Hey guys. This is very uncomfortable. Last time I tried to vlog on the plane I got laughed at so hoping that that doesn’t happen again. We have a very exciting day today You know i’m being stared at so that’s always good, but we’re flying to Austin, Texas with the brand Dote. It’s not sponsored They just invited me on the trip, and I was like f*ck yeah We’ll talk more later, but that’s all you get to know for now because my mom said I’m being too loud (music) “Lately and I’ve been so alone” “and a smile from you might make me a fool” “and a smile from you might make me a fool” All right, so just landed in Texas. I don’t even know which airport We’re at but we’re gonna go drive to our Airbnb now and meet all the girls Who are here and I’m so excited. I just cannot wait and it’s gonna be a great time, okay, but funny story I’m like trying to put my camera and little like seat back pocket thing and my glasses were in there at the same time but I was like trying to shove my camera in on top of my glasses if that makes sense I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense. and then my mom like freaked out and thought that I was like crushing my glasses so she screams at the top of her lungs “You’re crushing your glasses” In the middle flight, and everyone’s like sleeping and chilling out. She’s like screaming in the middle of a flight and it was just completely uncomfortable for everyone I actually like slept the entire flight which is like rare, but I’m proud of me really really killed it I guess I’ll just see you guys when we get to the house, and I get to meet all the girls And I’m so excited, okay bye. Okay, so here’s the house. I’m very excited it looks like I don’t know something you see on Twitter when it’s like guess how much the price of this house is like and Then they end up telling you and it’s like four dollars, and you’re like how and it’s like because it’s in Texas and we’re in Texas so that makes sense *boos* No, oh my god. I’m like nervous. Oh my god there’s snacks. We have to go see the freaking snack no That’s the only thing I care about really yeah. Oh my god, I feel so special Oh my god *squeals* Oh my god *continues squealing* So we’re going to a trampoline park. 1 2 3 We’re going to a trampoline park *Laughing* Oh my god Have you seen that meme where it’s two feet doing this? Okay ready one two three All right, so we’re getting in our uber to go to the trampoline park. I am beyond pumped man I’m just gonna jump my heart away and show off all my skills so I cannot wait for this I’m ready to jump with like the eight year olds Look at these socks, they have like grips on the bottom. That is… That is so cool. I will not be slipping and sliding ANYWHERE! Thumbnail! Just Kidding. I would click. Really? No. I’m gonna try to film as much of my skills as possible so that you guys Can judge me, rate me down in the comments rate my skills out of ten. *Irish dance music* *Music* “And who can say…” How are we doing, how are we doing? Yeah? I agree. How do we get over there? You jump STUPID. This is a lot for me physically. You know, I haven’t worked out in a while. So I’m not really doing so well. But, It’s fun though. That’s good Or not Not feeling so good you know We think we can go we can do something okay, we can make up for this somehow So here we have it mo Chamberlin she looks pretty confident. She’s been practicing her routine for a couple years That is it Oh? Out of ten outright that a solid nine We’re going to dinner right now at our Airbnb, right So basically we’re going to someone’s house. We’re gonna eat some food, and we’re gonna eat a lot of food This is so beautiful I am so excited mom oh, I’m so excited. It’s dinner time, baby. We’re gonna get crazy I Think so Is really nice I rated about a nine and a half out of ten wait what about that point five Wyatt? Why is there not that point? Why five? We missed out on it? I would say because I like to leave room for the winner like I don’t know the winner I don’t really know what that means and I don’t it doesn’t really matter Cut that out no Anna don’t cut it out. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life I’ve never felt more special in my life. It’s just like better than like any birthday party I’ve ever had in my entire 16 years of living. This is so cute So I have to pee really bad, I don’t need to do that I have to pee let’s get on that people Let’s get me to a bathroom that also the bathroom. Okay, let’s find a bathroom. I Have to pee so bad again you sometimes you cannot find a toilet This is so nice. That was so loud For you guys just all something I’ve been working on all right I Think berry glad that we did this together honestly just for funsies. Let’s try the berry one sorry my camera’s crooked I don’t even care anymore Good so this is a real sleepover at I’m braiding Marla’s hair Take over guards ham and she’s getting warmed up. She’s prepping. It’s just a great the gray vibes here in Austin, Texas I’m just like blessed And just like life, you know I’m just like so blessed through life, so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy it. She’s gonna Show you some dance, so let’s go Just shit really bad Alright so for our last song of the night baby before we hit that hay what we listen to you guys comment down below. What should we listen to? Great, let’s take a selfie 1 2 3 Marla, get the frick in this. 123 123 123 123 Oh my god we’re so cute. *beyoncé song playing* fEeLinG mYseLf And that was the dance party. Goodnight, people!

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  1. Ppl coming here to say she’s changed. Like obviously she’s changed it’s been almost 2 years. She was 16 here and now she’s 18 so obviously as she’s grown up she’s changed. When you 12 year olds commenting this grow up you’ll change too.

  2. Everybody is saying how much she’s changed but I’m wondering a year and a half later where is part 2??

  3. Imagine spending money and time setting up events like this for your average everyday teenage girls. Just imagine…


  5. Watching this makes me realize how much better Emma’s hair is now and I think you can see how she had a slightly different sense of humor so they just. Kind of drifted over time but happy everyone in this is thriving so ya

  6. apparently out of the group of youtubers i watch/used to watch only emma marla and avrey are good ppl…
    also i still don’t know who ellie is

  7. Me watching this in 2019 in september
    Emma taking a photo shoot: 2:55
    Me in september 2019: OMG A KAKEN IS EMMA. A VSCO GIRLLL

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