCUS and his wife. Someone needs to do an in depth story or book or documentary about this whole story from start to finish and everything in between. The truth needs to come out. CHEERS BOYS.

  15. My grandpa – Navy SEAL, 1969, Vietnam
    My dad – Navy SEAL, 1989 – 2007, First Gulf War, Bosnia War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan.
    Brother and me joined SEALs three years ago ?
    I love my dad and i miss him, i hope he is proud of his sons ?♂️??

  16. Its intresting that navy seals would move through a valley in the woods. It seems like someone would have thought to climb a side just so you would get height advantage and protect your flank. I'm not an expert but I would the most paranoid guy on the seal team if we were trekking in the base of a valley.

  17. Very sad that along with this footage comes absolute BS links to speculation and innuendo. 7-10 enemy? Get a fkn life to any moron conspiracy theorist who believes that BS. It showed that many in the flanking element of the video FFS. Sadly this villager made some bad choices to go back to his country but that's hardly Luttrells fault, and I whole heartedly believe that other scum have led him down this bastard path in staining the memory of these brave men for financial gain.
    Even a Helicopter being shot down by RPG should give you an idea of how far and wide these militants we're spread in the area. Was it a lucky shot to down the chopper or was it the fact these goat fkrs were trained up? All you keyboard warrior conspiracy theorists need an uppercut for just believing these assholes lies about our boys running from a small squad of untrained militants! Escape and evade yes, But escape and evade and be over run by 7-10 men and saying no militants we're killed? You obviously live very very pathetic pitiful sheltered lives. SMH. You all make me sick that you breathe the same oxygen these men do.

  18. 7:51 put headphones and listen, to me sounds like lamentations of " aaaah … curses something, i am not sure but it surely makes my heart fall apart on sadness

  19. They all died.as most of the equipment was recoverd. and thus the reason we have the VHS footage .not one of them survived. rest in peace brothers.

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