Onyxia Wipe Animation

Onyxia Wipe Animation

Odd groups go to left, even groups, go right. That means: 1, 3, 5, 7, go left, 2, 4, 6, 8, go right. 7 & 8 are whelp groups. OK, listen the fuck up! You are going to DPS very, very slowly! Now… and by “slowly”, I mean “fucking slow”! If you get aggro, it means you’re going to lose 50 DKP, ’cause you didn’t know what the fuck to do! … and watch the fucking tail! If you get kicked into the whelps, you lose 50 DKP again, for not being where the fuck you were supposed to be! There is no aggro reset. You only need… There’s some shit about an aggro reset… …when people don’t know how to manage their aggro. After two Sunders, you can basically start doing damage to it… … assuming you know how aggro works and you don’t over-aggro. OK, nuke it, DOT it. Help the whelp groups. When into phase 2, nuke it as hard as possible. You want to get it down as fast as possible. Have DOTs up on… on every time. Two rows, shadow word pain, Warlock curses,… …rends, everything! I don’t see enough DOTs. More DOTs, now! Come on, more DPS! Hit it like you mean it! You’ll get time to rest in phase 3 while I’m getting the aggro. Remember: save all your aggro reducing abilities for when it lands! That means: feign death, uh, vanish,… …uh, fucking faded. Anything that you can use… … to reset aggro. At 40%, you will stop DOTs. Until then, you will throw more DOTs. Throw more DOTs. More DOTs. More DOTS. Come on, more DOTS. K, stop DOTs. Now hit it very hard, and very fast! Lee, run to the centre! Morgris, run to the centre! Forestlight, run to the centre! Saf, run to the centre! Ices, run to the centre! Whatever the fuck you do, do not stand next to other people! Morgris, centre! Just heal me. Lee, do not c…! Go away from the head, Lee. Go away! K, DPS… slowly. Come here, you fucking cunt! Watch the tail! Whelp. Crushim was feared into the… Who the fuck was that?! Chrushim, what the fuck?! Whelps, left side! Even side,… … many whelps! Now, handle it! Fuck! That’s a fucking 50 DKP minus! What the fuck was that shit?! If you stand in the right fucking place there is no way… …you are going to fucking get into the god-damned whelps. Whatever fucking fear,… … tail swipe, whatever the fuck… OK? It’s like one in a fucking million. From the fucking north corner, to the middle, into the fucking whelp cave… … it’s not even fucking remotely imaginable!

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  1. Ok, for anyone that gives a shit, I've updated the transcript for the video! There's a good chance I've made one or two mistakes (particularly with character names), but I figure it may help out those of you who can't follow it. Also, as ever, answers to the most commonly asked questions are in the "About" tab, so stop filling up the comments with already-answered questions, kthxbye!

  2. I remember this so long ago, I would've told the raid leader to f*@k off then leave the raid. The days of the over hardcore players lol

  3. Jokes aside, always wanted to know if the overall strategy (not his guidance but the way the group was organized and what to do at each phase) was good.

  4. Thank god Classic is back, we get more oportunities for Onyxias and Ragnaros swipes with better audio quality and all.

  5. 12 years later, this is still fucking comedy gold. I just wish more people could share in the laughter because they don't understand what's happening.

  6. Still after all these years, makes me laugh so hard, and I never ever played WoW, but have played other MMOs. I do LOVE! the animation for the "tail swipe"… great choise

  7. So I led a pug for legion legacy antorus m, and the amount of stupid is astonishing. I can understand this dude's anger tbh.

  8. It's hilarious that some in the comments think that's good leadership. Zero contingency planning for when it goes wrong. -50dpk doesn't solve a problem, doesn't fix something goes wrong whilst it goes wrong, doesn't create a ground where people think for themselves if they make a mistake a couple ways of fixing the mistake on the fly, no planning IF it goes wrong this it what x and y can do, etc No distributing of decisions making to sub groups, etc list goes on. Guy was absolute sheit. He was funny though, I'll give him that much. One leader for 40 people works nice in holywood movies, not so much in a realtime environment.

  9. I remember seeing this in high school. It was fucking hilarious. This is why "toxic" gamer culture is fucking awesome. Without that nasty shit you would never have hilarious classics like this. Don't sanitize the gamers bro.

  10. Without question , the Alltime best/funniest WOW video ever made. Dives should go down in the history books as "Most aggro raid leader".

  11. I have been in the same guild for 12 years, i laughed so hard i cried when i first saw this, i laugh so hard i cry when i still watch it today, and i still play the game with people that were in that goddamn raid. Long live WoW, for all the memories like this and the friends we made. Cheers !

  12. That raid leader needs to be seriously slapped with a clenched fist… several times. We had a clam raid leader, several actually, and we kicked kids who couldn't handle wipes from the guild. Good times!

  13. With WoW Classic about to be released, people are gonna he revisiting this to learn the mechanics. No guide better

  14. I used to laugh at this video. Then I became a raid leader and realized how fucking frustrating it is when someone ignores soemthing obvious to you, that you have explained and wipes the raid

  15. Ive been a part of three elite raiding guilds in classic wow, and always assumed all raid leaders acted this way. This is not shocking or funny to me at all, im so numbed to it, it seems normal to me.

  16. Lee run to the centre

    Morgrus run to the centre

    Forsight run to the centre

    Serp run to the centre

    Icy run to the centre.

    Now whatever the fuck you do dont stand next to eachover.

    Fucking best part of the entire animation i swear to god it always gets me haha

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